In Ulan-Ude, there are two areas with exercise equipment

Sports ground with training for all muscle groups are located in the Rostov lane, 36 and on the street Tulaeva, 128

The opening day of trainers decorated with balloons, especially for the children invited clowns.

As Lane says a resident of Rostov Olga Danilova, which took an active part in the construction of the simulator platform, many years in the yard was nothing but a pair of modest horizontal bars, the children had nowhere to play.

— I’ve lived here since ’93, the playground until today we did not have. Finally,

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In Section Michurinsky (Karachay-Cherkessia) school opened after reconstruction

In the village of Michurinsky Prikubansky District Karachay-Cherkessia republic after reconstruction opened a school for 380 students.

Now in Karachay-Cherkessia is the construction of two new schools in Cherkessk and Karachaevsk and almost completed the construction of schools in the Ali-Berdukovskom and Lower Teberda. According to him, the Head of KCR, before the bodies of the executive power of the Republic, heads of local government task — to 2015 completely remove the issue with the emergency schools and that children do not learn in the second shift.

Construction work on the reconstruction of the disaster of the school building

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In Ufa, has opened a new children’s garden

In Ufa, commissioned another kindergarten. The grand opening of the kindergarten № 105 "Mansion" was held in the Soviet district of Ufa.

"The Mansion" meets all modern requirements. It has 100 beds in four groups. Learning Environment groups fully meet the age characteristics of children.

Total in 2012 in Ufa in operation for three kindergartens. It is planned to build 10 more. For comparison: in 2011 in the capital opened nine kindergartens.

A new kindergarten opened in Armavir (Krasnodar Territory)

In Armavir opening of a new kindergarten for 140 places.

"We built pre-school in the village of Krasnaya Polyana. This is the first pilot project, which is implemented on the initiative of the regional governor Alexander Nikolayevich Tkachev. Gist of it is that the investor (in this case of" Armavir Hliboproduct ") is building a kindergarten for their money, and then the customer buys it ready pre-school education ", — told the press service said.

In the mayor’s office said that the city now has 3.5 million children who are in queue to kindergarten. Currently preschools in Armavir

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In Uryupinsk opened a new school

For the first time in many years in one of the regional centers of the Volgograd Region launched a new school.

More than a hundred children living in Uryupinsk, this year will be learning the new secondary schools in the number 8. The construction of school for 325 pupils took about 60 million rubles from the budgets of all levels. With this money, the building was constructed, equipped sports and assembly hall, computer labs, a library. In addition, on school grounds there was a football field with artificial turf.Next to the new institution located gymnastic complex "Dolphin". This proximity gives

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In Tambov opened a new kindergarten Umka

In Tambov opened a new kindergarten "Umka". The largest pre-school located in the northern part of the city. Kindergarten is designed for 450 seats. In the nurseries will have 15 children, and the rest — 20 boys and girls.

The institution has a musical, athletic and fitness facilities and a swimming pool. In addition, the two studios are located there further education, computer room, sensory room, cabinets speech therapists and psychologists.

Kids in the new kindergarten will be taught by a unique innovative program. Institution will be the first pilot site, which will be incorporated educational methods of Skolkovo. One

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In Malgobek (Ingushetia) opened a new school

In Malogbeke the opening ceremony of the modern school for 704 pupils, built with the money from the state budget.

The school, built on an individual project, consists of two sports and assembly halls for 400 people where you can organize conferences, even the Russian level. Classrooms are equipped with the latest technology.

Provides space for choreographic studio, sewing workshop for girls, workshops, in which there are multi-joiner and lathe machines, two computer labs, clinics, study of art, where there are special tables for drawing. In the school there is room for technical staff, spacious rooms for leisure, laboratory,

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In Bryansk opened the first center for education

Education Center includes pre-separation, primary, middle and high school and a center for further education of children.

Establishment of an innovative type of set up at the City lyceum № 27 named Hero of the Soviet Union Igor Koustova. According to experts from education, peers such establishment is not even in Russia.

Preschool located in two buildings of the former kindergarten "tree", which today is being renovated. We specify that there is already made a modern heating system, insulated walls, put new windows. On the basis of the kindergarten will open 10 groups, including four — nurseries. This in

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School number 12 Kazan opened in a new building

Kazan Secondary School number 12, "Mishpahteynu", also known in Kazan as "Jewish." For the new school year educational institution has received a new additional building, making it more comfortable conditions for students and teachers.

School number 12, located in the heart of Kazan, on ul.Mardzhani near a lake Kaban special. In addition to the compulsory subjects of the state educational standards in the subjects taught her so-called Jewish cycle: Hebrew, history, literature, geography and traditions of the state of Israel.

At the same time, the educational institution is international, it teaches children of different nationalities.

How to tell the

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In Moscow, opened a kindergarten for 125 places

At the Yaroslavl highway, 36, 1 opened a new kindergarten number 2697. On 3 September, he will accept into its walls 125 children. The garden will operate five groups, is scheduled to open and experimental groups a full day for the children of the year.

The new nursery is equipped according to all modern requirements. There is a catering department, music and sports halls, swimming pool. The area of children‘s pre-school will be monitored by video cameras.

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