In Tyumen, opened new kindergarten

Resuscitation of kindergartens in Tyumen continues. From the old, obsolete kindergarten number 83, for three years, the builders were able to make a beautiful, modern, bright pre-school education.

Tyumentsev are just beginning to get used to the fact that in the usual garden is and sensory room and a climbing wall, and the nutrition unit is equipped appliance must, allowing chefs to cook the most useful food for the kids — a couple. All groups have a snack — small rooms, where it is stored and washed dishes, and in addition, carry instruments for water heating.

Garden received 60 seats

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Press Release: Regional News Ukraine

News Donetsk: At a meeting of Energy Commission of Donetsk region was concern that the region's urban population may reduce the amount of water supply. This is due to the fact that the utilities did not pay the debt for electricity and purchased water.

Debt currently stands at 1 billion hryvnia.

Companies issued a warning that if the debts are not paid off in record time — the water supply will be limited.

Also at the meeting, stressed that the possibility of timely payment of water supply and sanitation sector of debt depends entirely on the awareness of citizens and

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In the Urals nursery outbreak of intestinal infections

Five preschool Nizhny Tagil quarantined because of food poisoning.

To prevent the spread of infectious disease, the CPS has forbidden in all the gardens give kids juices and salads.

Health officers of the Urals city state the disappointing fact — in kindergarten to 18% increase in the number of affected children.

Five Tagil preschool group closed for quarantine.

— In kindergartens really is growing acute intestinal infection, — say the staff department of Nizhny Tagil Rospotrebnadzor. — To prevent the increased morbidity, all directed DOW instructions — close to the quarantine group, where there are sick children. In addition, the

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In Tula opened gymnastics hall

November 30 at the grand opening of the Thule gymnastics hall of the municipal educational institutions of further education of children "Specialized children-youth school of Olympic reserve".


Construction of the project was carried out by means of the program "Gazprom — to children." The cost of the project — 53 million rubles. Total area of 1,500 square meters. It provides gym gymnastics, auxiliary facilities, dance hall.


In Tuva master shinomontazhki saved by fire 4 young children

On the telephone number of the fire number 15 on the protection of the Tes-Khem district of Tuva received a report of a fire in a two-family residential building at the address:. Samagaltai, ul.Kunaa, 36, the official website of General Administration of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Tyva.

On the call, whose rank was compared to the first, left 2 branches in 5 members of the personnel. Next door, a tire shop, this day worked Sholban Shimetovich Sandy. He heard a clap in a neighboring apartment, it was the sound of breaking glass.

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In the furnace of the Kemerovo region has opened a kindergarten for 110 places

The new preschool for children created comfortable conditions of stay: comfortable sleeping rooms and group, acquired a varied game and didactic material. Catering department is equipped with the latest technological equipment.

For creative development is equipped with a music room. Gymnasium is equipped with a children's gym equipment. Next to the gym has a juice bar, where children under the guidance of a nurse will drink herbal tea, oxygen cocktails, drinks yeast. The kindergarten equipped modern playgrounds and sports grounds, spacious shady canopies, where children can play and engage in general physical education.


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In Tomsk, after the cap. Repair opened children’s clinic

Renovated in the children's clinic at Osipenko began in July last year. At the end of the auction municipal contract for repairs in the medical facility was signed with "Sibstroy" (Krasnoyarsk). The contractor is fully renovated two-storey building with a total area Outpatient Department 910 square meters. For these purposes was sent 18 million 880 thousand rubles. In addition, the municipality will send 600 thousand rubles for the purchase of furniture and equipment.

In Tomsk, has opened a new kindergarten for 120 places with the highest energy efficiency class

Last week in Tomsk was the grand opening of the new children's garden "Sunbeam" in the neighborhood "green hills". In Tomsk, Russia appeared for the first time in the social object with the highest energy efficiency class — "A".

The two-story building of the kindergarten is designed for six teams, they will visit the 120 children between the ages of one and a half to seven years. In the neighborhood for each group of playgrounds with small architectural forms.

The building is equipped with a ramp for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. On the second

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Kill glance

October 20, 2011 17:56

Recent research scientists have shown that the human eye has a powerful influence bioenergy. My friend, a retired police colonel, Vladimir V., long work in the police, told me an interesting story, tells me researcher of anomalous phenomena, the author of numerous books about the wonders of Igor Vinokurov. — In one of the Moscow Research Institute died leading department chief, distinguished feisty character and lack of respect for colleagues. Once again, he made a sudden and hurtful remark slave. He said nothing, but looked at the offender so that he suddenly dropped his head

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In Tver renovated clinic opened

Children's Clinic of city hospital № 1 in Tver was opened after extensive renovation.

Children's Clinic serves the entire central area of the regional center and part of Moscow, it is more than 12 thousand children. Three and a half months in the building was renovated.

Update all rooms clinic. In addition, for the convenience of the patients here have expanded lobby. It is now a spacious closet and desk. The clinic is fully replaced plumbing fixtures, heat-and water supply, fire fighting. The institution is located on the first floor of the five-story building. Admission of children here are from

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