For crimes in Russia are not judged, but for preventing them — the death penalty

True death penalty commuted to life, we're such humane

April 7 at night in the city of Tula region Bogoroditsk to local businessman broke into the house armed robbers who demanded money. The victim in the city there are several grocery stores. After the money attackers course, no one has given, they started beating bits of the entrepreneur, as well as his wife and children.

52-year-old man grabbed a kitchen knife, a refuge from the death of his family, he went alone to the four robbers, who besides bit also had a gun and knives. Although he was hit hard

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They read the children, or the horrors and absurdities of childrens literature

Open the book, and no longer afraid to read — a prospect today is very real for many children in Moscow. In pursuit of sales publishers are increasingly upset the balance between form and content of the books. Of course, not in favor of the content. As a result, the capital's shops were flooded with low-quality literature. How to protect children from at least the most shocking instances?

Look in the book — and you see there sometimes surprising things. In pursuit of customer publishers even primary school age offers truly portrayed Dracula, stirring Medusa and many other exciting characters.

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Stop the land!! — Ill go …

We cry, we groan in the dark, calling out to their fathers. But only the echo of silence can dream it … Ancestors, stop! Even the gods tremble when he saw your deeds. Ground underfoot groans as it hurts to hurt her with his steps after your steps. All the deities of the vastness cry and mourn the fate that befell his children … Stop! The sky is crying fire in our blood, taking the air, cries rend the earth beneath our feet, in revenge for their children. Crying and dying water every living thing that touches her. We

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In White Russia is the cult of the family

We — a cult. Family. In the next five years will be significantly enhanced public support for families with children.

Sharp Questions

Increase in child benefits, targeted assistance, tax and housing benefits, a significant reduction in infant and maternal mortality — all undoubtedly played a role in the stabilization of the demographic situation in Belarus. However, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security recognize that complacency is too early. The problem is still quite sharp. So, last year, came to light in the 1690 Belarusian less. In this case, the lowest birth rates recorded in Vitebsk and Mogilev regions. In

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The Germans turned the Czech Republic in the market for child slavery and now criticize her for it

A recent UNICEF report says that the border regions of the Czech Republic transformed into the markets of trafficking in persons — children. Moreover, according to a police psychologist Adolf Gallvitsa, the entire Czech Republic turns into the market with cheap child prostitution — the biggest brothel in Europe


The main consumer of sexual services provided to children, are the so-called sex tourists from neighboring German states of Saxony and Bovary, however, the south of the Czech Republic, has turned into a zone of the slave trade, and is popular among the citizens

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Life for the children. Single mother killed herself


Investigators are checking on the tragedy in the Rostov region. Volgodonsk single mother killed herself after her children were taken guardianship.

Not a single strong Gerard Mother Russia

We have a lot of French. They live, adopt children and give birth here

Famous actor Gerard Depardieu received Russian citizenship. And sometimes even volunteered to live in their new homes. And even the little house itself began to build. For Depardieu desire to join the citizens of Russia have expressed Brigitte Bordeaux and Xavier Faure, famous balloonist. "Ah, well, perhaps they will be able to live here? In unwashed Russia-after belle France! Chickens to laugh! "- The bay skeptics. And actually, why can not? That Russia has no advantages over the old world? We are also

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Slavic heritage. Answers to questions (part 1 — 2)


Do anger against the enemy? What is meryachenie? From what is sad and how to get rid of it? What does the word "witch" and who they were? What will happen after the summer of 7520 (2012)? Is there a ceremony releasing the soul of plants, animals and people? When and where you will see the star of Mary? What do the names of modern Tatiana, Nicholas, etc.?

If Simulation starts of invasion, as distinguished from our psevdonashih and not ours? These and other questions are answered by the

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Invasion of the Clones

Part 2. Domestic Notes

Abused childhood

Let us talk about the sport. Since he is now "on the rise".

We need to remember that the modern sport — the so-called sport of high achievement — has nothing to do with the physical health of the nation. Moreover, it will cripple even those who breaks into it.

Sport has become a subject not even national, but rather a perverse pride in the club, a factory for the sale of specially grown elite stallions and mares with a short-lived age of material filled with meaningless nennym run for records that are

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Mystery blood terrible Aids


MYSTERY OF BLOOD is a stunning discovery scientists geneticists that found in the blood chuzherodtsev and who they actually own. Modern studies have refuted once and for all religious-Darwinian theory of the origin of mankind from one common ancestor.

Sources: "The method of distinguishing races in the blood." E.O.Manoylov. — VII International Conference "Molecular Genetics of somatic cells," 2009 Report "natural focal induced mutagenesis and its pathological effects on the internal and external features of the human body." — Doctor of Biological Sciences P.Garyaev "Wave Genetics", "blood type. Homoeologous chromosome syndrome, immunodeficiency (SGHID). " — Doctor of Medicine, Professor

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