In Murmansk remodeled Children’s Theatre School

In Murmansk, completed reconstruction of the Children‘s Theatre School.

Replaced heating and ventilation systems, engineering, and electrical networks. Installed automated teplopunkt, which will heat the school in standalone mode, and adjust the temperature of the air in the building. Flooded with new floors, walls classes are decorated with tiles.

Much lighter and more spacious hall became the theater school.

On the second floor of the school there was one little scene. In this room, students will rehearse theater. Next to the hall is a storage room for costumes. In short, everything has been done for the convenience of small

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New kindergartens and schools are open on the Yamal

1 September, on the Yamal opened several new educational and social institutions.

In the village of Urengoj opened a new high school building number 2 with 800 seats.

In the village of Purovsk Pur district on the same day the opening of a new building for the orphanage children and minors "Ray of Hope" and the new kindergarten "Nest."

The new nursery has a capacity of 200 children, opened in Nadim.

The new two-story shelter for minors "Ray of Hope" in PUROVSKY is for temporary residence of the children from 3 to 18 years old. Here, children will

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In Pavshinskoy floodplain (Moscow region). Put into operation a new kindergarten for 220 places

Today, in the neighborhood of the city of Krasnogorsk Pavshinskaya floodplain opened kindergarten "Goldfish", it is designed for 220 children.

In a modern building for children, a gym and a music room, special classes for the development of artistic skills, swimming pool, equipped with a system of water purification and disinfection.

In the village. Zarechnyj (Krasnodar Territory) opened a universal children’s stadium

September 12 in the village of Ust-Zarechnyj Labinsky district was inaugurated universal stadium for the children. The stadium is located in the educational and health center "poplar".

At the stadium total area of 10,000 sqm located the site for mini-football (40×60 meters), basketball (28h16 meters), volleyball (21h12 meters), as well as a 60-meter running track, hopping area and sports obstacle course, which is equipment is one of the best in the Southern Federal District. All venues are modern artificial turf. The area is equipped with spectator bleachers for 140 people.

The newly built facility will be the venue for

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Kindergarten and library opened in the village of Sakhalin

September 10 in the village of Chapaevo the grand opening event capitally renovated building of the kindergarten "poplar" and the village library, located in the building of the kindergarten.

Repairs of the building of the kindergarten "Poplar" conducted in accordance with the long-term target program Sakhalin "Ensuring the availability of pre-school education in the Sakhalin Region, 2011-2015." In addition to immediately overhaul the building "Topolki" technological equipment purchased to equip the catering department, sport equipment training in a gym, children’s bedrooms and playrooms are equipped with new furniture. The grounds are fully landscaped kindergarten, playgrounds refurbished shady canopies are installed

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The share of second, third and fourth children in Russia has reached the level 80s

Using the search and monitoring system the Social Insurance Fund, the structure was a comparative table of births by birth order in the mother (in percentage).

The table shows that the total birth rate for the second, third and fourth (and subsequent) child in the mother is constantly growing, and for the first — is falling. As a result, the contribution of re-births in the overall birth rate has considerably increased, and the structure of fertility by birth order is comparable to the level of the 80s.

In addition, the rate of the average order of birth (RRR),

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The city train (MoD) has opened a new children’s garden

In the railway appeared first in preschool, open the program "Building a garden." Recall that these gardens will be all over the place appear in new areas in order to reduce queues at children‘s institutions.

New garden "Young Environmentalist" is designed for 25 preschoolers. It will be the linguistic bias. In addition, its characteristic is that parents can leave their children here for 12 or even 14 hours.

In Old Kupavna (Moscow region). After the cap. Repair opened children’s clinic

In Old Kupavna on the eve of the Day of Noginsk and Bogorodskii edge opened after reconstruction City Children‘s Clinic.

This event marked the completion of the modernization of the hospital complex Kupavna. Modernization began with a major overhaul of hospital inpatient, then the building has been remodeled infectious disease ward and clinic for adults now — the children‘s clinic.

Refurbished in Ulyanovsk opened kindergarten number 186

Only in kindergarten will set up 12 teams to 206 people. Two groups of kindergarten combined type "Volgarik" designed for children with disabilities.

The opening of the six pre-school groups will provide a place in a kindergarten 100 children, and the new year will open the rest of the group.

To carry out repair work on reconstruction, refurbishment and redevelopment of the former high school number 60 for kindergarten number 186 has been allocated 100 million rubles. In Kindergarten equipped premises of the kitchen, laundry room, sports hall, swimming pool, a music room, a sensory room, physical therapy room,

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In Novosibirsk opened office of general practitioners

More pervomaytsev 8000, before attending the 19th Street clinic Shukshina can walk to the doctor for 5 minutes.

In the house at the Star, has opened five general practitioners, indoors, previously held by Mill consumer services. The establishment is equipped with modern facilities — where you can get all the simple medical care and even go on an IV therapy that previously could be done only in a hospital. — General Practice is divided into two zones. Left — children with paediatricians, changing table and a children’s corner. A right — adult. With therapy and treatments for receiving laboratory

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