In Yamal opened a unique region for children’s medical complex

September 12 opened its doors to the first patients to the new hospital complex in Yamal Labytnangi.

The grand opening of the children’s clinic — the first stage of children’s hospital complex in Labytnangi — took place last Saturday. Residents and medical staff with a welcome gift, which was timed to the Day of the city, has congratulated the governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin. After the head of the region, together with the chief physician clinics cut the red ribbon, and the head doctor builders handed over the symbolic key to the building, the governor and the guests

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Modern planetarium opened in a school in Vladivostok

Each student is now able to Vladivostok "to go into space." Unforgettable "flight into the universe," he will be able to make a unique digital planetarium.

The only one of its kind and the most modern planetarium was opened in the city school number 6. He has no equal as far as Moscow. Planetarium in the attic of the school was equipped room with a hemispherical dome-screen that special equipment is projecting a starry sky, the sun, the moon, all the planets in the solar system.

The printed image is voluminous and very naturalistic. There is

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In Khakassia opened a new school


September 1, its doors to students of the village Trinity Bogradsky district opened a new school. Under one roof, the school is located at 160 seats and a children‘s day care center with 40 seats. And if the construction of the garden is still ongoing (left to complete the finishing work, pass the kindergarten is scheduled for November), the village of Trinity students their first day of school had a brand new school.


Today went to school 80 pupils — this young inhabitants of the Trinity, as well as the nearby villages —

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In Perm, the exhibition Look, it’s — NANO

The exhibition "Look, it’s — NANO" takes place in the framework of Days of nanotechnology 1 to September 30 at the Museum of Modern Art PERMM. It is organized by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs RUSNANO and the Perm edge in order to promote scientific research in the field of nanotechnology, new solutions, which are already used in everyday life.


The exhibition was opened by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Perm Territory Elena Gilyazova and Culture Minister Nikolai Beginners. For the first time the exhibition was visited by over 200 people.

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Ostriches. Oleg Vereshchagin

Police revealed details of the operation, during which the Yekaterinburg was detained by a group of pimps who traded child, frame-real time images were shocking proof of guilt — in front of the detention of men spent their time in the company of naked children, and the operation itself was preceded by a test purchases, where the product was 15 year-old child, and he asked for 30,000 rubles.

The footage, taken a few minutes after the arrest of suspects, it is clear that in the apartment, except for adult males are still seven children. All — boys aged 9 to

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In Kemerovo school opened a new generation

Today, in the district of "Southern" Condo Kemerovo region inaugurated a new school — № 14 — to 825 seats.


This is a school with a new generation of digital technology. At its construction and equipment spent 513 million rubles. The building is divided into four sections with separate entrances. In one of them — the elementary school. In another — assembly, dining and sports halls and catering department, tennis and fitness facilities. There is a school room and a room for "prodlenki" with soft items and educational games. Two computer and two language laboratories equipped

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In the Altai region built a new village school

1 September in the village of Keys Tyumentsevskaya Altai Region will open a new school. Spent for the construction of 67 million rubles from the regional budget.


Previously, students were engaged in an old building dating back to the 1920s. It was too small, even though the classes were held in two shifts. The new school is designed for 90 students. September 1, new classes of 82 students will come.


Teachers are happy that the school will create all conditions for teaching children new techniques. Physics, chemistry and natural science are equipped

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In Yekaterinburg opened on an experimental low-rise village

The grand opening of the experimental low-rise village Svetlorechensky held at Thursday, July 14, 2011, in the south-western outskirts of Yekaterinburg in the Ural International Exhibition "Innoprom 2011".

The settlement Svetlorechensky — a model of organization and practical implementation of advanced building technologies in the field of low-rise housing. This area of housing construction in Yekaterinburg, which is in line with the Strategic Development Plan of the city, is one of the priorities. Administration of Yekaterinburg attracted to the realization Svetlorechensky half dozen of the most experienced and reputable builders.

Each company selected to participate in the

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Schedule over the world by 2020

So you do not relax, always remember which end of the world in which year will take place, according to the forecasts of the world: 2008 — run of the mill end of the world — will fall to earth asteroid more than 800 meters and the known consequences of such children. 2009 — according to the transcripts Centuries of Nostradamus by Peter Laurie, this year’s Armageddon. dubious end of the world. [cut] 2010 — run out of oil and the world will swallow a war for resources. Another promise that the Earth turns away from the sun — "where

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Children’s Railway was longer

July 12, 2011. Small October Railway yesterday was longer than 10 kilometers. For the first time in Russian children’s railway has received the second branch — at the other end of town.

For the first time specifically for the children’s railway has been designed and built a new locomotive TU-10. Alice Magluy was the first of a new locomotive engineer, who was named "Hummingbird" The project to build the children’s railway appeared in Leningrad Pioneer Palace before the war, but to build a track from Ozerkov to the Old Village was only by 1948. Small October

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