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In Moscow school appeared relationship with the cosmos

Students will find the rate of Kutuzov by the pictures from orbit

Own center space services acquired on the eve of the Day of Knowledge Capital is the most common 85-I school that is in Strogino. This is a pilot project not only in Moscow but also in Russia — with this, satellite data receiving station, with the software package that can handle them. And why, in fact, the school space center? What will master it schoolboys? These are the questions the reporter of "MK" said Roscosmos specialists, under whose auspices this unique zaupuschen until the project.

CMC at school

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In the district of Ingushetia Dzheirakh the opening of a new school for 420 pupils

Beautiful three-story building was built on the site of the old school for 260 places. The new school has a significant margin in the seats, behind school desks sit September 1 265 children, including 35 first-graders.

This is the sixth school, deposited in the country on the 20th anniversary of Ingushetia, nearly 3,000 children this year have crossed the threshold of new modern buildings, which are all necessary conditions for producing high-quality schooling.

This facility was built and in time, in spite of the large-scale natural disaster that has been unfolding recently in Dzheirakh area when the torrential rains had

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In Moscow, opened a kindergarten for 125 places

At the Yaroslavl highway, 36, 1 opened a new kindergarten number 2697. On 3 September, he will accept into its walls 125 children. The garden will operate five groups, is scheduled to open and experimental groups a full day for the children of the year.

The new nursery is equipped according to all modern requirements. There is a catering department, music and sports halls, swimming pool. The area of children‘s pre-school will be monitored by video cameras.

The new school opened in Barnaul

On the Day of Knowledge, wake up call in 1266 schools in the Altai Territory, sat down at their desks 244,000 children, among them — 25.3 thousands of first-graders. However, in this academic year, the first edge of the record belongs to a new school Barnaul school number 132. The fact that it parallels eight graders (198 children) — the first such figure in the Altai region.

This is not just a school, and a cultural and educational cluster: a 12 thousand square meters. meters apart from it — a kindergarten, a school of arts, swimming pool, playground

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In Volgodonsk (Rostov region). After the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 70 seats

The building of the preschool is one of the oldest in Volgodonsk — it was commissioned in 59 years ago, but residents claimed, as the only kindergarten in the historic part of the city.

In 2009 — due to the technical condition of the building and for the preservation of life and health of children and employees — preschool activity was suspended. Renovation and equipping of "Together guys" were in 2011 — 2012 years of OOO "Shape"

Major repairs had cost 7.8 million rubles. To equip spent more than three million rubles. These funds three groups equipped modern children’s

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In p. Mayma (Rep. Altai) opened a new school

To Miami — the biggest village of the Altai Republic, the grand opening of the primary school N 2.

The building of a new school decent living conditions for students and teachers. Well equipped rooms: each class fully equipped with school furniture, equipment purchased for the computer lab and medical office. Purchase of equipment for the dining room, bedrooms, fully equipped gym and fitness facilities, cloakroom with shower room, a reading room of the school. The school has a dining room serving hot meals will be hosted by children.

The new elementary school will be taught about 200 children,

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A new kindergarten opened in Yamal

August 28, threw open its doors to young people of Yamal kindergarten "Brusnichka" in s. Beloyarsk the Ural region of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

The new building of a kindergarten for 120 places, two-story building area is 2497 square meters. The total area of the kindergarten 12,000 square meters, which are equipped with 6 group recreational areas with small architectural forms and two playgrounds.

"In the next few years on the Yamal we will open more than 30 new kindergartens. All of them will be the most modern and comfortable for travel and education of our children. For Beloyarsk this

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Billionaire educates 23 children

Trying to give money for the orphanage, Roman Avdeev realized that it is better to take the children into the family

Live TV and Radio KP father of 4 and 19 of their foster children Roman Avdeev Department of Education says the editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Alexander Milkusu, why a child should be partners.

Roman Avdeev said that the child must be partners


— We have an interesting guest, I tried it for six months to pull air. He’s a very interesting conversationalist. Now it happened due to the fact that Saturday was a fun event

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In Chechnya, the discovery of new kindergartens

In the mountainous Itum-Kale district opened the first kindergarten number 1, "Flowers of life."

In Kurchaloyevskiy area open preschool 180 mest.Odnoy of the main features of the specialized agency is that here, along with healthy children will be brought up, and children with disabilities.

Large families, sports schools and orphanages were minibuses

Administration of the Rostov region gave new vans "Sable" six large families. At the end of last week, the deputy governor of the Don region Sergey Bondarev personally handed over the heads of the six families of the keys to the new minibus "Sable".

Among parents with ten or more children received their own car, were a family of Metansinyh Volgodonsk.

According to the department of labor and social development of the city administration, from Victor and Victoria Metansinyh — five sons and eight daughters. Eldest, Michael, was twenty-five, and the youngest, Pauline, two years. At the time,

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