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For the first time in the Novosibirsk region 23 large families were handed keys to new car

The "Family and Children" is designed for 2012-2015 and provides for the road, anyone who brings up at least seven minor children. The register of transportation offered included 73 families, and 23 of them have already become owners of cars "Harmony": those who have a family, there are between seven and nine children, were car "Lada Kalina". Families with more than nine minors, many-handed "Lada-Largus."

To get the list of future car owners were required to provide a certificate of family members and children’s birth certificates. Most of the newly minted owners of cars — residents do not Novosibirsk,

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A new experience of children’s clothing

In Russia and many manufacturers of good quality children‘s clothing, but the manufacturer of Kaliningrad — the Baltic clothing company pleases a very different quality. In the picture and pictures can not see it, but if you pick up the sliders, vests, jackets, suede products, the feeling just indescribable. Here feelings and thoughts as they say on the opposite side of barikad. We’ve learned that all the quality, it’s because of the border, and all the cheaper and easier, it’s ours. Not at all. In Kaliningrad, on the border of European quality and Russian desire for practicality made children’s

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In Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a kindergarten for 150 places

Kindergarten number 107, located in the center of the city. In the new, 6-kindergarten group will walk 150 children. The building that previously housed the correctional school for young children, which has been translated into another room. Major repairs, purchased technology equipment, laundry equipment, furniture, soft equipment. Equipped walking areas, which were built veranda.

The cost of reconstruction of the kindergarten was about 28 million rubles, of which 22 million was spent on the construction and renovation of facilities, 6 million — for the purchase of equipment, furniture, tools, toys.

The plans of the municipality to continue work on the

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Opened first in the Moscow region’s official Building The Garden

In the neighborhood, "Bogorodskiy" near Moscow Shchelkova was inaugurated a new children‘s garden. This institution was the first in the region officially operating under the federal project "Building Garden" — the flagship project of public-private partnership in the field of early childhood education.

New kindergarten, called "Filippok" built a group of companies "Renova Stroy" in the integrated development of the district, so the pre-emptive right for permits for their children got exactly the residents’ Bogorodskii. "

All 6 groups of students have already been formed and immediately after the holidays, November 6, preschool hospitably opens its doors to the 115

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Social service agencies of the Kemerovo region have new cars

24 cars "Gazelle" are collected at the Novgorod automobile factory. Of these ten cars are designed for mobile field teams, ten more will work in the status of a "Social taxi" and four to institutions of social services for families and children.

Mobile mobile teams — it’s "office on wheels", which is equipped with modern computer technology, communications, air conditioning and a gasoline generator for autonomous electricity supply, which will organize the work, even in the open field. Thanks to mobile services, people living in remote villages and towns will be able to draw up the documents for

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In Moscow, opened a new case of child GKB N9

New infectious body children’s hospital number 9 took the first name Speranskii young patients.

new building children’s hospital № 9. Speranskii

The new complex will be able to take infectious about ten thousand children a year. "We can help patients with almost any infectious disease," — said the chief doctor Anatoly Korsun.

The area of new infectious case is 22.5 thousand square meters, it is designed for two beds. The building — the front desk for seven boxes, resuscitation and intensive care, operating theater, two offices for newborns and one — for infants, as well as diagnostic rooms equipped

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In the city of Orsk opened a unique kindergarten

October 29 in Orsk started kindergarten number 60, for up to 110 children. The building will accommodate groups for children with hearing loss, delayed mental development and for kids with cerebral palsy. The latter feature makes the institution unique. During the repairs here have been expanded corridors, removing thresholds and ramps installed. Kindergarten will attend and healthy children. As has been noted, for those whose opportunities are limited, it is important to have a chat with their healthy peers to develop rapidly.

Construction of the kindergarten was conducted throughout 2012. After completion of the renovation

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In Tyumen, opened new kindergarten

Resuscitation of kindergartens in Tyumen continues. From the old, obsolete kindergarten number 83, for three years, the builders were able to make a beautiful, modern, bright pre-school education.

Tyumentsev are just beginning to get used to the fact that in the usual garden is and sensory room and a climbing wall, and the nutrition unit is equipped appliance must, allowing chefs to cook the most useful food for the kids — a couple. All groups have a snack — small rooms, where it is stored and washed dishes, and in addition, carry instruments for water heating.

Garden received 60 seats

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A new kindergarten opened in Cheboksary

The capital of Chuvashia — Cheboksary on the street. Traktorostroiteley opened a new kindergarten № 201 "Island of childhood" with 240 seats. Since the beginning of 2012 this is the second kindergarten in the city and in the country — 6. Until the end of the year, will open another 5 kindergartens.

The three-storey panel building erected in record time. It took less than a year builders to hand over to his children, with three months earlier than planned.

The building itself is unusual in layout. Here are not only the group, bedrooms, but also many other areas. Medical

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In Kurgan opened a children’s avtogorodok

October 26, 2012 the grand opening of Urban Training Center of the road safety of children on the basis of MBOU "Education Center" of the city of Kurgan.

With the support of the Administration of the city of Kurgan fully brought to life the idea of the town center on road safety of children. Today it consists of two rooms, equipped with modern thematic teaching and didactic equipment and training grounds, for training and to young pedestrians and young cyclists.

Center implies, first, a systematic preventive work with children and young people using modern interactive equipment and reinforcement of knowledge

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