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In Khabarovsk, has opened a new kindergarten for 190 places

New kindergarten "Dewdrop" on 190 children was commissioned in the Industrial district Habarovska.Stroitelstvo and equipping kindergarten all the necessary equipment and furniture at a cost of 228.5 million rubles. Of these, 85 per cent from the regional budget, while 15 percent — city. The builders have kept exactly one year.

Total area of a three-storey building is nearly five thousand square meters. And here comfortably settled accommodation for ten groups with separate bedrooms and a study room. It offers young Khabarovsk music and sports halls, an office for additional lessons, equipped with computers. There is even a sensory room, where

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In the area of Eastern Izmailovo (Moscow) has opened a kindergarten for 360 children

In the area of Eastern Izmailovo opened kindergarten № 970 "Christmas Tree". This is another building in addition to the existing garden, which will accommodate 280 children on a regular basis, and about 80 — during a short stay groups.

In Volgograd, opened a sports and gaming complex coastal — kids

On International Children’s Day at the Voroshilov district of Volgograd was inaugurated sports and gaming complex "Riverside — Children". The object at his own expense built commercial and industrial group "BIS", which also erected a modern houses.

The guys now have a multi-purpose sports field for games and competitions. Nearby is a playground with slides, swings and roundabouts. Around — the lawns with flowers, paving paths of colored tiles. The company’s investment in the development of social infrastructure amounted to 3.5 million rubles.

Chairman of the TPG "BIS" Alexander Nazarov stressed that the company in the future will continue

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In the city of Yahroma (Moscow region). Opened swimming pool

Swimming pool "Sperm Whale" sports and recreation complex "Yahroma" became the first in the city. 50-meter pool with 8 lanes located on a total area of 3.5 thousand square meters. meters. The building is equipped changing rooms, showers, massage room. To work at a sports facility attracted teachers of higher and 1st qualification category. Provided the opening for groups of children with learning to swim eight years. Planned recreational swimming for students Yakhromski secondary institutions already know how to swim. All the children will engage in free of charge.

In Volgodonsk opened a kindergarten

Today, on International Children’s Day, in Volgodonsk opened kindergarten "The Scarlet Flower". About two years ago, the city administration has decided to return to the building at ul. Bitter, 177a in the network of preschool institutions. Now Volgodonsk 34 existing kindergarten.

The opening of "Scarlet flower" began with a baby, which filled an official event of the festive atmosphere.

Then, on behalf of the mayor appealed to residents of the neighborhood deputy head of the administration of Volgodonsk Natalia Polishchuk:

— In recent years, Volgodonsk we opened two new kindergarten — "Dewdrop" and "ZORENKA." By 2015, the

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In Magnitogorsk, opened just two kindergartens

More than a hundred kids today, in a symbolic holiday, took their seats in the new nursery.

Two new children’s garden at the following addresses: pr.Karla Marx, 8 and ul.Nesterova, 19, residents of the surrounding areas are really looking forward to. Existing building, formerly owned by municipal organizations, began in September last year.

Before the eyes of the audience at the festival opened updates made by European standards and kindergartens. The total cost of the work amounted to more than 60 million rubles of the city budget. In each garden there are game rooms, music and sports

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The modern center of patriotic education has opened near Izhevsk

The first shift was opened in 2012 in the newly created Center for Military-patriotic education and training of citizens for military service. Recall that it’s based on aero DOSAAF Pyrohiv.

150 tenth Izhevsk schools take part in the defense and sports profile shift, where for five days living in field conditions in the camp and learn the basics of the first military service. The curricula of children — lessons in military and combat training, target practice, sport activities. Classes are conducted by staff operating officers and school teachers of life safety. Come to camp and experts are not

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Meet the star of Eurovision grandmother.

Approximately 30 kilometers from Izhevsk in the hills hid a small hamlet Buranovo, home to 670 people.

8 of them on Saturday will perform in Baku on the final of "Eurovision". They will defend the honor of Russia in this prestigious competition.

"Buranovskie grandmother" all his life, and someone most of it, have lived in Buranova. They sang as they say, as long as I remember. The composition was formed under the name of the star is relatively recent, in 2000. Tsoi sang and Grebenshchikova in Udmurt, then — songs of Beatles, Eagles and are recognized throughout

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The village Pospelovo (Rep. of Tatarstan) after pereprofiliroavniya opened a kindergarten for 35 seats

Before kindergarten with one group of 20 children from three to seven years, was located in a separate building, built in 1974, requiring repairs. Today, in a practice placement in a nursery school buildings. In Pospelovsky school were reconstructed. Now here are organized not one, but two groups and will attend their 35 children: 15 infants and 20 children from three to seven years. Mode of operation of the kindergarten too new — with a 9-hour to 12-hour clock.

In Kirishi (Leningrad region).’s Day the city opened a new children’s hospital

In Kirishy today held celebrations to mark the Day of the Day and chemist. Today Kirishi — is the largest center of the petrochemical industry in the Leningrad region. A gift to the birthday of the city was the opening of the new children‘s hospital complex.

Four-storey complex includes a polyclinic for 500 visits per shift, as well as separation for premature children. The total building area is 10,300 square meters. The complex is equipped with the most modern equipment: incubators for babies born prematurely, apparatus for artificial respiration, multifunctional monitors for monitoring of vital body functions.


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