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Juvenile Justice at the threshold


22.10.12.Esche recently the term "juvenile justice" was unknown to most of us. Now he knows all viewers, although the contents are only vaguely. The memory stuck one: it allows justice to take from the parents of children in children's homes without their consent or the court.

For any slap or spank parents can deprive children of the complaint or denunciation beloved children of neighbors. Popular was the nightmarish story of a Russian wife Finn — representatives of this same justice to take away her four children, including infants. So some of the protection of children's rights arising from the

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Your children are not your


20.09.12.Etoy fall in the working agenda of the State Duma — the consideration of a package of bills relating to the family. This is a draft law "On social patronage", "On public control over the rights of orphans," "On the responsibility of parents for leaving children unattended," to create a "ministry of childhood."

In essence it is about the introduction in Russia juvenile system in its most rigid form, warns "" Hiding behind the fine phrases about children's rights, its followers infringe on full control and management of the family, until the removal of her children.

Discussion of this

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American students are tracked for electronic chips


26.10.12.V American schools have come up with a new tool to combat shirkers. Texas students forced to wear everywhere with electronic ID chips, which is always at hand to calculate their location, according to NBC News.

New technologies are designed not only to calculate take time off from training, but also to determine the amount of required financial institution. According to experts of the education system, because of the poor attendance of students district loses about $ 2 million of state support.

First on the practice of total control by computer chips went in two schools in San Antonio.

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1500 Nigerian children suffer from lead poisoning

1500 Nigerian children suffer from lead poisoning Facts

International medical team of doctors reported that 1,500 children in the mining village Badzhega in northwestern Nigeria poisoned by lead, but appropriate care has not started to provide. This is due to the fact that effective treatment can not be given to the victims, while those living in contaminated homes. The total number of affected poisoning was 4000 children, of which 2500 are receiving medical treatment after the restoration of the environment in rural areas.

Doctors spend more than $ 5 million annually to provide adequate assistance to people suffering

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In Temirtau recorded epidemic of chickenpox


KARAGANDA. February 4. — In the city of Karaganda region Temirtau an outbreak of chicken pox.

New cases of children with chickenpox doctors fix each day. On the agency reported Head surveillance management GSEN on Temirtau Gulsim Balapanova.

"In January 2011, we recorded a total of 114 cases of chickenpox, but this year there are more than 300. Ill mostly children from 2 to 7 years, most of whom attend kindergarten, "- said G.Balapanova.

"Chickenpox has a frequency of the disease, which is repeated every 1-2 years. That is, if this year we have growth, then the

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In Sochi, one of the houses collapsed wall. Video


12.05.12.Bolshe year there is a struggle with the landslide. We talked about this in one of our stories. Residents believe that a landslide triggered by the construction site, which is next to — to make a new power line. First crack went to the ground, then appeared on the houses. And here the first wall collapsed. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Six committees were, what's the point? Only pictures of hands and bred, said wall put, outlets do. Where? No tractors, no cars, these homes are gone, too, for our approach. Livni will begin, and we do

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The birth rate has increased by 6.5% in January-March 2012

Natural population growth is noted in 35 regions.

During January-March 2012 were born in Russia more than 450,000 children, which is 6.5% more than in the same period last year.

"In general, for the three months of 2012, 451.7 thousand children were born. This is 6.5% more than in 2011, "- said the head of the Health Minister Tatyana Golikova.

According to her, the death rate for the first quarter decreased by 3.3%. Natural decline in March 2012 was 5.1 thousand, a decrease of 15.1 thousand people in March last year.

In addition, Golikova noted that natural population

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The birth rate in Russia has grown by almost 30%

25 years, the country experienced severe demographic pressures. Last baby-boom, there was in the Soviet times as much in the late 80s. Quarter of a century has passed, and the birth rate began to increase just now, and, with a rate that nobody had expected. 

"Since the introduction of the" maternity capital "birth rate in Russia has grown by almost 30%. Such data on the radio station "Echo of Moscow" has led the Minister of Labour and Social Development Maxim Topilin. According to him, experts still argue, is directly linked to the two events. But all

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Fertility in Novosibirsk at the 1990 level

Every day in the Novosibirsk region 103 children is born. That's more than the average for Russia. Such data are Novosibirskstat, noting that the results of 2012, "the number of births to approximately the 1990 level."  

Statistical Office announced the results of last year. It turned out that the light in the area appeared to 2.6 thousands of kids more than the year before. Total — 37.6 thousand. "The maximum number of births occur at 25-29-year-old mothers (34.8%). In 2012 in all age groups except 15-19-year-olds (where there was a decrease in the birth rate

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Epidemic meningitis in Khabarovsk


10.08.11.Za last week in Khabarovsk found 152 cases of children with meningitis, caused by enterovirus infection. Total number of cases is 287 people.

About 60 percent of cases of serous meningitis — pre-school children, most of them attend kindergartens, said These are presented in the report, to the period from 1 to 7 August. "Last year in the same period, there were 373 cases of enterovirus infection, of which only 62 patients confirmed meningitis.

Unfortunately, this year the number of cases of serous-viral meningitis twice, "- said the chief pediatrician City Health Galina Aristova.

To avoid clusters of

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