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Childrens beauty pageants in the U.S.

Every year in America are children beauty pageants. Parents begin serious training for many months prior to the event. Unique dresses and suits for thousands of dollars, false eyelashes and nails. Not only girls but also boys' mother dragged into the sunroom and artificial tans. The vagaries shall not go. This is a competition, it is money, awards, figurines and dubious glory — that's what childhood deprived young contestants and contestants.

Professional children's make-up artists applied a ton of makeup and cosmetics on the delicate baby skin. Elaborate hairstyles and false hair — all within a few hours of suffering

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The death rate in Russia for the year decreased by 11.6%. Infant mortality fell by almost a third.

In Russia recorded a significant reduction in mortality. This was announced today at a conference the Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova.

"Federal State Statistics Service has reported on August 2013: in mortality of our population as compared to August 2012 decreased by 11.6%, and for all groups of diseases of circulatory disease — 15.8%, an unprecedented decline, TB — 9% 10% of the digestive organs from external causes — by 12.8%, from road accidents — 18% ", — informed the minister. "In addition, we have reached the lowest level in the history of our country — both

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The collection of hilarious tales for children «Struwwelpeter»

The book "Petka-Slut" was published in Germany in 1844. It was written by the Frankfurt psychiatrist Heinrich Hoffmann specifically for your child. After some time, the collection came to the general public, and it was very warmly received. The book was reprinted many times and translated into other languages. Today «Struwwelpeter» — one of the most popular children's books in the West.

Here are some of the original stories of her.

Scary story Gerriet

Little Gerriet was alone at home and decided to play with matches.

Fire from matches suddenly exchanged a dress on a girl, and Gerriet

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Swedish court allowed public masturbation

In Sweden, the court found innocent 65-year-old man who was engaged in masturbation on the beach in Stockholm, for which he was arrested by the police.

The court ruled that a man can not be accused of sexual assault, as there is no individual victim, which were directed against his actions.

It remains unclear whether it is possible to consider a public masturbation as a violation of the other parts of the Swedish legislation.

"Apparently, in the opinion of the judges, to masturbate on the beach is normal and even legally,

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Billboards with hidden text for kids in Spain

On the streets of Madrid established boards that show the "hidden" message for children shorter than 1.35 m surface of the billboard is made using lenticular printing. The technology is familiar to anyone who has seen a card, or calendar icon to flip the picture changes when tilted. Spanish organization ANAR Foundation works to protect children from domestic violence. Adult sees on a billboard only photograph of the child. But if the board is looking at a person of low growth, on a child's face appeared bruised and displayed next to an emergency telephone number.

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Tell them NO: fireworks!

Preparing for the New Year holidays, entering the active phase. Buy firecrackers it becomes an indispensable attribute. If you want to contribute to the ecology of the planet — do not engage in it! Do not support this vicious business, do not keep the lovers of this empty and dirty fun. Go outside and with all the strength babahnut, startling sky, stars, birds, small children — well, is not this fun? If some person such primitive fun amuses and entertains, it only shows a low level of its spiritual culture. I wonder what people think of stars, looking at the

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The success story of Russian emigrant in Germany

According to statistics, immigrants make up 35-40 percent lower than natives. That is, doing the same job, they get smaller. Actually the government to do and allocate quotas for immigrants to bring in cheap labor. Think about it, why would the state smacked of well-paid jobs, if this place has 100 of its indigenous inhabitants?

Would you, as a director of the company in Russia, to give a good and responsible position immigrant from Asia, who had just arrived in Russia and did not really know the Russian language? Well, the Europeans as well.

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Switzerland: seksprosvet already close

Nikolai Starikov: Every day I receive between 50 and 100 letters from readers. Most of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. But there are plenty of news from the compatriots living abroad.

The other day, a reader from Switzerland sent a very interesting letter.











"Here in my mailbox today threw the flyer, I think you would be curious as to why you

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Death of the West

Author —Patrick Joseph BuchananAssistant to President Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford presidential adviser. Head of Public Affairs in the administration of President Ronald Reagan. Repeatedly ran for the U.S. presidential candidates.

The book was published in 2002.

Part 1. Endangered species

Just as the growth of population has always been considered a sign of health of the nation and civilization in general, depopulation is a sign of illness of the people and society. In the present context, this implies that Western civilization, despite not all of its power and wealth, is in

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The heart of a businessman: Chelyabinsk bachelor brings nine other orphans

44-year-old businessman from Chelyabinsk Egor Andreev took custody of nine children from a local orphanage. Everything turned out by chance one of the kindergarten teachers invited to become chief merchant younger group. After talking for some time with the children, Yegor realized I did not want to part with them.

A few years ago, the owner of large enterprises in Chelyabinsk Egor Andreev before New Year holidays decided to visit one of the local boarding schools. He brought gifts to all children. One of the kindergarten teachers invited Egor take patronage over the younger group of children.

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