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Statistics of children left without care in Russia

Statistics course the dry form, but in this figure are each children of the family, their feelings and destiny. Deliberately avoiding statistics on foreign nationals, for moral reasons.

The number of children without parental care, identified in 2011

Dynamics of the placement of children in family

"The data include the total number of children placed in family during the year including children who have been identified before, but passed on to the family during the year. The trend to reduce the number of children placed in foster families of citizens, driven by reduction in

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In Krasnoyarsk, a kindergarten

In Krasnoyarsk, has opened a new children‘s garden. The preschool is located in the Sverdlovsk region. Kindergarten owned plant medicines — the building is completely renovated and have attached to it a new building. Now there will be able to accommodate groups of 11, which is more than two hundred children. The building has separate rooms for music, physical education, choreography and a medical unit.

The head of Krasnoyarsk promised that the problem with kindergartens in the regional center will decide in the next three years — next year plans to open a further eight kindergartens.

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Russian police have released the manga for Kids

The Ministry of Interior issued a memo "The police — to children", painted in the style of Japanese manga comics.

The authors have collected comics rules that, in their opinion, will help children get away with. Memo is divided into three sections: how to conduct themselves on the street, in transport and at home without parents. At the site of the MIA said, that the comic will be distributed among children, although not specified how.

If strangers are a phone call or knock on the door, then, as advised by the Interior Ministry, it is impossible to say that the

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In Tyumen, there was one kindergarten

In Tyumen, renovated a kindergarten number 85. In kindergarten, seven groups that received 220 children. The building area is 1,679 square meters. m

In kindergarten, a three-stage water treatment system is installed, it is equipped with modern facilities, including an external video surveillance, as well as everything you need for children’s development: interactive whiteboards, multimedia technology, touch panels, sports areas and many others. In addition, the kindergarten has a musical gymnasium, which is equipped with fitness equipment, sports equipment and musical equipment. Easting and laundry services to meet all the requirements of modern service kindergarten. Guild division catering department provides

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In Khanty-Mansiysk opened children’s recreation center

In Khanty-Mansiysk, the grand opening of children’s recreation center, which housed under one roof: the music school, a children’s art center for young naturalists and the city library.In music school piano classes are scheduled, dobro, guitar, violin, vocals and choreography. The house of children‘s creativity — School of Early Childhood Development, class chess animation studio in which children themselves will make cartoons. All of these studios will welcome children immediately after the Christmas holidays. Just a children’s recreation center will be able to deal with five hundred children. In addition, the new complex — it’s more than a

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Zvenigorod near Moscow opened two kindergartens

In suburban Zvenigrode open 2 kindergartens "Sunflower" and "The District", with a total capacity of more than 100 people.

Kindergarten "Sunflower" by 60 places for children aged between five and seven years. In kindergarten, an area of over 2,000 square meters. meters for young students all the necessary conditions: on two floors of a kindergarten located gaming and sleeping rooms, a dining room, medical center, medical offices, as well as sports and music halls.

"The District" — a non-governmental kindergarten-oriented, in addition to the overall development of children, their study of English. Its area is 700 square meters. meters, kindergarten

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2 kindergarten opened after renovation in the Irkutsk region, and 1 in Volgograd and Yekaterinburg

Kindergarten building number 10, "Poplar" with 110 seats put in Shelekhov district of the Irkutsk region. Spent on the reconstruction of the garden means of the regional and local budgets, total — more than 83 million rubles. Admission of children scheduled to begin December 25, 2012.

December 25, Refurbished put garden combined type number 212 in the winter. It can take 248 people, the group has 11 rooms, offices manager, clerk, methodical, speech therapists, educational psychologist, gym, music room, catering department, a medical unit, storage rooms, board room, a vegetable store. Already recruited 245 students. From the regional budget to

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In Ingushetia, the discovery of new kindergartens and new school

In the capital of Ingushetia Magas, the official opening of secondary school, which received the status of "person".

In Nazran opened kindergarten "air lock". Kindergarten is designed for 240 children.

In the rural community Psedakh Malgobek district opened a two-story building preschool "Cheburashka", designed for 150 seats.

Six new schools and kindergartens were opened only in this anniversary year for Ingushetia. Over twenty years of modern history for the first time and a half billion of budget money spent only on children.

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In Omsk, built a new kindergarten

On the left bank of Omsk built a kindergarten. Over the last twenty years, this — the first new building in the preschool million city. Socially significant project is implemented in cooperation area and the city. Construction of a kindergarten in the district "Crystal" started seven years ago. And only resumed in August 2012. Object practically rebuilt in record time — 4 months. The construction cost almost 83 million rubles. Of these, 50 million rubles — grants regional budget.

Child Development Center is designed for 140 children. The two-storey building with a total area of 3.5 thousand square meters. m

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In Khabarovsk, Kirov and opened up new nurseries

In the Kirov in the district of "Sunny Beach" opened a new kindergarten. Its construction spent just one year. Construction at a cost of 168.5 million rubles. Kindergarten "Sunrays" is designed for 220 children, but it will be able to visit all 300.

In Khabarovsk, has opened a new children’s garden. This is not technically a separate establishment, and the body of kindergarten number 83, which is a few blocks from the new building. The preschool will visit 80 children aged 3 to 7 years. They will work for 4 groups.

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