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In Krasnoyarsk, opened a children’s theater

August 27, Krasnoyarsk inaugurated the first children’s theater "Dream".

Reconstruction of the theater began in 2007. Two weeks ago, the head of Krasnoyarsk Edkham Akbulatov spent in the "Dream" retreat about its readiness to receive its first visitors.

"A few days ago it was in full swing, but it is encouraging that the builders had time to throw open the doors of the theater to the Day of Russian cinema, and today we have a double celebration — said the mayor. — It is very important that there was a movie theater in the city of Krasnoyarsk. It is

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The priest brought 160 children abandoned by their parents

In the Perm region priest for 17 years, has grown into a church he founded an orphanage more than a hundred children.

Orthodox priest Boris CRC has created its own shelter at the Holy Monastery Lazarevskom in Vereshchagino for abandoned children. Over the past years, Boris "to his feet," 160 children.

The history of this great family started 17 years ago, when the house of an Orthodox priest Boris CRC had the first reception girl. The baby 25 days old father Boris brought the young mother. Quietly went to church after the service and gave squirming bundle.

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A new kindergarten opened in Yamal

August 28, threw open its doors to young people of Yamal kindergarten "Brusnichka" in s. Beloyarsk the Ural region of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

The new building of a kindergarten for 120 places, two-story building area is 2497 square meters. The total area of the kindergarten 12,000 square meters, which are equipped with 6 group recreational areas with small architectural forms and two playgrounds.

"In the next few years on the Yamal we will open more than 30 new kindergartens. All of them will be the most modern and comfortable for travel and education of our children. For Beloyarsk this

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New kindergarten opens in Vladivostok

Private kindergarten "Top of the Montessori" for 100 children.This former school building, which many years ago was rented. However, for many years the building was empty and destroyed. In 2010, the Administration of Vladivostok returned room at their disposal.

"It was not the room, and the ruins, — said Igor Pushkarev — on his recovery required millions. At this time, we received an offer from a private entrepreneur. He was ready to renovate the building at their own expense, if he will give it out, and make its private kindergarten. To my mind, the City must not only build a

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In St. Petersburg after conversion opened a kindergarten for 220 places

Today, lavender Boulevard opened the new building of the kindergarten. More precisely, the preschoolers get back home once owned them. For 13 years, the building occupied establishment of additional education of children "Olympus". The district administration has decided to grant "Olympia" and the transfer of certain areas of the building progymnasium 677 number to use for its intended purpose.

New playground of kindergarten is a stand-alone building with 220 seats. The grounds landscaped, equipped with playground equipment. At each site walking in line with new requirements Sanitary installed shady canopies. The building will operate 12 groups for pre-school children,

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In the village. Mrakovo (Rep. of Bashkortostan) has opened a kindergarten for 220 places

The village Mrakovo Kugarchinskogo district of Bashkortostan has a new kindergarten — "Uralochka". Pre-school is designed for 220 people. Smooth financing of the project provided the charity fund "Ural". For the construction was directed 170 million rubles. A new children‘s garden (nearly 5,000 square meters) was built for the year.

For children there are all conditions: a swimming pool of 21 square meters, a relaxation room, a music room, medical room, shower room, dining room with modern equipment. The children will be engaged psychologist, speech therapist, athletic trainer. For classes have separate offices of the native language, music, gym

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Women are not afraid to give birth

A record number of births recorded in the past six months in Russia. Began to decline and mortality of Russians

And yet — in the 5 years of the (2007-2011) Concept of Demographic Policy of the Russian Federation ", male life expectancy has increased by almost 4 years, women — for 3 years." Russian Ministry of Labor continues to monitor the demographic situation in the country.

As the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Russia Maxim TOPILIN: "In the first half of 2012 compared to the same period last year, the country experienced a decline in birth rate

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In Myski Kemerovo region. opened a kindergarten

In kindergarten, in order to create favorable conditions for strengthening the health of children will be functioning musical and gymnastic halls, swimming pool, classrooms educational psychologist and speech therapists. In the future it is planned to create a children’s orchestra and musical theater studio.

With the opening of "Tales" will be eliminated in order of settlement Pritomsky and provided space for kids township key.

The estimated cost of construction amounted to 100 million rubles. All the facilities were adequate sanitation and fire safety. The building has the latest system of automatic fire alarm button, emergency police, CCTV. From

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In Krasnoyarsk after the repair has opened a kindergarten

Kindergarten number 95 was closed for repairs in July 2010 due to an abnormal condition of intermediate floor and attic floors. Major repairs are carried out at the expense of the city budget. Total funding, including the acquisition of new equipment and furniture, has exceeded 31 million rubles.

For two years in kindergarten strengthened the foundation, established ventilated facade, replaced windows and doors, updated all the internal and external engineering networks and equipped with individual heating unit.

After repairs kindergarten could take more kids — 110 instead of the previous 90.

There are seven groups, three of which are

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Siberian doctors saved the boy with a rare hereditary disease

Sasha came from Chulyma. It looks — well-fed baby village. And do not think that is sick. Sasha Protchenko, a patient at Children‘s Hospital emergency room number 3: "Gums, teeth hurt themselves falling out, or I’ll snatch them."

Health problems Sasha started 2 years ago. Could not chew, spoke with difficulty. This disease is called cherubism. From the word "cherub" — an angel. Because of the angelic expression. However, the disease is far from angelic and is extremely rare. Affects bone tumor. So much so that in place of hard tissues are formed holes and

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