The connection between mental health problems in school children and their date of birth



The connection between mental health problems in school children and their date of birth

21.11.03, the


  According to what the scientists at King's College London (King's College London), children born in the last semester of the school year often suffer from neuropsychiatric disorders such as hyperactivity and attention disorder than those born in the first semester. The

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Fukushimas face it, all of Gods dew

Almost 36% of children in Fukushima Prefecture were diagnosed abnormal growths on the thyroid gland, although doctors say that there is no connection between these diseases and the accident at the Fukushima nuclear ustonovki at Dai-Ichi in March last year there.

The sixth report of the Office of Health of Fukushima prefecture, released in April, included a survey of 38,114 children, of whom 35.3 percent — that is about 13,460 children — were found cysts and nodules up to 5 mm (0.197 in.) on the thyroid gland.

Still at 0.5 per cent, u186 young people nodules were detected over

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News from the education sector

ICE and FBI special services detained more than a dozen pedophiles to molest students directly to the school walls. And one of the detainees for years shooting movies in the classrooms.

Independent organizations have once again called teachers of New York among the worst in the country, noting the stable low student achievement. Moreover, the school staff has repeatedly incriminating in roughness and physical abuse. Even the most respectable nerves were frayed.

In the city of East Norport security services detained a local resident Willard Lanherma who stole from the Department of Education $ 1.7 million. By stealing public

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In New Zealand beauty contest among the dead possums

The initiator of the competition was the local school, and the participants, respectively, of its students. More than 120 children provided the public with a variety of exposure dressed up dead animals. In this children's fantasy played out in earnest: possums appeared in a variety of images — from boxer to sunbathing on the beach. And some animals have even been painted claws.

In the end, the winners were the three most creative children: Hannah Harrison (in the category of up to 6 years), Lydia Hansen (in the category of 6 to 9 years) and Levi Oksenhem (in

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Seksprosvet in Switzerland

Creepy movie about the Russian translation seksprosvet in Switzerland. Some of the "psychologists" believe that the children in the classroom useful even watch pornography. Child they have — it's a sexual being. Excerpts from the "Standards of sex education in Europe." This document has been translated into Russian. The film analyzes why there is the sexualization of children, we discuss the role of Alfred Kinsey, who became the "father" of seksprosveta about how this "father" of gathering material for his research, being a masochist and lover of sexual experimentation, including sex with children. His victim, a little

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As the men of France fought against fascism

After the liberation of German-occupied territories of European countries, thousands of women who are in relationships with German soldiers and officers who have been exposed to humiliating and brutal executions at the hands of their fellow citizens.

The most actively pursued their French counterparts. Wrath of the lesion, the long years of occupation, secession, liberated France vented on these girls. Next 20 pictures.

The campaign to identify and massacre of collaborators, called "L'épuration sauvage", about 30,000 women suspected of having links with the Germans, were subjected to public humiliation.

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Every third inhabitant of Namibia face hunger due to drought

August 13, 2013. The strongest over the past 30 years, drought struck the country in Southern Africa. According to weather forecasts, rainfall in Namibia in the near future is expected. Nearly a third of the population, according to the UN, is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.

The UN estimates that more than 700 thousand people in Namibia could face food shortages, reports Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. Among them — more than 100 million children under five years of age.

"We are faced with the most severe drought in decades, some areas of the country are in a critical

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Welcome to the Swedish paradise

For those who still believe in the fairy tale of the "civilized West", we offer a small but true story about the life of one of its northern territories — in Sweden. We have time to grow up and get rid of illusions imposed by "neighbors" …

In the post-Soviet republics is widely believed about the West as the only heavenly place on earth. This belief is embodied in various forms, ranging from a dream "to see Paris — and die," the desire of parents to send their children to get an education abroad or to stay in a

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RusHydro equips the Stavropol Territory playgrounds

Playground RusHydro

The implementation of the charitable program JSC "RusHydro" "Clean Energy for children Stavropol". At the beginning of April this year, Set 107 playgrounds St. George, Ipatovsk, Grachevsky, Petrovsky, Izobilnenskaya, Krasnogvardejskiy areas of the Stavropol Territory. Ends installation of children's villages in Novoaleksandrovsk, Trunovskogo and Turkmen areas, and then begin to Kochubeyevo, Novoselytsya and Blagodarnenskogo areas of the province.

The program was launched in the autumn of 2011, when Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "RusHydro" Yevgeny Dod, Governor of Stavropol Territory Valery Gajewski and director of the

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Sweden has started to eliminate the use of the words He and She

The sensation was the introduction of the Swedish school Egalia into use pronouns hen, superseding the traditional "he» (han) and "it» (hon).

The word spread, and has recently been reported in the online version of the national encyclopedia. Gradually begin to use it and Swedish media, notes Zelt.

For example, a lineman who calls in Egalia, to repair electrical wiring, called the hen, the children did not think fixer — exclusively male profession. In kindergarten, there are no books to traditional tales, which also impose boys and girls stereotypes about princes and princesses. It is the same with toys: dolls

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