Because of the scandalous case suspended the activities of some Irish charities

After nedavneshnego trial 52-year-old resident of the county Voterford John Pepardam activities of these groups became closely teach Irish criminal police. On the days of the district tribunal condemned Voterford John Peparda 18 months bullpen for pornographic pictures of underage kids Gomel and put him on the list of persons to be often occur in forensic psychologists. Chernobyl longtime volunteer forbidden to take in your own home juvenile children.How are we on discussions with large Irish charities — Chernobyl Children’s Project International (CCPI) and Chernobyl Children» s Appeal, John Pepard acted as independent Chernobyl volunteer. Since the mid-90s, he attended

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Irish charity CCPI movement asks not to refuse him their confidence

Since the mid 1990s, this 52-year-old owner of a small shop in the county tsukerkavay Voterford activist and local motion Chernobyl "Chernobyl Children» s Appeal" perceived in his own house underage boys from Khoyniki district and used them for pornographic pictures .CCPI Management states that the main goal of the project is to help the victims of radiation, in other words not the healthiest Belarusian children in the realization of its own common rights to life."All of our friends and activists who every year take in their own homes about a thousand Belarusian kids pass the most stringent inspection by

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Ireland is trying to return to the departure Belarusian kids healthy

According to the newspaper Irish Times, Irish Minister said that the following week from Moscow to Minsk salting Ireland arrive in Russia and Belarus. He will try to convince unions to cancel the international ban on baby healthy. The Minister said that the Irish government absolutely supports the activities of the Irish Chernobyl Children’s Project International (CCPI), which conducts these trips, and Minsk is ready to provide guarantees and arguments in favor of the continuation of the applets.Irish Minister considers Chernobyl Children’s Project International "a beautiful example of charity and in the eyes of the Irish samaahvyarnastsi international public.""We very

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Pupils of the fifth element

Sociologists believe that the number of gifted children has increased


In the Public Chamber held a plenary zasedenie, which discussed the "social portrait of the Russian youth." And where were read reports containing data of large-scale studies of schoolchildren. The purpose of research, commissioned by the House — to draw attention to the problem of education and the formation of moral values in the modern school. The main conclusion of scientists — the children have changed. In fact, all have long said that the children were different. But no one could answer more fully the question:

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School of Rostov region received 57 buses

Keys and documents to the new car to school principals handed deputy governor of the Rostov region, Igor Guskov. Buses set off in 17 municipalities and Neklinovsky boarding school with initial flight training to them. Fourth Krosnoznamennoy Air Army.

"We have a village school, a lot of farms. On the drive up the — 127 people, 6 routes. Some children live within 11 km from the school. We need these buses are air ", — said the director of a secondary school in the district Neklinovsky Barbara Bezuglova. "We need the security of schools — 100%. We have about 900

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Maritime school received 40 new buses


December 27 at the central square of Vladivostok solemnly handed over the party school buses municipal educational institutions of Primorye. Keys and documents of new transport handed Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Eugene Ovechkin and vice-governor of Primorsky Krai Love Drozdov.

Buses worth over 55 million rubles purchased within the modernization of the system of general education of Primorsky Krai. They are designed to supply about 900 children from 65 villages of Primorye. The new school transport comply with all technical requirements for the transport of children. Each bus is equipped with software and hardware

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School of Leningrad and Novgorod region received new buses

Keys to the 39 new school buses PAZ 32053-70 to 22 seats awarded to heads of educational institutions of the Leningrad region.

This transport will transport children and teachers from remote areas to places of study and work. As the new school year, 163 municipal educational establishments will be operated by 204 school buses that carry out supply 5,520 children.

12 school buses PAZ — 32053-70 on 22 seats purchased for educational institutions Krestetsky, Lyubytinskogo, Novgorod, Pestovskogo, Khvoininsky, Holmskogo Shimsky and municipal districts of Novgorod region.

Last week, the Novgorod region has

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Trans-Baikal school received new buses

Today, 25 September, in Chita on Lenin Square solemn transfer of school buses to educational institutions regions Trans-Baikal region. Total received 38 cars

School of Trans-Baikal region received 38 new buses PAZ acquired by funds from the federal budget as part of a package of measures to modernize the general education. Earlier in the school districts have already passed vehicles for transportation of school children."We already had a bus, but old. Now that's got a new one, will take children to school and to the competition. In total, our school has 192 children, "- said the director general school usharbayskoy

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School number 12 Kazan opened in a new building

Kazan Secondary School number 12, "Mishpahteynu", also known in Kazan as "Jewish." For the new school year educational institution has received a new additional building, making it more comfortable conditions for students and teachers.

School number 12, located in the heart of Kazan, on ul.Mardzhani near a lake Kaban special. In addition to the compulsory subjects of the state educational standards in the subjects taught her so-called Jewish cycle: Hebrew, history, literature, geography and traditions of the state of Israel.

At the same time, the educational institution is international, it teaches children of different nationalities.

How to tell

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Six large families Irkutsk region have new vans

Six large families today received new cars. Keys to the minivan "Gazelle" was handed the chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region Lyudmila Berlin, Deputy Prime Minister Valentina Voblikova Irkutsk region.

Families were winners of the regional competition for the provision of motor transport (minibus) to large families with eight or more children, including bringing up orphans and children left without parental care. Cars purchased under long-term program of the Irkutsk region "Social Assistance Irkutsk region" for 2009-2013. For this purpose from the regional budgets were allocated 4 million. Machines have large families of Shelekhov,

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