Family values in American

Child's mother hung on a hanger for the night. Father son dipped his feet in boiling oil. Stepmother brought hot knife to his genitals stepson with a threat to cut them. The couple persuaded the woman for $ 8,000 to bear and give birth to a child, and then made him a "hero" of pornographic films — the boy was the victim of eight pedophiles. The epidemic of total violence against children has covered the U.S..

Beat shovel for educational purposes

We are in Arizona, in the office Childhelp — the largest national

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Squealer SEX EDUCATION Ltd or Thugs

Oleg Vereshchagin

Marvelous, brothers, cases prosecutors.

They will trace in folk embroidery Nazi symbols. That alienated some of the prosecutors is that the people giggle, "And you, in blue uniforms …" Then announce the promotion of nationalism … Pushkin's poems. Then be charged with the whole city of xenophobia. In general, does not know she got tired in the zeal of the affairs of the people. Is that wolves and foxes — as in the Middle Ages — not yet officially judged.

But the focus of the prosecutor's office last steep as Mount Ararat. Even for her, my homeland. [Cut]

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In Australia, children are taught that heterosexuality — is not the norm

The initiator of the program by the former Education Minister Verity Firth

In accordance with the program of the Education Department of Australia, which is called the "Noble School", Australian children in schools will now say that heterosexuality — is not the norm.

"Heterosexism" — one of the evils against which the new program, along with "Homophobia and Transphobia", — explained the education officers. Judging by the text of the minutes of the meeting of the initiative group "Noble School" from March 22, 2011, the program aims to combat "not so much homophobia, heterosexism as with".

The Committee

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When the British government solves the problem of difficult childhood, Hitler is better to stand on the sidelines

In 2009, the prime ministers of Britain and Australia apologized for the program to send thousands of children in the former British colony in the 20th century. According to her "poor children were sent to a" better life "in Australia, Canada and other countries. However, some of these children have been abused there, many have become laborers on farms. "

This system existed only in Britain. And there was … almost 400 years! The initiative has been made already in the 17th century! In 1618, the first group of children was taken to the British colony of Virginia in

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Sex tests in Germany for a 12-year-old children.

Being a man, on the one hand tolerant, and on the other the father of four children, who have lived in the west quarter of a century, I, of course, has seen a lot. However, the story that happened yesterday, even I had plunged into a stupor.

My colleague has brought to the editors test, which gave her 12 year old son. Although, technically, it was with the consent of the parents, as it was on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, but a form of testing that the child brought home all stunned.


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Weekdays tolerant of transgender

Children's Literature in Europe

European officials are seriously discussing the possibility to limit children to read books that show the traditional family where the father goes to work, and my mother bringing up children. In their view, such a reading of the literature contributes to the children the wrong idea about modern life.

Officials found the fielder in the fight for gender equality. The report, prepared by the Committee on Women's Rights Commission, expressly states: books that Europeans read to their children, form the wrong approach to life. In the stories and novellas that make up the

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Jacques Attali on the transformation of the family

"Families, I hate you! Private home, curtained windows, jealously guarded happiness! " Andre Gide — French author and Nobel Prize winner for literature, pederast.

Jacques Attali — one of the leading theorists of globalization and the "new world order". He was the chief adviser to the president of France, was led by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a member of the Bilderberg Club

… In 1948, published the results of a study conducted by Dr. Kinsey — about the sexual practices of Americans. It was found that 95% of Americans are guilty of committing

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Violence police regime on students in the U.S.

All sorts of stereotypes about America being destroyed in recent times, many still live on, thanks to the media not only traditional but also the network. And of course, they are spreading all sorts of liberal "voices" and other trolls. Stereotype — this is a simplistic generalization, and it leads to the degradation of thinking. About the American children's upbringing and attitudes towards people with disabilities in the United States, too much has been written of the rainbow. But the reality of it has nothing to do. And what's interesting about it written by the Americans? The article is

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15 facts about hunger in America

All across America there are millions of people that this holiday season will have nothing to eat, and they will have to starve. Even now, when bo? Most of the country hit in the annual ritual of unbridled consumerism, more families than ever will be missed food to feed itself. Number of seated people on food stamps has broken all records.

The following are 15 facts about hunger in America:

1. According to one calculation, the number of sitting on grocery coupons Americans exceeds the total population of states such as Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa,

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In Britain, the Christians banned from adopting children

The Supreme Court, part of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, has taken a fundamentally new solution that can have serious consequences for the process of adoption of children believing families. The Court was of the view that Christians with traditional views on sexual ethics are unsuitable for the role of foster parents — their beliefs may be unfavorable for children.

This position of the British court is reflected in the decision of 28 February 2011 in the case № CO/4594/2010, a copy of which is the Institute for Religious Freedom.

This judgment concerns the debate between the

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