Enraged wasp swarm attacked a woman with children in Yerevan

Unprecedented for Yerevan incident occurred on one of the main crossroads of the Armenian capital. The woman and her two children of school age, which she walked me home after school, lashed wasp swarm. As told to the site "Erevan.Ru" Emma, who asked not to call her family, all attempts to get rid of something angry insects ended inconclusively, wasp stung the woman and her children, and pursued them to the very threshold of the house.

According to Emma, wasps attacked out of the blue. "My children and severely bitten. We tried to brush off, run away, but they are

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Strict upbringing leads to obesity

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Indigo children say …

13-year-old girl who is taught the Virgin, help sick people

Indigo children — special tribe: they see and know more than others, and more than you can explain.

They know each other in the street by color — blue-violet, which is the shell extends around the body. It's like the mark: it is not like the others.

Normal people learn to understand these children and help them. But more indigo children themselves come to the aid of the "ordinary" people, making it the blue, as if against his will.

13 year old Yasha Pazdera accurately can find someone in

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The cause of mass death of pigeons in Kostroma was rat poison

Mass mortality of pigeons recorded in Kostroma, the cause of death was poison birds, similar to rat poison "Ratindant" reported RIA Novosti on Friday head Veterinarians Kostroma Andrey Elizarov.

On Monday, residents of Kostroma complained to authorities that the streets there were dozens of dead pigeons. Most of the dead birds, local residents saw in the square in front of the Susaninskaya and regional philharmonic society, where parents with children and tourists traditionally fed birds. Accustomed to people birds and people were not afraid to even sit on their hands during feeding. Tuesday at a place of mass death

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In Kenya, lightning killed seven children and mother

In Kenya, lightning killed an entire family. Rain during the night she was in one of the huts in the village in the east of the country. The house caught fire instantly.

As reported podrobnosti.ua, it slept seven children and their mother. Fire Trap gave them a chance. People ran to the fire, but did not have time to help.

Now Kenya and neighboring Uganda invaded thunderhead. Over the last few weeks of lightning in the region killed more than forty people.

Recall, 22 children were killed by lightning in Uganda. During a terrible thunderstorm, lightning struck

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My neighbor evil eye, so I had one

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Healed in a new way: the women saved the village from extinction

Residents of the village of Brody Novgorod region have taken education to their families as soon as a few children from orphanages and shelters. In this regard, the local kindergarten, school, club and first-aid post there work. And the village has begun to live a new life. Now here is the most demanded and respected profession — my mother.

Young people because of lack of work leaves the village. Accordingly, parents who work in the local budgetary institutions may lose their last job: school, kindergarten and the club simply no one else to go. This means that

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Virgin Mary of Fatima

May 13, 1917 three little poor kids, who were driven out of the village sheep Fatima in Portugal, a vision, a beautiful lady. Children suddenly saw a shining figure of a young woman standing in the blazing cloud that hangs over oak. She said that they are chosen by God to be messengers and we should see her in this place in the 13th day of each month until October, when they will receive a special message.

Confident that the luminous figure of the Virgin Mary was a saint, three children, Lucia de Santos, a decade and

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In Russia took the swine flu

The first victim of the highly pathogenic influenza was a young man of 22 years. Doctors concerned: before swine flu hit only pensioners, women and children, but is now vulnerable to infection were young and healthy men. At the end of last week to the regional infectious diseases hospital in Krasnodar (Russia) was brought a young player who has been diagnosed with swine flu experts. It is reported that twenty-two years before this man had no serious illnesses. Doctors believe that a victim of swine flu it was because he was not vaccinated on time. At the time the

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Pertussis epidemic swept California

The beginning of school in California, some high schools marked by long queues of students lined up for a mandatory vaccination … pertussis.

This is the new rule of the Joint Department of school education in Los Angeles (LA Unified School District), entered this school year in schools. Parents should accept these terms not so much out of fear of possible infection, how much of the need to comply with the conditions of LAUSD, if they want their children to go to a new campus.

Many of them even before the start of the school year found medical facilities

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