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Russian programmers have created a solution for records management


Russian programmers have released an unusual software solution to create and manage electronic queues in kindergartens. Zest software is that development has virtually zero cost and is distributed under an open source license. According to the developers, their design allows you to save "billions", as commercial such systems are quite expensive.

The developed software for the past two years working in Chelyabinsk and any citizen can carefully examine the public information about the distribution of children by garden and, in the case of violations, to complain to the right place. "We do this not for personal

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We want to protect our children from this information

Vladimir Putin has asked European countries not to interfere in the internal politics of Russia in matters relating to the organizations financed from abroad, and a ban on gay propaganda. The Head of State said at a news conference during a visit to Finland.

Putin explained to reporters that with the Russian NGO law wants to protect their political activities from outside interference. The President noted that similar laws apply in the United States and India — with the only difference being that the Russian law is more liberal.

Commenting on the law on

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Water sports complex opened in Nevelsk (Sakhalin region).

Modern water sports complex "Dolphin" was opened in Nevelsk. Its main feature — the presence of the pool, which residents have long dreamed of. Another remarkable — water, its uniqueness is that it is half fresh, half sea.

— At the same time, we can take up to nine people. Pool length is 14.5 meters, width — 8 meters. The depth varies from 1.5 to 1.8 meters, — said the director of the technical characteristics of water-sports complex "Dolphin" Sergei Soldatkin.

Machinery for preparing, cleaning and recycling water pool owners purchased in South Korea. With

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Parenting in Lithuanian: an orphanage for a stern look parent

  Lithuanian MPs are preparing to adopt the amendments to the Law on the Rights of the Child, which will allow social services to remove children from families at a glance strict parent or cry. Do all in Lithuania agree with such rigor in relation to parents, the reporter found the "Voice of Russia"  


"My home — my castle" — this postulate in Lithuania is no longer relevant. The government is increasingly beginning to intrude into the affairs of the family. The country has a half years, the law "On protection from violence

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The birth rate in Russia has grown by almost 30%

25 years, the country experienced severe demographic pressures. Last baby-boom, there was in the Soviet times as much in the late 80s. Quarter of a century has passed, and the birth rate began to increase just now, and, with a rate that nobody had expected. 

"Since the introduction of the" maternity capital "birth rate in Russia has grown by almost 30%. Such data on the radio station "Echo of Moscow" has led the Minister of Labour and Social Development Maxim Topilin. According to him, experts still argue, is directly linked to the two events. But all

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In Volgodonsk renovated a children’s hospital

In Volgodonsk renovated Children‘s Hospital opened. Repairs are not held for more than 30 years. It was once a dormitory slaughterhouse. Then the room was used as a hospital. On the first floor there are administrative offices, fizeoterapiya and X-ray room, on the second — the clinic, and the third and the fourth was given to the somatic and neurological department. For the time being, patients and doctors have moved 4 times.

For the year builders overhauled water supply, ventilation, drainage and installed 60 air conditioners. All wards and rooms painted in bright colors: purple, yellow and green.

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In Krasnoyarsk opened playground

In Krasnoyarsk, completed the reconstruction of children’s playground at Kutch (in the street. USSR Constitution). According to the department gorhozyaystva, reconstruction took 46 million rubles.

From the past children’s town-fortress was only the "old castle", which has been renovated. Previously there a fountain. From the fountains, which were originally designed on the sides of the fortress, it was also decided to give up. They were replaced by flower beds, surrounded granite.

The project is located on an area of 1.5 ha: area of the town will be divided into 4 zones for children of different

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In Abakan (Khakassia) opened a new body art school

The second school building urban children’s art school opened on 19 June in the capital of Khakassia. The three-storey building accommodates eight modern studios and will accommodate all who wish to study fine art.


Now the school is engaged in several hundred children and adults, so the new audience it needs. The uniqueness of the building is the structure itself: windows, in fact — the glass walls allow maximum use of natural light in the classroom. A technical innovation — modern fixtures — can create a light, similar to sunlight, a long Siberian night.



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In p.Tazovsky (Yamal) built a new kindergarten

Kindergarten for 240 places in the village Taz adopted in the Committee of the State Construction Supervision. Construction work at the site began in January 2012. By now, after all the construction and installation, commissioning, landscaping.  The general contractor for the project is the group of construction companies’ IPOs. "In the building housed kindergarten classrooms, gym, music and sports halls, swimming pool. In preschool educational institution are places for children with mental retardation and impaired speech.

Another kindergarten GSK "VIS" builds in Noyabr’sk. This two-story building, designed for 120 children with a medical unit, music and

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In Anapa (Krasnodar Territory) opened a new children’s sanatorium Radiant

As part of sanatorium-resort complex "Pearl of Russia" has opened a new comfortable body with its own medical facilities.

Along with the opening of the new summer season in the health-improving complex "Pearl of Russia" the other day and noted the discovery of a new children’s sanatorium in the health resort. Now, to sanatoriums "Sun", "Space", "seaside", "Falcon" and "Slav" was added one more — "Radiant".

Built on the beach, three-story building is striking not only comfortable triple rooms for children, but also modern medical facilities. It offers young patients mass of various treatment rooms,

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