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In Voronezh, opened a children’s dialysis center

The opening of the center took place in Voronezh. Opened a center actor and member of the Board of Trustees of care and protection of children and adolescents "We are together." The center will work on the basis of the regional children’s hospital number 1.

The center will be treated free of charge children with chronic renal failure.

"It’s a great thing. When the Fund’s intention was to create for the year 50 such centers, I do not believe it’s real. And now we discover is the 25th center. It’s great that we were able to solve this challenge!

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1.4 million people gathered for a rally in France against gay marriage.

The French once again came out to protest against the bill "Marriage for All", which involves not only the legalization of gay unions, but also allows same-sex couples to adopt children. The initiative is approved in the lower house of parliament (National Assembly), in April, it will consider the Senate.

Sunday’s protest was held in the heart of the French capital — near the Arc de Triomphe, writes Liberation. According to the organizers, it was attended by about 1.4 million people. Police leads smaller numbers — about 300,000 people. The participants chanted slogans about protecting the traditional

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In Aleksandrovsk opened a new kindergarten

Kindergarten "The Mansion" in g.Aleksandrovske-Sakhalinsk opened its doors for the kids. Attend pre-school educational institution will be able to 95 children aged 1.5 to 7 years.

The opening of this facility was made possible by the implementation of the regional program "Ensuring the availability of pre-school education in the Sakhalin Region, 2011-2015.". The construction of the kindergarten of the regional and local budgets have been allocated more than 192 million rubles.

The project of the building of the kindergarten № 3 "Mansion" unusual. In each group, there are large and bright, walking veranda. Infrastructure kindergarten

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In the village. Volodarskogo Moscow region opened a kindergarten for 120 places

On March 27, in the Leninsky district of the Moscow metro area (s / n Volodarskoe) opened a new kindergarten "Masha". Modern two-storey building is designed for groups of 6 and 120 children.

In kindergarten, a sports and music halls equipped with the necessary equipment, a medical unit, administrative and technical facilities. Nutrition unit, which works only for raw materials, will provide children a healthy diet. A separate plot of land with a fence on which there are shady canopies, playground, sandbox, houses, slides for children.


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Children’s homes in the Ivanovo region filled with 30-50% of the target


The meeting of the Government of the Ivanovo region on March 19 was devoted to measures of state policy in the sphere of protection of orphans and children left without parental care.

As noted by the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Khasbulatova, in recent years the priority of the complex social sphere was a device orphaned children in the family. Significant progress has been made: Now in 74.5% of orphans live in homes. Children at home (and there are in the region of 15) are filled with 30-50% of its planned capacity.  "We constantly hear how other

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Gays have raged

Protesters against the law on same-sex marriage in Paris dispersed with tear gas

Hundreds of thousands of people — conservative activists, children, senior citizens and priests — took to the streets of Paris, thus expressing their opposition to the bill on "Marriage for All".

March 25, 2013, 02:39

Last month, the lower house of the French parliament adopted a law allowing marriage and same-sex couples to adopt children, the document is now pending in the Senate. In both houses dominated by the Socialist Party President Francois Hollande.

The people at the

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In Surgut, a new independent theater

In Surgut, a new independent theater.  

Theatre actor and Dolls "Petrushka" withdrew from the city of Surgut Philharmonic and begins to "float freely".   The status of an independent organization to children’s theater was 20 years old, steadfastly experiencing the worst of times — and when half the team was not in the building to rehearse and give performances, and when six months had no money to pay salaries. The theater is not broken up. On the contrary, the difficulty of him even more united, writes "Surgut platform."

Now, "Petrushka" at the threshold of

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In Maikop (Adygea) opened fitness center

Today in Maikop opened a fitness center, whose construction nachachlos in the 2010m year.

A two-storey complex with two swimming pools for children (10×6) and adults (25h16), as well as a gym, a warm-up, changing rooms, medical rooms, spectator stands, showers and a cafeteria designed for competitions, swimming and fitness classes. One-time bandwidth pool for adults is 64 people, and children — 20 people.

FOCA cost of about 3.5 million square meters. m amounted to more than 167 million rubles allocated from the state as well as federal budgets.



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The new pool to teach children to swim opened in Khabarovsk

In the Southern District of Khabarovsk has opened a new fitness club "Nautilus-South", which in addition to gyms have three pools. When one of them is the subject of an initial program of swimming training of children, which operates in Khabarovsk in 2011.

— Already recruited to teach about 700 children, they are already doing. Just opened three pools — one a 25-meter by 10 tracks, the second measuring 12×6 meters, which will teach children to swim at the age of 5 years, and the third — just a little — for the Advancement of special programs

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French middle class looks into the abyss

Financial problems in Cyprus could affect neighboring countries, and the first to fall under attack Italy and Spain. Analysts believe that the French stay away too fail.

In the hospital five people being taken away with a concussion. Strike peacefully employees of the French branch Gooduear tired, and the windows of the plant and flew stones at police and rotten eggs. Leaders of the largest U.S. manufacturer of tires to convince and did not work: branch in Amiens Nord close 1,100 fired. Sale of wheels for small cars continues to the peak of the crisis.

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