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Modern medical equipment received to the Children’s Republican Hospital of Karelia

About 30 pieces of modern medical technology received the Children's Republican Hospital. For its acquisition within the regional healthcare modernization program has contributed more than 50 million rubles from federal funds and the consolidated budget of the Republic.

Until the end, the institution will be delivered by a CT scanner, X-ray facilities and other medical equipment, the purchase of which is directed more than 40 million rubles.

Well established on the roads of Karelia, including in the winter and off-season, new ambulances, neonatal reanimation, equipped in accordance with modern requirements, as well as car mobile medical team.

In vehicles

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In Texas, the police annually turns 300,000 children into criminals.

"One girl, a twelve Mary Spencer, condemned because she used to collect water, keep a bucket of mountains and the trip out ahead of him, as if beckoning him to her. " (England, 1633). Anthology "Beach and hammer. Witch Hunt in the XVI-XVIII centuries "

In Texas, hundreds of thousands of students appear in court for committing a "very serious" offenses, such as swearing or farting in class. Some of these so-called criminals (also known under the term "adolescents") face arrest and even imprisonment, like the honors pupil, who spent the night in jail for

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Plush pornography for Swiss children

Visual aids for the course rozdadut sex education for children from 4 to 10 and older in Basel. The set includes two Pups, picture books, as well as "funny" plush toys that mimic the genitals and into each other quite a grown-up.

In Switzerland, there is no single course of sexual education in schools. The Federal Department of Health is preparing a draft of such a course, which can enter into the compulsory curriculum in 2014, and before that time sexual education students at the mercy of fantasies school leaders of cities and cantons. In some regions, it does

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In the West, launched a campaign to demonize the Soviet soldier — the winner

Approaching the 68th anniversary of the Great Victory — victory at the cost of produced millions of lives and millions crippled destinies of the Soviet people. Dozens of Soviet cities were reduced to rubble, and hundreds of villages — in the ashes. Of the people in the concentration camps "mined" biomaterial for a "great race." Some were suffocated with gas and turned to dust, other drove into slavery, and some died of starvation. Woe to the people who lived through the hell of the great war, is truly irreplaceable. And there is no one comparable feat of the Soviet people's

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Ahead of the rest

Everyone knows that the U.S. is the most democratic country in the world. And in many ways they are in first place. , Read the small list of achievements of democracy.

Thus, the United States first in the world:

The number of prisoners. While in prison, by a special decree allowed torture.

By the number of death sentences for juveniles (2/3).

By the number of serial killers. 74% of all known killers have on America, although it is home to only 5% of the population.

By the number of people who use drugs.

By the number of gays and

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New serial killer — The U.S. Air Force drone operators

From an interview drone operator:

"I saw the dying men, women and children. I did not think I would kill so many people. I never imagined that I would kill someone. "- A former U.S. Air Force drone operator Brandon Bryant.

(San Blas, Mexico) — Hours are counted few minutes after 22.00, the serial killer prepares to strike. He had waited for this moment and preparing for it.

The killer watches his future victim out of the taxi and rummages through his pockets for money. Two children run out of the driveway — meet his father. The killer pushes

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Snow Pad — an area for military personnel

"Snow Pad" — residential neighborhood in the city of Vladivostok for the Eastern Military District troops and other security forces and their families. Since 2010, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "GUSS" Dalspetsstroy "with the Russian Special Construction" in "Snow honeydew" built 2,648 apartments with a total area of 172342 square meters, two kindergartens — "Tiger" and "Firefly", a comprehensive school for 825 pupils, children's clinic at 400 visits per day.

December 10, 2010 have been put into operation the first five ten-monolith-brick and prefabricated homes built for military personnel. All apartments are rented under a "key" — with

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Young Americans are abandoning the traditional family

Most young Americans do not consider the traditional family a mandatory attribute of modern life, the researchers said the company uSamp.

As the newspaper writes, 87% of Americans believe that the institution of the traditional family is outdated and does not meet the requirements of modern times.

Experts point out that in the United States and other countries of the Western world, more and more non-traditional families. Moreover, more and more people believe that could well do without any family. 82% of Americans believe that the mother — this is the woman who raised a child, and do

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Yapona doll (18 +)

Trottla — is a Japanese company which manufactures and sells dolls, their appearance and size resemble children. At the touch and appearance are very similar to these children, as they are equipped with the regulation of heat and moving joints. Before you scold me for my suggestion that these dolls for pedophiles, make sure that they do not have the male counterpart, they are dressed in lingerie, and just look at these fucking pictures.

The company clearly states that the dolls should not be used for purposes of sexual exploitation, but if it's just a toy for kids, then

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Media: Tuva spared land for large families

The head of Tuva in sixth place among the 12 governors of Siberia to participate in solving the housing problems of large families. Special rating of this participation was the news agency "Lenta regional news", analyzing the programs and plans of the authorities of the Siberian Federal District to improve the living conditions of families raising three or more children. As the authors of the study, suffered from several major earthquakes in the past year Tuva does not save on the ground, which falls to large families. The analysis showed in particular that in Tuva is growing every

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