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New kindergarten cantonment Stavropol

August 1 kindergarten number 17 in Stavropol, which is in the 556-quarter, better known as the "military town", will take new students, and then running, they say, at full capacity. Visit it will be 360 children. Garden — Municipal. About half of the students — the children of war, half — city.

Kindergarten together with the adjacent territory covers an area of 11 thousand 260 square meters. Area — 4000 270 sqm. in the yard — seven pavilions for walks in any weather, with new play equipment.

Pre-school institutions such capacity in the Stavropol region today some more. In

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In Tyumen after the cap. Repair opened the children’s department clinics

On the eve of the Day of the city for the children of the district Vatutine long-awaited and important event — the opening of the updated children‘s department of city hospital number 8 on the street of Friendship.

The Office of the clinic has doubled. Now the area will completely cover not only the current need for medical support for the people of the region of Tyumen, but are designed for the future growth of the young people. Of all pediatric office covers ten areas. According to the calculations of power will be enough space to service a population

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In the village. Kizner (Rep. Udmurtia) opened a kindergarten for 75 children

July 19 at the military part of the settlement Kizner the grand opening of the new children‘s garden "Sunshine". The long-awaited social object appeared in the federal program "Destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles in the Russian Federation."

New modern building designed for 75 people — for children aged two to seven years.

In Sovetskaya (Tul.) After the cap. Repair opened a children’s city hospital consultation

In the Soviet opening ceremony of the child health clinic in the city hospital after an overhaul.

City Hospital second year participating in the program of modernization of health care. Last year, the office has been renovated pos.Lomintsevo general practitioner, and costs $ 1.3 million. For the repair of the child health clinic was sent 1.6 million budget. During the auction, has reduced the amount claimed — savings of 494 thousand rubles, which later would be used to repair the registry.

Major repairs were carried out in a number of areas of children‘s counseling, healthy baby in the room,

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In Novorossiysk opened corrective kindergarten for 150 places

Unusual kindergarten opened in Novorossiysk. There together with healthy children with disabilities guys go on hearing, vision, cerebral palsy. This is done to explain the kindergarten teachers that children with disabilities were no borders in communication. Part of the time guys spend in the classroom in special rooms. In the sensor, for example, you can build a sand castle. In addition, you can take a course of rehabilitation for special trainers.

Work with children, teachers, psychologists, podiatrists and massage therapists. While Novorossiysk is the only such preschool. Its construction took two years. Sadiq has 150 kids.

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In the village. Marshall (Kaliningrad region). After the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 115 places

July 18 in the village of Marshall Guriev district of Kaliningrad Region opened a kindergarten, who worked for the past 18 years. In 1994, the kindergarten was closed due to lack of a village pre-school children.

Now renovated kindergarten, provided new furniture, toys, methodical and artistic children‘s books, tools, medical equipment. Scheduled to open 6 groups with 115 seats.

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Children’s Day caused a stir by INNOPROM

On the last day of its meeting the third International Ural Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovations "Innoprom-2012" opened its doors especially for young people in Yekaterinburg. On Sunday, July 15, the children and adolescents of all ages Ural capital could find something for everyone.

The organizers of the exhibition, planning activities for children, set a goal to involve the younger generation to the world of innovation and interesting science.

Open the program "Children’s Day" cognitive and colorful spectacle "Izobretarium show", which collected the incredible, but explainable wonders. Younger guests saw how the birth of the rainbow were present

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In the Sverdlovsk CSTO number 1 Department of Cardiology and opened an office computer tomography

July 10 at 15.00 in the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital № 1 has opened its doors to a new pediatric cardiology and a new cabinet computed tomography for children.

The new apparatus purchased through regional healthcare modernization program of the Sverdlovsk region. The most advanced high-speed, low-dose CT scanner allows for less than 1 s (one turn of the tube) to get 64 computer and grab a slice of 4 cm zone of interest of the patient.

In the children‘s cardiology department of the CSTO number 1 assumes the treatment of children with congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, primary and

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Good park opened in Krasnoyarsk

July 12, Krasnoyarsk, opened the first children‘s adaptive playground.

It is designed specifically for children with disabilities. The landscape it is designed so that the park is easy to navigate even "wheelchairs". Playgrounds also adapted for disabled children: low stairs, railings, safe swing. In addition, all areas of environmentally friendly as made of Siberian larch, which does not require chemical treatment. The park will operate year-round, in winter there are planning to install an icy hill. At the opening of a kind park has organized many competitions.

The idea of creating the site appeared among the families of "Open Hearts"

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Open the largest tennis club in Moscow with 10 courts under one roof

On the territory of South-East of Moscow (Ryazan Avenue, 4) has opened and actively funcktsioniruet "Tennis Park" — one of the largest tennis clubs in Moscow.

An area of 6000 m2 located 10 indoor courts coated hard. This allows the number of courts tournaments both local and national level. We train youth teams of Russia. Our special pride — Tennis school, created with the support of Tennis Federation of Russia. The school tennis engaged more than 300 children and adults. The school has only Professional coaches — Candidates and master of sports.Tennis Park has paid much attention

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