Unique kindergarten was opened in Vladivostok

October 6, in a solemn ceremony Territory Governor Sergei Darkin and the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, cut the red ribbon opening the new modern kindergarten in a residential neighborhood, "Snow Pad". Preschool called "Tiger" is ready to take 240 kids.

 Photo source:dalss.ru

Such kindergartens in Vladivostok is not built. Large in size and spacious, it is markedly different from the usual kindergarten buildings. In addition to a modern design and the use of new building materials, it has a real zest, invented by designers.

 Photo source:dalss.ru

For example, in groups large floor to ceiling stained

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Ukrainian surgeons conducted a unique operation and saved the child’s life

Ukrainian girl from Kazakhstan surgeons heal supercomplex heart disease by saving her life.

Medics patched heart of a child. Ukrainian cardiologists saved the life of a girl from Kazakhstan, because they put supercomplex congenital heart disease, which rarely survive to adulthood. Parents of little Aisha several years sought help and appealed to the cardiologists from around the world, but they refused to operate, but surgeons Ukrainian Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery decided — says the story TSN.19 30. Mother of the girl's eyes now shining with happiness. Her five year old daughter to live —

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Child Psychology

Prior to the beginning of the XIX century childhood was perceived not as a full-fledged stage of human development, as well as undeveloped, unexpressed adults qualities and traits. As an independent children's area of expertise psychology took shape only a little more than a hundred years ago. Nursery psychology, concerned with the study of mental and intellectual development of the child, cognitive processes, and the formation of different types of activities closely related to pedagogy.

In a child's development are the following age periods.

Baby age: From birth to one year.

Early age from 1 year to

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Children’s infections

There are a number of infectious diseases, which are called children, because they are ill mainly in children. Moreover, as a rule, it is one times, and strong immunity persists for life.

For childhood infections include: measles, rubella, varicella (chickenpox), scarlet fever, whooping cough and mumps (mumps). The main manifestation of measles, rubella, wind smallpox and scarlet fever is a rash on the skin, the nature and sequence of appearance of which varies depending on the specific disease. The appearance of the rash is almost always preceded by fever, weakness, headache.

For mumps (mumps) is characterized by an

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Jail parents for refusing daughter watch pornography (!) In school

The girl came out of the class, not wanting to watch pornographic photos that showed the children the teacher in the classroom sex education. Her strength returned to class, then, for resisting, kept in the staff room.

For absenteeism lesson for parents fined. For refusing to pay it, the case was transferred to the court in which the parents do not have the right to self-defense. The court ordered the imprisonment of both parents.

As it turns out, this is not the only case in Germany. The Germans do not want

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Thousands of children Murmansk region will rest this summer in the south

June 6 from Murmansk went a specialized children's train in Anapa. More than 600 children will rest this summer in the federal Children's Educational Center "Change" and more than 100 — in the year-round children's sanatorium 'Polar Dawns. "

In 2012 it is planned outside the region to send 17,669 children (61% of the total number of planned rest), of which the Black and Azov seas — 14812, in the Crimea — 585. In 2011, outside the rest 11,930 children. During the period of summer health campaign will rest and recuperation 29129 children.


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Now it is not so scary

Ural doctors, researchers have created a technological system to help children with cancer. As a result, mortality in the Sverdlovsk region has become one of the lowest in the Russian Federation

 Photo source:expert.ru

Larissa Fechina "I our clinic rightfully ready to call the scientific and practical center"

In Larissa Fechina tenacious doctor look at it — a good radiant eyes. In face, manners shine through stress and anxiety profession, although she hides them for doctoral correctness. Every day, she is forced to look into the eyes of the parents of terminally ill children and inspire professional exploits

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Happiness is. In Rainbow eliminated all in kindergartens

In Rainbow completely solved the problem with places in kindergartens. The city commissioned a new pre-school — kindergarten "Sprout", designed for 240 seats. It completely covered the existing needs of young raduzhnintsev. Moreover, the parents will even give the opportunity to choose a garden close to the house. The new kindergarten has a sports hall and gym, a swimming pool, a music class. In the groups of kids will be able not only to learn and play, but also to receive health treatments. Especially for this purpose in the staffing provided even a single technician. Catherine Sliusar, head

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Charitable help hungry children in England

The charitable organization "Save the Children", traditionally occupied by children starving in Africa, the first time since its existence, has launched a major campaign in the UK. It was caused by the economic crisis that has hit especially hard on children from poor families, tells RT correspondent Laura Smith.

NATO has apologized for the killing of children

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The forces of the international coalition in Afghanistan, conducted Oct. 14 special operation against the Taliban, apologized for the deaths in an airstrike three children. According to Afghan authorities, killing two boys and a girl, reports BBC BBC.

The purpose of the special operation in the southern Afghan province of Helmand was beating on the Taliban that installed roadside bomb.

This is not the first case of civilian deaths in the course of special operations forces in Afghanistan. This September in the Afghan province of Laghman of the North Atlantic Alliance air strikes killed eight women

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