What our children eat? watch online

Children's diet is characterized by all the vices of adults: too much fat and carbohydrates, lots of fast food, harmful soda, chips and other "contagion." How is the reform food in schools?In the near future ancestors beating the alarm — the cases of poisoning of children. But other than that there is and many other prirekany related to nutrition: smaller portions, manufacturing of semi-finished food. Incidentally, according to the reform of the power to decide what to feed the kids will not be the director of the kindergarten and the control power plant, which supplies food. To find out

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The new school opened in Barnaul

On the Day of Knowledge, wake up call in 1266 schools in the Altai Territory, sat down at their desks 244,000 children, among them — 25.3 thousands of first-graders. However, in this academic year, the first edge of the record belongs to a new school Barnaul school number 132. The fact that it parallels eight graders (198 children) — the first such figure in the Altai region.

This is not just a school, and a cultural and educational cluster: a 12 thousand square meters. meters apart from it — a kindergarten, a school of arts, swimming pool, playground

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A new school in Aviagorode — a welcome gift for the anniversary of the city of Orenburg

On the eve of the Day of Knowledge in Aviagorpdok long-awaited opening of secondary school number 11, built at the expense of the regional budget. This is another gift of Orenburg to 270th anniversary of the city.

The old school building has long needed to be repaired, eventually began to appear signs of the accident. At the end of 2011, the technical examination showed that the recovery may require not less financial cost, the week the new building. All of the construction of the old school continued to work on its maintenance of the extra funding was

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New tragedy in the U.S. adopted a Russian children were subjected to torture and sexual harassment

Today it has become aware of a new tragedy in the United States with children from Russia. Of the Texas family due to systematic bullying fled boy who was adopted from the Perm region. His sisters were taken into care authorities. Found that the foster mother of the boy knocked out teeth. And his sister was the subject of sexual abuse.

According to ITAR-TASS, another tragedy occurred in the town of Silsbee, Texas, on the border with Louisiana. Alex lived there, Anastasia and Svetlana Klimov (respectively 1995, 1996 and 1998, the year of birth). They

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6 most outrageous scientific experiments on children

What if for the sake of humanity, say, cancer need to briefly leave several frightened children in the wild? And just to satisfy scientific curiosity? Do you think the answer is obvious? Alas, not all. Some scientists do not see anything wrong with that for the sake of science …

1. To take children to the wild woods and set on each other

In 1954, the Turkish psychologist Muzafer Sheriff thought: what would happen if the two groups of children to throw in a remote deserted place and make enmity with one another?

Another way to satisfy scientific curiosity

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The new village school opened in Belgorod region

This is an important, indeed a momentous event for the entire Rakityansky Belgorod region. Opening of the residents of the village primary school Borispol waited a long time.

The new two-story building will benefit 25 kids attend kindergarten, and 35 children.

On the same day, after major repairs and opened the proletarian school № 1. In the new academic year, the school will train 447 children in the first grade, 53 children have gone.

The evil genius of man

Sometimes the evil genius of man creates such, as it is impossible to speak without a shudder. Such acts include craft komprachikosov. Once upon a time in Europe roamed this strange tribe, which includes people from different countries. Unites these people quite creepy fish — buying similar. But the worst has already started after the dealers get their goods …

Hunters for children

"Who knows these days the word" komprachikosy "? Who understand its meaning? "- French writer Victor Hugo wrote the phrase in XIX century. And in the XXI century, the word is known, perhaps, only to fans

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New furniture and computer equipment in Belopol’skii a social rehabilitation center for disabled children

Furniture and computer equipment worth nearly 100 thousand UAH. Belopol'skii received social rehabilitation center for disabled children. The modernization of the health facility was carried out by the regional office of the Fund of Social Protection of the Disabled.

In the past year, much has been done and the regional center for social rehabilitation of children with disabilities. For the regional budget (114 ths.) Was renovated complex therapeutic and preventive medical institution in a. Rybtsov.

Caution — cartoons!

"A lot of things we do not understand, not because our ideas are weak, but because these things do not belong to the circle of our ideas" 


What is the educational role of parents' responses to children's questions and the role of personal example of parents? What we are asking the children how we respond to them, from which we take these answers? Are you sure that give out the truth? It is our opinion, imposed, such as advertising? Let's try a game of questions and answers. Questions that are proposed to disassemble, can

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Ukrainian talismans and symbols

Millennia tested tradition to decorate and protect your home charms.

Wisely used by our ancestors of plants, flowers and various fruits of our great earth. Amulet not only gives a unique flavor to the "country" style to your home, but also help to keep the peace, love and well-being — so necessary in this difficult time.

Value oberegovi characters:

Cereals, legumes — A symbol of prosperity, full life, thriving in a material respect. Bast symbolize the comfort of home, family happiness. Poppy, corn poppy — A symbol of wish-fulfillment. ToRAAS hot peppers — Masculinity, a symbol of men's

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