Deadly Design

February 3, 2013 15:34

If ever inhabit the Earth have replaced people cyborgs, if they do not seem to have many of the usual boring stuff?

Pretty ironic, but in some ways frightening answer to this question is a Chinese designer Shi-Ying Song, who over the last few years demonstrates its "brutal" work at various exhibitions.

Through sometimes provocative installations and something that can be called household items, designer initiates a dialogue between the traditional Chinese culture, is largely based on mythology and contemporary reality, with its rapid processes of globalization.

A special surprise (and someone, for

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Strange disease — men become children

May 7, 2012 10:32

They show each other languages, laugh, run around the room, hide in closets.

Normal behavior for children, which are gradually becoming ever married two middle-aged men.

In the acclaimed film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" actor Brad Pitt played a remarkable man, who grew up the opposite. He was born on a very old man, and then immediately was placed in a nursing home. But over the years younger, Button, and his life ended in a manger with all the signs of senile marasmus.

Although presented in the film story is absolutely fantastic, a

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The door to the dream

November 17, 2011 23:32

The door opened, and she ran into Charlie. The door is then closed, and since then we have not seen him

In the spring I was visiting a friend in New York, and she told me the story of one of his American childhood friend. We have long puzzled over what had happened and how to treat it, but could not decide. Anticipating the story, I will say only one thing: the family, which will be discussed now lives quite happily — all alive and well, that's just a friend of my friend never

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Indigo children know the past of the Earth

November 15, 2011 21:44

People with psychic powers: the messengers lost civilization? Recently, the world became increasingly children are born with extraordinary abilities. World calls these kids differently. In France they are called "Teflon Child," because they do not fit the generally accepted patterns of behavior. In America, they — "indigo children" and "children of the light."

Many scientists believe that the emergence of these children shows that the coming spiritual transformation of humanity, which begins to develop a new mindset. The case has come to the point that on January 30 in the United States

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Devils Lake


Red Lagoon, located in the Chilean city of Kamina, at an altitude of 3700 meters above sea level, is considered one of the most mysterious places on earth. The fact that the water in the lake as red as blood. With this body of water connected mystery of the disappearance of tribes Aymara Indians who once inhabited the region, and the local population finds it damn …

Prior to 2009, the mysterious lake did not know even the travel company. This is due to the fact that local residents tried to get the

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Soldier gave his savings to children

Lofty Russian war veteran Mike Stepanovich Stepanov of Upper Chebula gave the accumulated funds to children. Rehabilitation center "change", he gave 100 thousand rubles, and the office of the local school physics — 30 thousand.

The idea of charity appeared Misha Stepanovich not out of the blue, soldier approached the matter seriously and severely. "At first, he wanted to make a gift to the children's home and came up with these intentions in our head of the Department of Social Protection. Said," Ira V. and wish assist the orphanage. "She said that her department's home, but there are rehabilitation center.

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Mother talking with children at a primitive language




Anthropologist at the State University of Florida (Florida State University) Professor Dean Falk (Dean Falk) has developed a theory that the origins of the ancestors of human speech to be found in the specific language of the mothers in the world talk to their babies, according to

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The statements of the leaders of the American Indian

November 28, 2011 14:59

"Love the earth. It is not inherited from your parents to you, she lent you at your children. "

"In the first year of marriage, the couple looked at each other and thought, if they can be happy. — If not, they said goodbye and look for new spouses. If they were forced to live together in opposition, we would be so stupid as the white man. "

"Strive for wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge — is the past. Wisdom — is the future. "

"We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel

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Australia: crybaby reduce the risk of your IQ




According to recent studies of Australian scientists found that young children over the age of 3 months, which for a long time crying for no apparent reason, in the future more often show a lower score on the test, IQ, testifying mental abilities, compared with calm babies.

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Hybrid children of aliens and terrestrial women

October 30, 2011 11:35

Cases of sexual contact with the alien civilization humans in recent times. Aliens implanted human woman extraterrestrial genetic material. Women have so-called hybrid children. According to the testimony of some women who have been sexually abused by vnezemlyan, they conceived and gave birth to children who were they then selected. However, sometimes they are allowed to see and even hold hands hybrid offspring. Feedback from women, the children have genius in infancy, is a remarkable physical strength and intelligence. The best known cases of kidnapping for sexual contact of American Betty Andreasson Luca and Betty

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