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In the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok has opened a new clinic


’24 Unfinished street Demakov wore a formal name in children’s clinics and the antenatal clinic. In 2011, work began on the reconstruction of the building. November 29 the grand opening. Prior to 2009, unfinished at Demakov was listed on the balance of RAS as soon as the building was given to the municipality, began working to find funds for the completion of a 6-storey office clinic number 14. As recognized by the staff at the clinic serving Demakov, during the year had to combine work with patients and learn a new profession — the superintendent.

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Europe from the inside. Part 2

On the men

Who is best to assess a man, not as a woman! Many of our compatriots want to marry a Western "rich man." Not all of then are in fact the rich, but it’s not about that. In the evaluation of Western men are all agreed then: stupid and greedy. Our women at first surprised, then annoyed that a spouse is nothing to talk about — anything that does not apply to his work, he was not interested.   Yet it is not clear why our women are absolutely nothing they can do with their

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The number of children’s homes is reduced


In the Moscow region for the year ( ! ) Closed TEN orphanages. In the Krasnodar region closed on 14 !!! In just two years in an orphanage village Aban Krasnoyarsk region, not a single child.

This has not happened in Russia for a long time.

In 2010, adopted, sent to foster care, the care and custody or returned to their parents 280 children (81 percent) of the children.

(LIPETSK) Orphanage closed because ALL CHILDREN disassemble!

I recall that orphans were taking forever. There are also new children‘s home …


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In Nizhny Tagil robotics lab opens


November 26, 2011. Robotics Laboratory, designed for training young Uralians 5000, opened at the Palace of technical creativity in Nizhny Tagil. Lab created within the system of additional technical education in the Urals. The first such center was modern robotics center, opened in Yekaterinburg in May this year. In total, the region will be created eleven areas of robotics — two in Yekaterinburg, in Irbite, Nizhny Tagil, Novoural’sk, Tavda, Syrset, Artyah, town Malyshev, New Lala and Closed "Free". They will be equipped with modern equipment and robotics kits for the three age groups of children. At each

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In Pushchino (Moscow region). Appeared Semitsvetik

New kindergarten combined type, named for the famous fairy tale "SEMICVETIK" grand opening November 23, 2011 in the city of science Pushchino.


Construction of the kindergarten began in 2007, but in early 2009 it was suspended due to the crisis. Work resumed in the second half of 2010 and in early 2011 the building was completely built. And now equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable, cozy accommodation of children and their development, health care, sports and more. Sadiq, designed for 170 kids, includes eight groups for children from two to six years, including two groups

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The city Lebedian (Lipetsk region) has opened a new children’s garden

In the left-bank part of the city of Lipetsk region Lebedyan opened a new kindergarten, who became the seventh in the city. The modern three-storey building offers opportunities for travel and active development of 260 children. At their disposal — a spacious game room, bedroom, modern playground and sports fields and even a swimming pool.


Kindergarten was built in record time — in just 8 months. 155 million rubles spent on its construction have been allocated from the regional budget.

Opening of the new preschool allowed to completely eliminate all kindergartens in the city with

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In the Pine Forest (Leningrad region). Opened a new children’s clinic MSC-38

In the history of MSC-38 (Central medical unit of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia) has another important date — November 16 — the commissioning of the new building children‘s clinic.


The clinic set the unit to automatically issuing coupons to the doctor, there is a monitor with an electronic schedule, comprehensive information supporting and working online with the registrar, internet schedule on the official website CMSU and installing self-service. On the floors of hospitals, where the signal is received, a children’s play installation, as well as monitors, capable of broadcasting cartoons and entertainment

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West today: Great degeneration

For sotsiopatologii important (as opposed to psychopathology) are not taken separately thoughts, decisions and actions of the geeks, and the ratio of mass to them. It is clear that some geeks were at all times and among all peoples. The existence of the drug, the cannibals, possessed nothing has been said about the qualities of the society in which they live. As the saying goes, every family has its black sheep. Much more important is the mass reaction to the behavior of the geeks: a tolerant society to degeneratizmu, ie Whether it manifests sotsioimunny deficit by equalizing the pathology

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Rostelecom has given access to children with health problems in North Ossetia

MOSCOW, January 13. / TASS-Telecom /. North Ossetian branch of OJSC "Rostelecom" won the auction for the provision of Internet access to the Centre distance learning for children with disabilities. According to the press service of the company. Following the auction into a state contract.


During the 2012 "Rostelecom" will provide unlimited Internet 103 teachers and 185 students. Age of children, as well as the geography of connections, very different: from the first grade through high school, living not only in Vladikavkaz and big cities, but also in the settlements below the level of regional centers. Based

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Birth rate in the Novgorod region on the basis of four months

As reported by the Committee of the registrar Novgorod region, in January-April this year, the region has registered 2,289 newborn babies, 74 children, or 3.3% more than the same period last year.

"Thanks to the actions of state and regional support for families with children in the region has been a steady trend of visiting families of Novgorod the second, third and subsequent children," — said the Chairman of the Committee of the registrar Novgorod Maria Petrova, noting that out of the total number of births in the first four months of the year these children were

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