Alien civilization control humanity?




The popular movie "Men in Black" and its sequel, which appeared on cinema screens, of course, created a scenario inspired by the real facts. However, the plot of the film — like an inverted reflection of the numerous reports of mysterious visitor is in black, which recently

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What you need to know about food dyes

What's wrong with the natural color of pickled peppers? That's what surprised me last year when I had matured the decision to avoid food with artificial colors, when possible, and I found that canned Greek peppers are only "yellow number 5 FD & C». Ready to admit that my commitment to natural products may directly rooted in my past "eccentric hippie" I was driving in the direction of mental mania, this year, I met myself marinate your peppers. Besides there is a good reason: artificial food colors associated with many side effects.

They are associated with allergies,

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Carousel and outdoor fitness for children: Cheboksary plant received a national award

Cheboksary playing sports equipment ROMANA awarded the national prize "Golden Bear" in the framework of the V International specialized exhibition of goods for kids' toy / Start Life 2011 ". The jury recognized the series of children's sports complexes "Carousel" winner in the category "Best sports equipment." A little earlier products Cheboksary plant ROMANA appreciated at the international exhibition "Sport -2011", held in Moscow on March 9-11.

At the company say that the exhibited outdoor fitness — new factory, creating the game and sports equipment for children for 12 years.

opening of the first street simulator sites in

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Karelia: the modernization of the urban health centers in Petrozavodsk

The fourth clinic — the largest in Petrozavodsk, to her "assigned" a 60,000 adults and over 9,000 children. According to the chief doctor of Olga Bilko, in recent years, done a lot of development agencies. Repairs were carried out, purchased new medical equipment. Actively introducing new information technologies: electronic record maintained by the initial reception, electronic hospital records, the jobs of doctors equipped with computers, electronic health information is available to those skilled in the same network.

For the third year running at the outpatient clinic equipped with special equipment health center. Residents of Petrozavodsk and regions can

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Children can help solve the mystery of UFOs

According to ufologists, it is the children are able to come in contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, with their behavior is not quite adequate, that the suspicion on the part of adults.

However, by the children's story about aliens, ghosts, etc. should be taken more seriously, because it is possible that children just can the mystery of UFOs.

Kids and aliens

French ufologist Aimé Michel once called a meeting with the crews of the UFO "Festival of the Absurd": creatures coming out of the UFO behavior is not so, as, in our view, should have behaved members of

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The cholera epidemic has sunk into Kramatorsk

In the children's clinic Kramatorsk asked mom with a child 5 years with complaints of diarrhea. Then joined vomiting, marked weakness and rumbling in the abdomen. Family consisting of 3 persons (parents and son) was vacationing in Egypt. During the rest ate shrimp, mussels, swimming in the Red Sea. After the return of the patient to start the first signs of the disease

Was the legend of the training sessions to localize and eliminate the source of cholera, which had Kramatorsk in CMU DTMO.

In class, in addition to health care workers in children's clinics № 3,

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What is the ideal number of children in the opinion of Russian women?

In 2011, the Federal State Statistics Service in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Health, in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.) for the first time in our country, a survey of women's reproductive health. A large contribution to the organization of this work has made Information and Publishing Center "Statistics of Russia". A survey conducted in 60 regions of the Russian Federation, where the surveyed more than ten thousand women.

Among other things, sample surveys of reproductive health in Russia in 2011 were studied Russian women opinions

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Newcomers and children

Among the people abducted by aliens large part are children. Statistics of such accidents is unknown. UFO pilots try to operate secretly, and therefore often difficult to prove the fact of the abduction.

Mysterious sounds

1979. In the house of the family in the vicinity of Smith Lourer (Maryland, USA) blinking light near midnight. At the same time he heard a sound like a door lock click. Worried family head Stephen Smith visited the house. Strangers he found the front door was locked. In her room, sleeping peacefully six Bobby. Mr. Smith returned to the bedroom. Before dawn, he

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Global experiment on children




An interview with a leading pioneer of the Center for Communication Studies ISESP Sciences, a candidate of sociological sciences Natalia Markova Efimovna: Recently, psychologists are increasingly faced with a very distorted behavior of preschoolers. On the one hand, the extraordinary stiffness, underdevelopment of speech. On the other

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Heavy rains in Pakistan, eight dead

Eight people, including a woman and four children, were killed in Rawalpindi and Islamabad after the heavy rains that hit the twin cities on Monday.

The water level in the dry bed of the Lech River reached 18 feet, many low-lying areas flooded. People are struggling to save their property from water entering the home.

In Rawalpindi, three people, including a policeman, trying to save a drowning young man out of the river, were killed by being swept away by the water flow.

In a suburb of Islamabad clay house roof collapsed, killing five wedding guests, including four children,

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