After the operation, the mother had forgotten children


Tumor 34-year-old Englishwoman removed, as it turned out, along with the memory of her daughter. And amnesia is concerned only children. All the rest of her life she remembers. Keren Wallace remembers that gave birth to and raised her two daughters.

The woman was discovered by a benign tumor in the brain, and the doctors insisted on its removal. When Wallace awoke from anesthesia, it was found that, along with swelling of her brain had disappeared … memories of the children.

Keren husband found out at once, and found his home, family —

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In Makhachkala, has opened a new children’s garden

New Year's holidays City Hall managed to open a new municipal pre-school educational institution outside Irchi Kazak, designed for 10 groups totaling 250 children.


Opening the event, the mayor Said Amirov said: "The builders have worked well, now on the site of the old kindergarten, we see the updated building and the new building. Built a new kitchen, sports and music halls, all the conditions for the convenience of children and teachers. "

Give children the right to make a mistake!

Last call at school — always a holiday. "Victory Day" — as the teachers say. But as you know, this day, and with tears in his eyes. Anxiety for the future of children, lack of mental and physical preparation for the future, and above all in knowledge.

Abbreviations that are "afraid" of modern students (CSE GIA) added import "comrade." PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) — tests and are considered an indicator of quality in the world of education. Russian students in the end are far from a leading place in the league table. And not because they are less

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At the Mariinsky (Kemerovo region) has opened a new day care center for up to 200 people

This is the second stand-alone pre-school educational institution in Mariinsk. The cost of construction of the kindergarten was 203 million rubles, including from the regional budget allocated 173 million rubles.

"Happy island" created all necessary conditions for the development of creative and athletic abilities in children. For example, there are two rooms (music, sports) and a swimming pool. This is the first in the Mariinsky's kindergarten, where children will learn to swim. Kindergarten is equipped with comfortable and safe furniture, toys new generation. Party rooms are also comfortable and safe: sustainable group equipment and furniture are age appropriate

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Manipulation: The infusion of false memory


Sometimes, watching TV, we wonder: does anyone believe this nonsense? Alas, they believe. Virtually every invention finds some part of the audience uncritically receptive all she inspired.

But it seems that the situation is even worse: it turns out human memory is arranged in such a way that it can be made even distorted information that the person knows himself, in person, and he will be unable to distinguish the real from the fictitious incident.

The first experiments on the implantation of false memory held in the 90's of last century, Elizabeth Loftus. She handed

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In Malgobek (Ingushetia) opened a new school

In Malogbeke the opening ceremony of the modern school for 704 pupils, built with the money from the state budget.

The school, built on an individual project, consists of two sports and assembly halls for 400 people where you can organize conferences, even the Russian level. Classrooms are equipped with the latest technology.

Provides space for choreographic studio, sewing workshop for girls, workshops, in which there are multi-joiner and lathe machines, two computer labs, clinics, study of art, where there are special tables for drawing. In the school there is room for technical staff, spacious rooms for leisure, laboratory,

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In Maikop opened a new kindergarten for 240 places

September 7, at the City Day celebrations in Maikop, the grand opening of a new kindergarten number 16 "Cornflower" with 240 seats, built in Kuzhorskogo move.

Kindergarten "Cornflower", the erection of which cost more than 120 million rubles, became their largest and most welcome gift. There are all conditions for comfortable stay of children who are in compliance with the requirements of: spacious bedrooms, game rooms, music and sports halls, catering department, laundry, medical office. Installed a new children's furniture, and adjacent to the kindergarten area appeared fabulous mini-camps.

This is the third pre-school, built on the latest

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In Maikop (Adygea) opened fitness center

Today in Maikop opened a fitness center, whose construction nachachlos in the 2010m year.

A two-storey complex with two swimming pools for children (10×6) and adults (25h16), as well as a gym, a warm-up, changing rooms, medical rooms, spectator stands, showers and a cafeteria designed for competitions, swimming and fitness classes. One-time bandwidth pool for adults is 64 people, and children — 20 people.

FOCA cost of about 3.5 million square meters. m amounted to more than 167 million rubles allocated from the state as well as federal budgets.


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In Magnitogorsk, opened just two kindergartens

More than a hundred kids today, in a symbolic holiday, took their seats in the new nursery.

Two new children's garden at the following addresses: pr.Karla Marx, 8 and ul.Nesterova, 19, residents of the surrounding areas are really looking forward to. Existing building, formerly owned by municipal organizations, began in September last year.

Before the eyes of the audience at the festival opened updates made by European standards and kindergartens. The total cost of the work amounted to more than 60 million rubles of the city budget. In each garden there are game rooms, music and sports

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About patchwork sling, in which children were

One of the most ancient images of patchwork sling, in which children were relates to I millennium BC It was found in the tomb Montuemhata, high priest of the god Amun, in western Thebes, along with other images of women living at the time. I must say that at the time (~ 720g. BC) in Egypt women's rights — the daughter of Pharaoh, "the wife of God."

Subsequent references to the sling is at the beginning of the XIII century — the threshold of the Renaissance. The frescoes in the Arena Chapel del Padua (1304-1306) Florentine painter and

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