Todays children are psychics to demonstrate their ability in Kharkov


Competition for children with abilities. Small psychics and clairvoyants argued: find a host things, to determine the color of the blindfold and tell everything about a man figure — not a problem for them.

Victoria Mukhina, screenwriter of the project: "This is my picture. We put it in an envelope and offer the child simply defined: the living — not alive. That is, there are people in the photo, or not. "

Victoria Mukhina — writer of the "Battle of the Psychics." In Kharkiv came to select participants for the new season

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Media — molesting children and the future ….

American racial politics, scientist and writer Dr. William Pierce tells tselenaprovlennoy media policy aimed at the corruption and destruction of the most vulnerable part of the White society — children. Movie is very important for Russia

Why disappeared samurai?

December 17, 2012 7:40

Scientists who apparently managed to uncover the mystery of samurai — the famous warrior-knights Japan. They have lost their strength and power in the XIX century, almost entirely disappeared from history. According to experts, a major contribution to this was made by the lead — the samurai's wife, like many women in other countries, in the past, used cosmetics, prepared on this basis. During lactation lead poisoned their children, which is why they often grew very weak, mentally handicapped and the sick who are unable to cope with the political crisis and the large number

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In Tambov opened a new kindergarten Umka

In Tambov opened a new kindergarten "Umka". The largest pre-school located in the northern part of the city. Kindergarten is designed for 450 seats. In the nurseries will have 15 children, and the rest — 20 boys and girls.

The institution has a musical, athletic and fitness facilities and a swimming pool. In addition, the two studios are located there further education, computer room, sensory room, cabinets speech therapists and psychologists.

Kids in the new kindergarten will be taught by a unique innovative program. Institution will be the first pilot site, which will be incorporated educational methods of Skolkovo. One

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In Tambov opened children’s university

No entrance exams, no results of USE and absolutely free of charge. In Tambov, a new university study period in which only three years. Prerequisites — curiosity and the young age of students: it can enter the first grade only.

Alina Boltneva though goes to the first class, but the student. And most of this University. And although it's called childish, here all grown-up, except that the scholarship does not pay. "Lectures" reading specialists regional museum. However, "specialty", in which students are taught only one small — local history. First-graders talk about the history of Tambov, customs

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In Tambov opened a kindergarten for 250 places


In the structure of the kindergarten of 13 groups: 3 groups compensating orientation, 9 groups of general developmental orientation, group 1 short-term stay for children aged 1 to 2 years. Of these four groups for young children (1.5-3 years), 8 groups for pre-school children (3-7 years). An educational institution designed for 250 people.

Kindergarten "Sunflower" is the optimal set of premises: Music and dance and gymnastic halls, food and medical units, laundry room, studio space. Three group cells kindergarten equipped to educate children with disabilities.

In multi-functional studio spaces available laboratory of

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MSU experts uncovered a global network of child trafficking

Parental shield against anti-extorsion. Beckman exposes Gestapo XXI century. The names of the child traffickers January 26, 2013 MSU experts, who gathered from all parts of Russia to Moscow Lomonosov Prospect, issued a worldwide network of child trafficking and stated that it was time for each city to create domestic Interior Ministry special forces to combat this new form of Russian organized crime. Analyzing thirty years of turning kids into slaves juvenile gosdiktatury in the EU, MSU experts noted that the state juvenile system across Europe gradually merged into one, and then merged with the global network

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Opinion on diseases inherent in our modern society

1. About zhlobstva and resentmentI once loved Moscow, but recently stopped loving this city. Moscow, in my opinion, has become the world capital zhlobstva (at least holds that dubious primacy among the cities that I know of). Zhlobstvo, I believe — is a reaction to the years of Soviet egalitarianism, multiplied by the legacy of Soviet aggression. It is well-known for his description. Redneck — a man groveling before the master, and did not recognize the people of those inferior to him in influence. The main thing for it — cool car (preferably with flashing lights) and a pile of

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Two children were killed by the hurricane in Mexico

Two children were killed by the hurricane, "Carlotta", hit the Mexican coast, reports on Saturday channel CNN.

According to local authorities, two minors were killed on Saturday night when the hurricane destroyed their home in Plum Hidalgo in the state of Oaxaca in the south. Killed two girls 13 and 7 years old, mother of the children was injured.

Oaxaca government announced on Friday the highest degree of danger due to the hurricane approached the coast.

At the moment, "Carlotta" loses strength — speed wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour. As expected, the storm suddenly turned into a

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In Surgut, a new independent theater

In Surgut, a new independent theater.  

Theatre actor and Dolls "Petrushka" withdrew from the city of Surgut Philharmonic and begins to "float freely".   The status of an independent organization to children's theater was 20 years old, steadfastly experiencing the worst of times — and when half the team was not in the building to rehearse and give performances, and when six months had no money to pay salaries. The theater is not broken up. On the contrary, the difficulty of him even more united, writes "Surgut platform."

Now, "Petrushka" at the threshold of

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