British political correctness — the power of idiots, criminals and religious fanatics

Cornwall police … forbidden to say "gypsy skirt". Instead instructed to use "skirt adventurer."

On the drive … with a record of "Tales of Mother Goose" change the ending "Humpty Dumpty", "All the King's horses and all the king's men can not bolt, Humpty Dumpty, Humpty Dumpty-lift" to "Humpty Dumpty counted to ten and again at jumped the wall. "

Schools are encouraged … Edinburgh reset account of football matches, if one team suddenly starts ahead of rivals in 5 goals, and add to the team loses two players.

Children's club … that pirate themed party, forbade its members to

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Strange children of Vulpita

January 4, 2013 18:08

In English folklore is quite common theme of "little green men", but, as you know, many fantastic characters has its real prototype, and the event that took place in England in the XII century, it could be the impetus for the creation of a series of fictional stories. Legends about the appearance of unusual, strange people are quite common among many nations, but this story has not yet been recognized by scientists nor a fairy tale or true story.


It happened in England, in the county of Suffolk in the village called Woolpit. The

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Symptoms of snake colonization

While half of Russian fairy tales, stories related to the idea zmeeborchestva when Hercules (Ivan Tsarevich) fights with the Serpent Gorynych (Tsmokom, Gad, a many-headed miracle-Udoma), some still doubt the Slavs in the presence of a highly developed reptilian race and its impact on our life. Consider co-mor Reptilians on obvious examples.

1. The childhood of man. The most popular song, which is sung in Russian families at children's birthday party, song Crocodile Gena (Reptilians-genetics), "Let the pedestrians run clumsily through puddles …". Note for formatting human reptilian frames taken from a child! What ideas we advanced through this cartoon?

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Traditional Russian culture. Family, child

According to Fr. Alexander (Head of Old Church Slavic Orthodox — Old Believers), before giving birth in the water bath at home. He was considered the husband responsible to come from, who fathered nine children. Father took birth, in the font. Next, the child presented with the sun at dawn, put in the cradle. Placenta is not cut. Overtighten the umbilical cord of male, female hair and linen, then cut (after showing the sun).

Conception of a husband and wife were engaged in the daytime and not at night to a great force, going from Yarily — Sun (The name

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Against Naro-orphans use of punitive psychiatry

Statement to the Prosecutor General of the journalist of "Nara-News." ©

With children's homes often treated cruelly: beaten, abused and deprived of anything, is punished. However, in recent times against the children have begun using "punitive psychiatry" — for disobedience orphanages are sent to psychiatric hospitals.

So, in September of this year, correspondents Narofominsk newspaper "Naro-News" decided to check the status of one of the inmates Sofinskogo orphanage. September 5 from there ran a 12-year-old boy Alex Chervinsky. They searched for him the police, the announcement of a missing child in the newspapers "Nara-News."

On the

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Obama administration plans to make children vaccinated against anthrax

Now that's very interesting … The influential newspaper "Washington Post" published, the Obama administration's statement that all children in the United States, should be vaccinated against — Anthrax to the threat of a biological terrorist attack … Moreover, the statement emphasizes the fact that the vaccine must be made to all healthy children.

Two variants of vaccination:

1) Compulsory vaccination of all healthy children 2) wait for a biological attack will happen and start collecting data on children whose parents voluntarily willing to allow vaccination against anthrax in the face of real danger.

The administration of U.S. President wrote

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From Russia make incubator for growing children for sale

October 21, the State Duma of the second reading of the draft law "On the basis of the health of citizens of the Russian Federation." It planned a lot of unexpected innovation: in particular, to legalize surrogacy, placing it on a commercial basis. Also allowed children donation — organ transplantation.

Parents will have another surprise: they will not be allowed to influence the health of the child upon reaching 15 years of age. In this age medical history becomes a teenager medical secret, closed to parents. Members of the public who had gathered on the eve of the "round table",

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Churchman proposed tax on childlessness

It's no secret that children in Russia can not everyone. Not only for health reasons, but also because the revenues do not allow. If the idea become a reality, the number of those who can afford children, will be even less …

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church offers to return the tax on childlessness — this time arguing that the need to care for orphans.

The name of this churchman Dimitry Smirnov, he has a blog.

Good thing not be called marriage

RITA laws or Telegonia

"Do not let your daughters to Strangers … mixing of blood leads to destruction … and this genus, degenerating, dies, …" (Santee Vedas Perun, Round 1, Santa 8 Slokas 11,12).

RITA laws — is Heavenly Purity Law of Rod and Blood. On the law of Rita, which lived in ancient times, all of Slavic and Aryan peoples in the modern world have learned in the middle of XIX century. Now to refer to Rita Laws used the Greek name — Telegonia. In medicine, the phenomenon is called "the first male." Telegonia is imaginative, and the only

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Health Ministry stopped the vaccination of children Russian drug EntseVir

Russia has suspended the vaccination of children against encephalitis drug "EntseVir" because of the large number of complications after vaccination.

In the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published an official letter from the Deputy Chief Minister Veronika Skvortsova, which aims for health leaders in the region. According to it, the necessary steps must be taken before 15 May 2011.

The decision to suspend the vaccination "Entsevirom" adopted makes it possible for the fact that in some regions of the vaccinated children have been reported "adverse vaccine reactions."

For example, in the Vologda region after mass vaccination in 3 schools, health deterioration

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