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In Ufa, has opened a new kindergarten for 155 places

In October district of Ufa solemnly opened kindergarten number 61, located on the street. Yuri Gagarin, 12/5.

Modern kindergarten, meeting all regulatory requirements, designed for 155 seats in 8 groups, including 2 groups of children aged 2 to 3 years and 6 groups for children aged 3 to 7 years. Learning Environment groups fully meet the age characteristics of children.

The institution is equipped classrooms speech therapists, educational psychologist, which will be individual work with children and their parents, classrooms for learning foreign languages, art studio, a winter garden, a methodical study, as well as great music and gymnastic

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A new medical center built in Smolensk

In Smolensk, built and is preparing to open Federal Center of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and enodprotezirovaniya. I want to draw your attention to the special design of the children‘s department of the new medical center.

The first time the federal government construction company Polo Plus by pioneering an unusual children‘s department of the interior, having gone from a standard project.

Especially for the Smolensk center in-house design and architectural division of the company developed an original design project, not like the minimalist style of the federal centers.


The walls of the chambers of children’s department, who will soon

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Journey to Moscow

In Bratislava, the park held a family celebration "Journey to Moscow"

On the territory of the Bratislava Park on September 3 experts of the center GBU ETSSO was organized for families with children has become a traditional event "Journey to Moscow." Devoted to the City Day and the Year of Russian history, this festival was held under the city program "Playground" — a pilot project developed sotsialnoreabilitatsionnym center "Otradnoe" and implemented in several districts of the city.

The families were given a specialist manufacture of workpiece center of flowers, paper lanterns to decorate the site area. Before the "journey" children

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In Novosibirsk, created theater, where the main role played by the blind children

Dozens of rehearsals behind. It seems that the role of memorized, honed movement. But the excitement is not overcome. Small stage these actors seem overly large.

Sokolkin Daniel, a pupil of the boarding school number 39: "In our case, not to worry. I can even say why — because when a person is worried, he begins to flounder".

This is the first attempt to create Novosibirsk pro-theater. Until now, only the blind played on the Moscow stage. Julia Suvorov, director, acknowledged — up capital of actors so far away. Their repertoire includes dozens

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Physical culture and sports department opened in the center of children’s creativity Izhevsk

October 9, in the Leninsky district of Izhevsk opening ceremony of sports and sports department in the center of children‘s creativity. Will be able to attend the section 400. It will be available judo classes, athletic gymnastics, acrobatics, aerobics.

The discovery will allow the department to improve the social situation in the region, will provide the employment of children and adolescents, will help to improve their health, will demonstrate sportsmanship at events city, republican, regional, Russian and international levels.

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In Lipetsk, after conversion opened a kindergarten for 165 places

Opening of the pre-school was held in Lipetsk on October 9 in the village of Traktorostroiteley outside Ibárruri. Kindergarten number 35 was launched after a major renovation, which cost 64 million rubles. Previously located here Branch High School, and then it was decided to convert the building under the POC to 8 groups for 165 children. In this case, the two groups will be for the little ones, and the rest — for children from three to seven years.

Still there were only walls. Completely replaced by the utilities, roof, window frames, interior partitions. Insulated and finished with siding

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In Omsk, the center opened a vocal art

In Omsk starts its work Vocal Arts Center, which has agreed to lead a prima local musical theater Irina Trusova.

This Wednesday, October 3, at Omsk city center will open Vocal Arts Irina Trusova, Honored Artist of Russia, soloist of the Omsk State Music Theatre. Center opens on the basis of children’s art school number 17, which in 2010 the municipality has provided a new space in the Amur village. At the opening of the center of Yekaterinburg come first teacher Irina Trusova — Margarita Vladimirov, which will hold for Omsk singers first master-class.

— The city has

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In the Ivanovo region the construction of the new building of the boarding school

In the Ivanovo region completed construction of a new dormitory Cherntskoy special (correctional) boarding school.

This is the last of protracted social area, the construction of which began in 2001.Construction was carried out within the framework of the subprogram "orphans" of the federal target program "Children of Russia", investment amounted to more than 94 million rubles: almost 60 million rubles were allocated from the regional budget of about 34 million rubles — from the federal budget.The new building provides a comfortable environment for living 90 people: sleeping rooms in each of the 12 residential units are designed for children 2-3.

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In the Kemerovo region has opened a new children’s garden

In the district of the Kemerovo region Tyazhinsky a kindergarten "Golden Key" with 110 seats.

On the construction of a kindergarten spent 92 million rubles from the regional budget. It has everything for the harmonious development of the child: bright, cozy group, gym, music and sports; office psychologist and speech therapist and the first in the area of psychological relaxation room with light and sound effects.

The new kindergarten established folklore studio "SPRING", where kids will be familiar with Russian folk instruments, festivals and rituals. In the classroom the children will learn the Russian folk crafts, applied arts from

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In Section Podgorny (Krasnoyarsk Territory) after overhaul opened kindergarten

This week, after an overhaul opened MKDOU "Kindergarten № 32" combined type with 60 seats. Overhaul in kindergarten p.Podgorny lasted just over a year. On the work was allocated 32 million rubles from the regional and municipal budgets.

Kindergarten number 32 combined form will be able to visit 60 children, including children with severe speech disorders.

Currently in Zheleznogorsk continues overhaul of two preschools — this time in the city. By New Year’s holidays, builders plan to pass the kindergarten number 18, and the following year — kindergarten number 19. These measures will significantly reduce the waiting group in young

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