On Sakhalin, starts a new project Eureka — a way to success!

In the Sakhalin region launched a new educational project "Eureka" — road to success. "

Its main goal — to support the development of gifted children and the interest of the students to the island of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. The project will be funded through a grant provided by "ENL" (ENL).

The project work will be organized in several priority areas: professional development of teachers, equipping schools with modern equipment, a special training program for children with special abilities to the study of the exact sciences, with the consequent possibility of training in the leading universities

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Pupils of the fifth element

Sociologists believe that the number of gifted children has increased

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In the Public Chamber held a plenary zasedenie, which discussed the "social portrait of the Russian youth." And where were read reports containing data of large-scale studies of schoolchildren. The purpose of research, commissioned by the House — to draw attention to the problem of education and the formation of moral values in the modern school. The main conclusion of scientists — the children have changed. In fact, all have long said that the children were different. But no one could answer more fully the question:

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Adoption in Russia

In 2009, the trend of reducing the number of children without parental care identified during the year.

The structure of adoption in 2009

In 2004, it looked like this:

In 2004, foreign citizens adopted in 1.3 more children than the Russians. In 2009, the Russians adopted 2.3 times more children than foreign citizens!

As citizens of Russia are considered first for adoption, then bolshinsvo infants remain in the country. (Newborn Russians give 24 times more often than foreigners)

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Invasion of the Clones

Part 2. Domestic Notes

Abused childhood

Let us talk about the sport. Since he is now "on the rise".

We need to remember that the modern sport — the so-called sport of high achievement — has nothing to do with the physical health of the nation. Moreover, it will cripple even those who breaks into it.

Sport has become a subject not even national, but rather a perverse pride in the club, a factory for the sale of specially grown elite stallions and mares with a short-lived age of material filled with meaningless nennym run for records that are

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GAZ Group is actively involved in the project to ensure the new Russian school buses

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The program, jointly implemented "GAZ Group" and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, the automaker has put 325 buses "PAZ" for Russian schools. Total cost of equipment was about 360 million rubles. All buses are fully consistent with GOST 51160-98 "Buses to transport children. Technical requirements. " Each bus: designed for 22 seats (20 seats for children and two adults); equipped with emergency buttons to the driver, special seats with seat belts, shelves for backpacks; equipped with internal and external loud-speaker installations; has a special device opposing the movement with open doors and limits the speed

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This Indian Chief Seattle in 1854

Great Chief in Washington announces that he wishes to buy our land. Great Chief also sends us a message of friendship and goodwill. He is very kind, for we know that our friendship — too small price to pay for its location. However, we think over your proposal, because they understand that if you do not sell the land, paleface come with guns and take away its power. How can you buy a sky or ground heat? This idea is not clear to us. If we did not manage the freshness of the air and splashes of water, how can

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Think of Russian fairy tales. Magic Carpet, seven-league boots, apple on a plate showing the distant lands … The old dream come true. The plane, a car, a TV, computer. What a dream baby today? Things that surround us, once found only in fairy tales, then they appeared in the dreams, and only then, then things become. Create a children‘s fairy tale dream, a dream to create the future. The fact that today you will tell or read to your child, twenty years will make it a programmer or a clown, a physicist and inventor, a doctor or an astronomer.

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Carousel and outdoor fitness for children: Cheboksary plant received a national award

Cheboksary playing sports equipment ROMANA awarded the national prize "Golden Bear" in the framework of the V International specialized exhibition of goods for kids’ toy / Start Life 2011 ". The jury recognized the series of children’s sports complexes "Carousel" winner in the category "Best sports equipment." A little earlier products Cheboksary plant ROMANA appreciated at the international exhibition "Sport -2011", held in Moscow on March 9-11.

At the company say that the exhibited outdoor fitness — new factory, creating the game and sports equipment for children for 12 years.

opening of the first street simulator sites in

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Baby food products are more dangerous for adults

On the eve of International Children’s Day were published evidence that foods intended for children are not safe for their health. British scientists from the University of Southampton is required to prohibit the use of the products of artificial food dyes because they cause "hyperactivity" in children. And just finished the 57th Assembly of the World Health Organization concluded that the rate of obesity in children is much higher than in adults [cut] kids get fat before your eyes Why WHO experts, doctors and nutritionists seriously took up the food, it is clear : fattens humanity together. The epidemic has

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In Astrakhan, opened a new kindergarten for 240 places

In Astrakhan, the grand opening of the new children‘s garden, which was built and donated to the city by "LUKOIL". The three-storey building with a total area of over 11,000 square meters staffed with the latest technology: it has a swimming pool and a modern gym.

The kindergarten equipped with several places for sports such as biking trails, as well as more than a dozen sites with grass and sand and gravel for active play. Dance and sports facilities, a computer lab, as well as 13 group rooms and nurseries room — modern kindergarten expected to take

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