In Novorossiysk opened two kindergartens

Dec. 27 opened a new kindergarten in the suburban village of Hayduk, will attend his 150 children. "Opening day care has reduced the" children "of all in the city of nearly a quarter. In GAIDUK 100% of children in kindergarten places are provided "- told in the press service of the city administration.

The building of the new kindergarten are 8 groups of preschool age and type 2 toddlers, medical office, music and sports facilities, a computer lab, studio. Construction of the project was conducted in co-financing, 48 million rubles allocated budget of the Krasnodar region, 26 million

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In Novomoskovsk district of Moscow has opened two kindergartens

On January 15, joined the second building of the kindergarten № 1086 "Snow White", located in the urban settlement of Moscow at st. Rainbow, 12.

It is now operating two groups of short days (before lunch). On February 1, in the new building will be organized supply system and a group will move to full activity for the day. In the future work of 11 groups in the amount of 330 children.

In the process of construction:

January 15 started working the second building of the kindergarten № 1088 "Firebird", located in

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In Novomoskovsk (Tula region). Opened a new kindergarten

January 16 Novomoskovsk the grand opening of a kindergarten "Sunbeam." The new nursery will visit 120 children aged 3 to 7 years.

On the same day in Novomoskovsk handed over the keys to the apartments in the new 17 orphans and children left without parental care.

In the new district of St. Petersburg offers 2 kindergartens

In Slavyanka, the new district of St. Petersburg, opened just two kindergartens.

January 25 started GDOU number 36, and after him, February 1, will be open GDOU number 35.

Each of the nursery is designed for 110 seats for children from two to seven years. The building of a kindergarten group has 6 cells: two — for nursery groups of 15 people and four senior groups of 20 children. Facilities for nursery groups have a separate entrance from the street. In addition to the group of cells in the building housed a

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Indigo Children


Recently, we have heard much about the so-called Indigo children. The first person to notice that their child is something wrong, were the parents. Then he raised the alarm and teachers as to cope with a student who knows more than the teacher, it was difficult. On this developing before our eyes, the phenomenon began to write, talk, discuss, and, finally, to study. But no one other than the esoteric could not find a logical explanation for it. A esoteric, announced that the coming new — sixth — a race of mankind, which

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In Novokuznetsk opened a children’s development center Academy kids

Last weekend in Novokuznetsk opened a children's development center "Academy kids" based programs and a variety of studios for children from 4 months to 7 years.

The space center is organized for all-round development and realizing the potential of every child. Here, children can prepare for school, get acquainted with their peers and have fun in a circle of professionals.

The complex gaming activities aimed at the intellectual and creative development of children. A sports destinations encourage physical development.

All classes last from 40 minutes to 4 hours with regular visits from

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In Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region after the cap. Repair opened children’s clinic

The need to overhaul is long overdue. Building children's clinic was built on an artificial terrace and in the last 18 years, underwent visible deformation. As a result, major repairs started in 2011 building completely refurbished.

During the repair was performed strengthening structures of the building, replaced all communications (sewerage, water supply, ventilation, light, heat), mounted fire alarm. After much work on the landscaping around the clinic. For the convenience of visitors undeveloped area for parking.   Clinic is fully computerized. Acquired a significant number of new medical equipment, including digital x-ray machine, equipment for ultrasound

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Our family tradition

Creating a new family unit and all Slavic Aryan Clans had all historical times is very important, because every family unit — a continuation of life and the existence of the ancient clans of the Great Race, and all descendent of heaven.

Keep your family union, blessed by gods, in the timehappy and sad at the time, and may help you

Gods of Light, and will multiply your generations old.

More children will be in your Rodach, the more love, Joy and happiness will remain in your Rodach, for your children strengthen your generations and lead them

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In the Novgorod region increases fertility

As reported by the Committee of Vital Records Novgorod region, January-July 2013 the region has registered 4,239 newborn babies, up 97 children or 2.3% compared to the same period in 2012.

In July 2013 registered 752 newborn babies, this month became the most fruitful for the birth rate in the current year. 52% of the newborns — the boys, 48% — girls. This year, 80 registered the birth of twins.  

Thanks to the measures of state and regional support for families with children in the families of area residents was born more than

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In the Novgorod region up to 8 months, a marked increase in the birth rate

According to the Committee of the registrar Novgorod region, January-August 2013 came to light 4908 children, 67 infants or toddlers by 1.3% compared to the same period last year. Compared to last year, the number of second, third and subsequent children in families is becoming more and accounts for 57% of the total number of live births (in 2012 this figure was 52.9%).

In three of the most popular names among newborn boys Artem, Alexander, Ivan, girls parents often called Daria, Anastasia, or Barbara.

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