A little life.

I dedicate this paper to the memory of five boys,

brutally tortured by "the powers that be" — in Krasnoyarsk in the spring of 2005 …

Victory Day May 9, 2005 in the collector're in Krasnoyarsk were found obgorit-Chiyah body of missing one and a half months earlier than boys 9-12 years Lavrenova Sasha, Dima Ma-kar, Maxim Taumanova, Galash Mamedga-Savona and Safar Aliyev — so I launched its first-vuyu article in "Soviet Russia", published in May 2006.

A 16 April 2005 — one year before that my article — the children were gone. And if that article was about

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Magadan: upgrading the regional children’s hospital

Children's Hospital — the only one in the Magadan region multifunction, multi, specialized children's health care setting. The hospital operates 329 people. It consists of a somatic hospital for 80 beds, hospital infection for 70 beds, casualty department advisory and 3 children's clinic. Specialists clinics serve as schools and kindergartens. Since the beginning of 2012, the agency transferred to the regional submission.

In 2011, as part of the modernization of health care institution has been allocated 77.3 million rubles. These funds were used to repair the roof of the infectious case, the facade and interior of the

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Beneficiaries of the Amur region, received the keys to new apartments

Two 3-story house on 24 apartments built in the 800 block of Blagoveshchensk. In March of this year, there have already passed the two houses of 90 apartments. The total capacity of the residential complex for the orphans of 138 apartments.On the eve of the keys to new apartments 48 children were orphans.

In the future, the development of 800 quarters of the city, planned to build a school and a kindergarten.

At the end of the year is planned to put a few more houses. They are in Belogorie, argali and Magdagachi. Determine the number of units

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Lipektsy kindergarten Baby Boom — private capital in early childhood education

"Sunlight" 25.04.2013 "Lipetsk newspaper." Victor Manaenkov / / Education

Photo by Olga Beljakova Photo by Olga Beljakova

When in Lipetsk problem with the lack of places in kindergartens, and to help entrepreneurs come here: they began to actively create private preschools. One of them is called "Baby Boom" appeared recently in the district of "University" in the regional center.

  Usually in such a case is taken out a bank loan or use their own savings. With the "Baby Boom" is another story: the investor has invested money here, and it is in fact the first

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Sumasshedshedshie geniuses




"Rain Man," "House of Cards," "Sunrise Mercury" — all these films share a common feature of the main characters — autism. The name of the disease comes from the Latin word autos — «himself." Autism — a dive in itself — does not occur very rarely, according

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Summer School of Aerospace Bashkortostan went international

A year ago in a deserted village and superiors Kalynivka Davlekanovskiy district opened aerospace summer school. The fact in itself funny — where the Kalynivka and where space? If it was not a "but" …

The fact that the initiator of the school was made Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalenok. Very much loved by the legendary astronaut up the reserve, and the idea that a good idea to arrange Kalynivka camp for children — winners of international contests on aerospace disciplines, got on fertile ground. Vyacheslav Abroschenko, a businessman and a talented organizer,

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In the U.S., an incredible two-headed snake found

September 26, 2012 9:20

Savannah Logan and her brother Preston found at his home in South Carolina (USA), an incredible two-headed snake. And it was not like a snake, and even not so. Second head it located where the conventional snake is the tail!

Serpent "Tyanitolkay" was small in stature, but at each of its head is working eye and tongue.

The public learned about the snake when the children brought her to school to show off to their peers. Teachers temporarily took their animal and sent to the Department of Biology at the nearby school Ware Shoals High

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Tours in Pilsen, Czech Republic

How can you have a great vacation? Go on a trip! And how to make it cheap? Buy a ticket glowing! For instance, one can turn up the most glowing holiday in the Czech Republic in 2011. This country every year thousands of tourists visit. One of the most fascinating cities in the country is Pilsen.

Plzen stands in fourth place on the square in the middle of Czech cities. This city is a penny Pilsen Region. A fascinating feature of the town is that here the four rivers are joined into one — Berounka. Pilsen is considered the

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Kurganskoye perinatal center was one year

Ninety-two infants who were born weighing just over a kilo and 26 babies were born with extremely low birth weight saved in the Kurgan regional perinatal center.

This is a health care facility has been specifically created to give the joy of motherhood beyond the Urals women who face complications during pregnancy, and foster children weighing between 500 grams.

Last year in the Kurgan perinatal center were born more than 4,000 children. This is the third of babies born in the region in 2012. Chief physician of the regional perinatal center Tatyana Aspen recognizes that positive

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Scientists have found that smokers give birth to criminals

U.S. researchers from Harvard found that women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to babies with criminal tendencies, reports The Telegraph.

The researchers analyzed data on children born in the years 1959-1966, as well as their mothers. It was found that children of women smokers are three times more prevalent antisocial behavior.

"We can not make accurate conclusions. Although all quite logical: after all, cigarettes contain many toxic substances that affect fetal development. In particular, these toxins can also affect the nervous system of the unborn child. Now we can say only one thing: women

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