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Pskov Aistenok running at full power

Another four groups that were established in the kindergarten "Aistenok." As the correspondent of the Pskov Information Agency, December 20 in nursery came the head of the city administration, Peter Slepchenko to assess the quality of the work.


On the ground floor of the building manager of the city administration showed two nurseries, which will be able to visit the children of 2009-2010. According to the deputy head of Irene Molchanova now "Aistenke" four groups for kids this age. In addition to toys, plastic slides, small chairs and tables in each of the rooms are piano.

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In Donetsk, the advent of modern children’s hospital


In Donetsk, 14.12.2011, opened after reconstruction 1st City Children’s Hospital, which this year celebrates its 35th anniversary. The press service of the Donetsk Regional State Administration.


At this point in the establishment of a fully completed overhaul yesterday, December 14, deputy chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Head of the Department of Health Petryaeva Elena took part in his inauguration.

According to Elena Petryaeva, the new hospital has become a modern medical complex for young people of Donetsk. In the wards and treatment rooms institutions have the most modern equipment, and

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In the Pit-Yah (Khanty-Mansiysk) has opened a new kindergarten for 260 places Squirrel

December 12 at Pit-Yah turn in kindergartens decreased by 260 kids. The city opened a new kindergarten.

Preschool built in 2 years. With a small break in the time of economic crisis.

Kindergarten "Squirrel" is equipped with what is called a state of the art. It has — inhalation, two children’s gym, a relaxation room, a winter garden, playing and sleeping rooms, 2 swimming pools, which employees referred to as "blue" and "green" room of Fine Arts with easels and 2 gyms.

In addition, the designers have taken care of the safety of children — in

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In Krasnoyarsk in 2011 overhauled 13 medical institutions

After the grand renovations in December will open once 2 children‘s clinics — on the street. Kutuzov and Lenin. For better evaluation of patients have bought modern equipment.

Nadezhda Makarova reveals new equipment in its updated fiziokabinete. Now it is possible to treat both children sinusitis, otitis media and other inflammatory diseases.

Nadezhda Makarova: "Treatment options for expanded — and the number of children you can treat more and better quality. Now we have a new ventilation system that allows you to ventilate the room and at the same time maintain a comfortable environment. This we did

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In the Belgorod region 20 orphans were flat


Ten semi-detached houses built in the street Valuyki LOCOMOTIVE in the long-term program to build housing for children without parental care.

1 December 20 newcomers solemnly handed the keys to a new home. The program to provide housing for orphans adopted by the government of the region in 2010 and will last until 2014. As the press service of the Belgorod Regional Duma, during this time for orphans and children left without parental care, plans to build 1,006 apartments. Last year, in such an apartment rented 331, in 2011, has built more than 350 apartments.

In Nizhny Novgorod opened Jubilee sports complex in the city of Pavlovsk

November 29, 2011. This is the Twentieth similar sports complex and, according to the governor, not the last.

The composition of FOCA includes: artificial ice rink and bleachers, swimming pools for sports and children‘s swimming, gyms, fitness room, and a universal gym with stationary bleachers for 180 people for employment in competitive sports, as well as for mass physical culture recreational, cultural and leisure activities, a football field with artificial turf. More photos … "It’s nice to see the new playground and sports facilities for playing hockey, soccer and other sports. Our objective is to build in every

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In Tula opened gymnastics hall

November 30 at the grand opening of the Thule gymnastics hall of the municipal educational institutions of further education of children "Specialized children-youth school of Olympic reserve".


Construction of the project was carried out by means of the program "Gazprom — to children." The cost of the project — 53 million rubles. Total area of 1,500 square meters. It provides gym gymnastics, auxiliary facilities, dance hall.


A new kindergarten opened in Miasse

December 1 at a solemn ceremony opened the kindergarten number 98 in Miass (Chelyabinsk region) — and long-awaited joyous event for the whole city.


The preschool will be able to take 220 kids, and while there will be operating six groups, of which two — special one for children with mental retardation, the other — for kids with allergies. Only in the region for 10 months in 2011 further opened 2 thousand 400 people.

Windows, spacious music room, bright group rooms, bright and versatile children‘s furniture, tables for individual activities that can easily be

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In the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok has opened a new clinic


’24 Unfinished street Demakov wore a formal name in children’s clinics and the antenatal clinic. In 2011, work began on the reconstruction of the building. November 29 the grand opening. Prior to 2009, unfinished at Demakov was listed on the balance of RAS as soon as the building was given to the municipality, began working to find funds for the completion of a 6-storey office clinic number 14. As recognized by the staff at the clinic serving Demakov, during the year had to combine work with patients and learn a new profession — the superintendent.

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Europe from the inside. Part 2

On the men

Who is best to assess a man, not as a woman! Many of our compatriots want to marry a Western "rich man." Not all of then are in fact the rich, but it’s not about that. In the evaluation of Western men are all agreed then: stupid and greedy. Our women at first surprised, then annoyed that a spouse is nothing to talk about — anything that does not apply to his work, he was not interested.   Yet it is not clear why our women are absolutely nothing they can do with their

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