Rehabilitation Center opened in Khabarovsk Krai

Rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities appeared in a bikini. Center has 30 beds in the hospital day and night stay and 25 per shift to full-time students.


On the establishment of the center of regional and federal budgets spent more than 170 million. In general, from the regional budget in 2011, funding for social infrastructure edge was more than three and a half billion rubles.

Social adaptation plays an important role in the lives of children with disabilities. Experts in the field of speech, physical activity, physical therapy will help children recover

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About 2 thousand kindergartens will be opened in 2012 in the Russian Federation

A minimum of two thousand kindergartens will be built or reconstructed in 2012 in Russia, said on Thursday during a multimedia video conference Moscow — St. Petersburg RIA Novosti State Duma deputy, president of the All-Russian public organization "Russian Educators" Ekaterina Semenova.


"At least two thousand kindergartens have to be reconstructed or created new ones, except this will open additional pre-school groups in schools," — said Semyonov. She added that in 2011 returned, rebuilt or opened about three thousand pre-school, one and a half years more than 800,000 children were places in kindergartens.

According to

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Now it is not so scary

Ural doctors, researchers have created a technological system to help children with cancer. As a result, mortality in the Sverdlovsk region has become one of the lowest in the Russian Federation


Larissa Fechina "I our clinic rightfully ready to call the scientific and practical center"

In Larissa Fechina tenacious doctor look at it — a good radiant eyes. In face, manners shine through stress and anxiety profession, although she hides them for doctoral correctness. Every day, she is forced to look into the eyes of the parents of terminally ill children and inspire professional exploits

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A new kindergarten for 250 places open to children and the closed section Uzhur Sunny (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

Built to the latest standards and meets all modern requirements of kindergarten "Star" is designed for 250 children.

On three floors of the building are rooms for groups of 12, the offices of the medical staff and administration, a music room, a gym and even a computer lab. Ready to work easting and laundry room, lift facilities. And that babies do not feel cold feet, the floors on the first floor are heated. [

In the Arkhangelsk region opened a new kindergarten

The problem is to ensure that children in pre-school education Borok Vinogradovsky District of the Arkhangelsk region was a pressing one for several years. And on November 1 was a joyful event — the opening of a new children‘s garden "KOLOSOK."


Administration of the municipality "Vinogradovsky municipal district" were involved in budgetary and extra-budgetary resources to address the problem. And now a new, beautiful, bright kindergarten building was put into operation.

At the ceremony the head of the district Nadia Vinogradovsky Kraeva announced gratitude entrepreneur Alexander Fomin, who made a great contribution to the

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In Khabarovsk, opened a new kindergarten

In a residential neighborhood, "Builder" put kindergarten "The Mansion" with 95 seats.


Kindergarten in the district of "Builder" is built together with the Government and the edge of the City as part of the regional program "State support of the municipal pre-school education in the Khabarovsk region in the years 2011-1013". The estimated cost of the work amounted to about 130 million rubles, of which 54 million — funds of the regional budget.


According to the Governor of Khabarovsk Territory Vyacheslav Shport, will soon be handed over three more kindergartens — in

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Tell them NO: fireworks!

Preparing for the New Year holidays, entering the active phase. Buy firecrackers it becomes an indispensable attribute. If you want to contribute to the ecology of the planet — do not engage in it! Do not support this vicious business, do not keep the lovers of this empty and dirty fun. Go outside and with all the strength babahnut, startling sky, stars, birds, small children — well, is not this fun? If some person such primitive fun amuses and entertains, it only shows a low level of its spiritual culture. I wonder what people think of stars, looking at the

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In Zhukovsky orphanage opened a new modern pool

In "Zhukovsky sanatorium children‘s home for orphans and children left without parental care" (Bryansk region) is now 125 pupils. All of them suffer from serious chronic lung disease. These children are particularly indicated water treatments. But do these doctors’ recommendations became possible only now, after the discovery of the children’s home pool.

The pool is equipped with the most modern equipment for cleaning and ultraviolet disinfection. Hundreds of thousands of rubles for the reconstruction and equipping of pool marked "Main Oil Pipelines" Druzhba ", which has long been a patron of the children‘s home.

The traditional red ribbon on

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Bezrukov film about Russian fairytale heroes makes its way to the viewer


What to do if your sister stole evil scum? Today, few of the children could correctly answer this simple question. But our grandparents knew exactly: you need to find a good defenders, warriors and … forward to a fairy tale. So does Sasha schoolboy Bogatirev of the new film by Sergei Bezrukov "The real fairy tale."

However, he faces one unforeseen problem — fairy tales anymore. In the fairy tale characters, nobody believes fairy tales do not write about them, and they go out of desperation in our lives. Codnim condition — no one needs to

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Unique kindergarten was opened in Vladivostok

October 6, in a solemn ceremony Territory Governor Sergei Darkin and the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, cut the red ribbon opening the new modern kindergarten in a residential neighborhood, "Snow Pad". Preschool called "Tiger" is ready to take 240 kids.


Such kindergartens in Vladivostok is not built. Large in size and spacious, it is markedly different from the usual kindergarten buildings. In addition to a modern design and the use of new building materials, it has a real zest, invented by designers.


For example, in groups large floor to ceiling stained

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