The connection between obesity urban air pollution

The connection between obesity urban air pollution Facts

Overall, about 17% of U.S. children are obese. In urban areas this number increases to 25%. Of course, the main reasons for such shocking figures are unhealthy diet and physical inactivity, but, as stated in the new study, the School of Public Health at Columbia University Meylmen, it also involved air pollution concerns.

According to the study, the children of pregnant women living in New York and is constantly experiencing the negative impact of high concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), twice as likely to suffer from obesity reaches seven years of

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This Indian Chief Seattle in 1854

Great Chief in Washington announces that he wishes to buy our land. Great Chief also sends us a message of friendship and goodwill. He is very kind, for we know that our friendship — too small price to pay for its location. However, we think over your proposal, because they understand that if you do not sell the land, paleface come with guns and take away its power. How can you buy a sky or ground heat? This idea is not clear to us. If we did not manage the freshness of the air and splashes of water, how can

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Boriska — a man from Mars




On Earth, children are born with unusual abilities. Why is that?

I first heard about an unusual boy named Boriska stories of the expedition in the anomalous zone in the north of the Volgograd region, known in this country as "Medveditskaya ridge."

— Imagine, when everyone was

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Officials denied her a single mother of a newborn baby


7.12.12.Nachalnitsa Department guardianship Khamovniki Antonina Kobzeva Torchikovyh appeared in the apartment when Fedor was 8 days. Accompanied by two police official has taken away the baby and his 26-year-old mother, Olga to the police station.

Verdict Kobzeva sounded categorical: the baby in the house of the child, the mother — in all directions. Olga did not give even a document that her son was sent to a detention center № 6 for children with CNS and mental disorders.


Women's council against the system

This unique and cruel thing happened half a year ago in the Khamovniki district

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Rehabilitation Center opened in Khabarovsk Krai

Rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities appeared in a bikini. Center has 30 beds in the hospital day and night stay and 25 per shift to full-time students.


On the establishment of the center of regional and federal budgets spent more than 170 million. In general, from the regional budget in 2011, funding for social infrastructure edge was more than three and a half billion rubles.

Social adaptation plays an important role in the lives of children with disabilities. Experts in the field of speech, physical activity, physical therapy will help children recover

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Rehabilitation Centre of Inclusive Education

On the eve of the Feast of the Baptism of the chairman of the regional council Eugene Hoopoe pupils visited the regional training and rehabilitation center remedial work and inclusive education, where they study 235 children with hearing and speech.

Worldwide, people with disabilities are active participants in life. After all, a person's worth does not depend on his ability or achievement. All people feel and think the same way. All people need each other, need the support of all. First and foremost, it concerns children. These are the main principles of inclusive education, whose mission

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Rehabilitation center for children opened in Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region

Rehabilitation center for children with diseases of the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system opened in Koltsovo, Novosibirsk Region on the basis of the district hospital.

Physiotherapy (special equipment and swimming pools for the development of the musculoskeletal system), hippotherapy (horseback riding therapy) and occupational therapy — the main features of the new center.


As the chief physician of the Novosibirsk Regional Hospital number 1 Vladimir Bespalov, a rehabilitation center is the only one in the Novosibirsk region uses similar technology.

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In the Orenburg region fire in warehouses with ammunition


MOSCOW, June 11. / ITAR-TASS /. Due to a fire at a military warehouse of ammunition evacuated children's camp, planned evacuation of the village Koltubanovsky. Itar-Tass reported in the power structures of the region.

"Because of the fire forced the evacuation of 65 children from the camp, located in the state of emergency, also completed the evacuation of the military unit," — said the source. According to him, it is planned to evacuate and Koltubanovsky town, located 14 km from the warehouses.


In all schools for pupils Lipetsk will monitor camera



15.11.12.Sistemy surveillance will monitor the building and the school yard. So City Department of Education plans to protect students. Now CCTV systems already installed in 27 schools of Lipetsk.

First director sights on total surveillance and even dreamed to put cameras in all classes. But when considered, it turned out, it is very expensive — five million rubles plus three million a year for maintenance. At school number 48 worth four cameras. This is enough to control the entrance and several corridors. Camcorder not only provide security, improve school discipline.

— I will reveal a little

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Onishchenko proposes to vaccinate children without parental consent


Gennady Onishchenko has vaccinate children without parental consent. Photo:

05/01/11.Gennady Onishchenko, head of Rospotrebnadzor proposed to restrict the right of parents to refuse vaccinations for their children and make this restriction in the legislative initiative.

According to him, he had already discussed a possible bill to the Children's Rights under the President of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov.

— Parents who do not vaccinate their children are committing a crime — said Gennady Onishchenko, the radio station "Echo of Moscow". — Waiver of vaccinations, including for religious reasons is a violation of children's rights. A child under

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