«Star Children»

I am now at the stage of research on the topic of "new" children often have to tell the ignorant in the matter of the signs indigo children, their main difference from ordinary people.

But long before I took up this same professional colleague for UFO Research, Captain I rank retired, chairman of the Commission for the Study of anomalous phenomena in the Russian Geographical Society of St. Petersburg Eugene P. Litvinov. He systematized information about the children of Indigo Books Lee Carroll and Jan Tober "Indigo Children" and "Children of the Indigo-2. Holiday color Indigo "by presenting

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The infant mortality rate in Russia

Research demographers they say that in recent years in Russia there is a significant positive trend regarding the reduction of child mortality. According to this indicator for a long time we were in the middle of such countries as Burundi or Ethiopia. If we consider the characteristics of European countries, in the first half of the XX century the Russian Empire and then the Russian Alliance sad leading position occupied by number child deaths on 1000 newborns. The numbers of the spices, they say for themselves.

In the years 1901-1910 in the Russian Empire from various pathologies did not

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Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

Psychiatrists say that more than a billion people on the planet are mentally ill. Over the past 30 years, they were discharged psychiatric drugs 543 million people and now they plant 17 million school children on stimulants and antidepressants. Forcibly treat people without their consent. Psychiatrists earn it billions and billions …

The film tells the story of the origin, development and present the bottom of one of the world's most successful scams called "Psychiatry". The history of the formation of psychiatry as a science. Middle Ages, Modern Times, the era of Nazi totalitarian regime in the Soviet Union,

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Billionaire educates 23 children

Trying to give money for the orphanage, Roman Avdeev realized that it is better to take the children into the family

Live TV and Radio KP father of 4 and 19 of their foster children Roman Avdeev Department of Education says the editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Alexander Milkusu, why a child should be partners.

Roman Avdeev said that the child must be partners


— We have an interesting guest, I tried it for six months to pull air. He's a very interesting conversationalist. Now it happened due to the fact that Saturday was a fun

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: the organs of adopted Russian children in the United States could use for transplantation

Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that it is in possession of the data attempts to remove organs from dead two boys. According to the laws of some states it can be done even without the consent of relatives, but simply by the decision of doctors.


In February, the deputy of the State DumaAlexander Starovoytovsent a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of RussiaSergey Lavrovto provide information on the possible use of dead Russian children adopted in the United States. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a positive response, saying that"Our

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Revenge of the ghost children

July 16, 2012 15:38

Not every child is expected in this world. Alas, the history of mankind knows a thousand ways resorted to by women to get rid of an unwanted child.

Middle Ages

From the novel by MA Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita" we remember Freda, who became pregnant from a host of cafes, "gave birth to the boy, took him into the forest and put her handkerchief in his mouth, and then buried the boy in the land." Even in the world of the beyond Frida doomed every day to see on the dresser the same scarf with

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Super Dad awaiting the birth of 94th child


I have been married for almost half of the women of the world. Now I have 93 children, and we expect the new birth in two months. I'm planning to get married again within a month "- said 67-year-old man.

As noted Daad Murad, he intends to have 100 children, which he estimates could in 2015. According to the one-legged pensioner, he has sex six times a day and do not trust the artificial stimulants of sexual activity such as Viagra.

The secret of male power, he considers the denial of canned food,

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European myth of the foundlings and link to the modern phenomenon of kidnapping UFO Baby

January 20, 2012 20:54

Woman lying in bed. Suddenly the lights went out. Suddenly she heard the door open. She quickly jumped out of bed and turned on the light. Then she saw a dwarf with a large head, who had married a her newborn baby, and instead put it in the cradle of the strange dwarf. The woman made noise, the child managed to select a gnome. Nocturnal visitor was gone, leaving the cradle of the little creature. A woman who has had plenty of milk, out of pity, she wanted to give this chest and the dwarf. But

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Indigo messengers devil?

Now a lot said and written about the so-called indigo children who have appeared on the light at the end of the twentieth century. So who are they, indigo children? The word "indigo children" appeared after the aura was examined these unusual children. It turned out that, unlike the others, they have it in dark blue — indigo.

American psychologist Lee Carroll in shape, size, color, and light intensity of the aura found that indigo in his intellectual abilities and knowledge assets far exceeded not only their peers, but also to their own parents. The main feature of

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Little swimmers tried out the pool at the children’s clinic Kansk

In the pediatric clinic opened Kansk pool, designed for the rehabilitation of children between six months and older.

Work on the reconstruction of the building was completed in late 2012. In January 2013, a special committee has visited here, and today held a workout in the pool for the first patients. This facility was opened specifically for the rehabilitation of babies born with lesions of the central nervous system defects and musculoskeletal tissues.

Medical staff who work with young patients underwent special training. To support facilities — changing rooms and showers — with

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