Vision at Fatima

June 14, 2012 12:08

Scientists still can not explain what really happened in Fatima in April 1915 — deception, hallucination or a UFO. However, the Russian Orthodox Church in a different opinion What is seen in the sky over Portugal — the phenomenon of the Virgin or a UFO?

The first meeting

In mid-October, Orthodox Christians celebrate the great feast of the Holy Virgin. According to legend, in 910 the day of the church in Constantinople Blachernae parishioners saw walking in the air, the Blessed Mother of God, illumined by the light of heaven, surrounded by a host of

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Nigeria works to reduce lead contamination

Leaders northwest Zamfara State in Nigeria is actively promoting cleaner technologies work in the mines in order to reduce the release of substances contain hazardous concentrations of lead miners. The solution has been officially declared a news agency in the capital city of Guassau already dubbed the new technology "wet mill".

The reason for such a decisive steps was the fact that the miners who choose home-made method to have high levels of lead in their blood. Their children, and many other residents of mining communities are suffering from similar problems. The Government is confident that the main cause

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Want to change the destiny — take a second name

April 16, 2012 12:20

It has long been observed that the name somehow influences the nature and destiny of man. Some names give their owners the energy, drive, determination. Others — meekness, gentleness, shyness. The name can bring success, health and happiness to its owner, or vice versa — an obstacle to the implementation of plans.

Famous aliases

Is it possible to distinguish yourself from the crowd?

In studying this phenomenon, the researchers highlight the different concepts of science and history to intuitively esoteric. But so far there is no consensus on the reasons a communication mechanism between

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Europe against distortions

First step. French community to protect traditional family values held a protest against the legalization of gay marriage and adoption of children by homosexual couples.

Note: The inscription on posters and T-shirts reads: "Mom and Dad, do not be fooled by children." On the background is the song of ABBA — Mama Mia.

On Sakhalin, starts a new project Eureka — a way to success!

In the Sakhalin region launched a new educational project "Eureka" — road to success. "

Its main goal — to support the development of gifted children and the interest of the students to the island of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. The project will be funded through a grant provided by "ENL" (ENL).

The project work will be organized in several priority areas: professional development of teachers, equipping schools with modern equipment, a special training program for children with special abilities to the study of the exact sciences, with the consequent possibility of training in the leading universities

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The deputies of the export of U.S. children

But Americans have minions throw Duma petitions against it.

Media associated with this law by the recent act of Magnitsky, but this is a very controversial issue. And what of the Russian children bullied in American homes, not even the police denied the U.S. …

Television teaches smoking

TV crew removed the video about yourself from all sources on the Internet (proof — video below — see the information in the player).

These fragments youth drama — dossier Moscow City Duma on Russian television. Legislators with the International Conference of Consumer investigated. Find out — what he teaches modern TV? The answer shocked many — smoking. It turned out a month for this procedure in "teveshnikov" leaves 40 percent of airtime. A leader on a smoke break — on STS. TV Series — "Physics and Chemistry", "Interns", "grouse." In the top hit —

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A surprising number: doctors against vaccination

Evidence of efficacy vaccine does not exist! But it became known a lot of harm to children and adults vaccinations. It is clear that it is not in the care of health, and, on the contrary, in the care of diseases …

Some time ago we published an article author, documentary investigates the myth that vaccines have saved millions of lives and helped humanity escape from the devastating infectious diseases. For the first days after the publication of the article had read more than a thousand people, and it is only the direct link, not counting reprints on other sites.

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In the world of movement is gaining momentum, childfree — free children

Careful, kids! In the world of childfree movement is gaining momentum, in translation — free of children. These are people who voluntarily give up reproduction. Their arguments — from the banal to the reluctance of women to get stretch marks on the body, to the global — this cruel world is not for children. In the eyes of staunch supporters of this idea looked Svetlana Chernetska.

She was never afraid to speak his mind. Probably, therefore became a journalist. Computer and recorder Lily never traded for diapers and sliders. Says — too irresponsible to be a mom.

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Childrens health due to the fact, does their mother before birth abortion


American geneticists have found that children's health due to the fact, does their mother before birth abortion. The researchers analyzed data on women artificially terminate the pregnancy, and the health of their children born later.

It was found that 70% of women born to mothers who previously had an abortion, has serious problems with reproduction.

Genetics explain that interrupting pregnancy, a woman gives a genetic setting your body and future offspring do not have children in the future. In addition, of course, there are health problems for women underwent an abortion, which affects the health of

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