In the U.S. averaged 1,000,000 homeless students

The U.S. Department of Education released the official statistics: the number of homeless children in the United States reached nearly 1 million people. True, it is only those who attend educational institutions. By the way, even five years ago, homeless children and adolescents was 57% less.

How do I find the officials, most of the officially registered homeless minors living in special shelters, cheap hotels, train stations, as well as churches and hospitals. Some were allowed under the roof of the familiar. Many of these children are using drugs and become victims of sexual crimes. Some of them had

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U.S. has the second highest number of children living in poverty

According to UNICEF, 23.1% of American children under the age of 17 live in poverty. U.S. ranks 2nd in the economically developed countries. In the first place — Romania, where poverty is suffering from 25.5% of children.

The poverty rate of children (% of children living in families whose income is less than 50% of the median in their countries)

Translator's Note: The table is taken from the UNICEF report, which you can read here:

The data are based on the statistics of the European Union for the year 2009 in 29 countries (27 EU Member States plus

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Germans in Germany in the role of minorities

German Minister for Family Affairs Kristina Schröder spoke yesterday on state television, warning that many of the children from the families 'ethnic' Germans are humiliated and discriminated against by the children of immigrants. She had to admit that "the German children humiliated for what they are Germans."

"Anti-German speech — a form of xenophobia and racism" — said the Minister. And found it necessary to explain: "It is discrimination for belonging to a certain ethnic group."

Schroeder added that this phenomenon is prevalent in schools and public transport.

The Prime Minister of Bavaria Horst Seehofer was not satisfied with

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Limbo — this paradise of Western-style

Oz refuses to take a long time travelers, but they were seeking an audience and demand fulfillment of promises. Oz confesses that he liar who can not cast spells, and got here from Omaha, being carried away by the wind on a hot air balloon. The city looks emerald because all the people wear green glasses.

(LF Baum's fairy tale "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz")

Recently, my friend came from Germany, he went there with his son. The young man looked at a few days of life of the Germans and asked the pope: "And this is their

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On the transparency of the U.S. financial system

Continuing the theme:

The well-known news agency CNBC October 25, 2012 attracted the attention of leading international media to the largest in U.S. history, the claim on money laundering and racketeering, in which the "banksters" and their partners are accused of racketeering ill-gotten proceeds of $ 43 trillion. The lawsuit states that in the case involving officials who are in the highest positions in government and the financial sector. As the Obama administration does not pursue any criminal from the "banksters", and in fact actively takes these same "banksters" money for the campaign of Mr. Obama, a national

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Raising children in the United States: sadism in the law

More than bizarre methods of "training" (more like torture), which became known during the trials of adoptive parents in the United States, is not the fruit of a sick mind mentally inadequate people. This "therapy" in the United States recommend to suppress the will of foster children. And her followers already actively advocate, and teachers in Russia.

Jessica Bigley at one point became famous not only in the state of Alaska, but also far beyond. And all thanks to home video, which she posted in a popular TV show. On frames makes a woman's adopted son from Russia to

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Belarus Foreign Ministry: Violations of human rights in individual countries of the world in 2012


Promotion of Racial Discrimination

August 30 in front of a large number of police officers a few football fans gathered at a square in Vienna on the eve of a football match, attacked a passing rabbi, chanting anti-Semitic slogans: "Jews, get out!" And "Heil Hitler", while portraying the Nazi greeting.

According to the rabbi, three police officers were standing five feet, but no action was taken. They were ignored and calls for help the victim.

The rights of migrants and refugees

Several former employees of the refugee center "Zaualm" (Carinthia) reported a number of violations of the rights

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White Rabbit-racist from Disneyland refuses to embrace the Negro children

Black family blames the Disneyland amusement park staff of racism. According to the parents, an actor dressed as the White Rabbit, the character of "Alice in Wonderland", refused to embrace their children because of skin color.

The incident took place in Disneyland park in Anaheim, California. Jason and Annelia Black said that the actor showed intolerance towards their children and did not even want to touch them. However, fair-skinned visitors with White Rabbit spoke differently.

"Send two more children. Rabbit showered them with marks of attention. Hugged them, kissed them, posed with them for photographs. At the same time

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Adoption in Russia

In 2009, the trend of reducing the number of children without parental care identified during the year.

The structure of adoption in 2009

In 2004, it looked like this:

In 2004, foreign citizens adopted in 1.3 more children than the Russians. In 2009, the Russians adopted 2.3 times more children than foreign citizens!

As citizens of Russia are considered first for adoption, then bolshinsvo infants remain in the country. (Newborn Russians give 24 times more often than foreigners)

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Gay legions and politics

After the 2012 presidential elections in the U.S. The New York Times reported that among homosexuals America winner in this election he defeated his rival by a margin of 3:1, and "it was enough to win the scale of the nation." Perhaps this should not be surprising, given how rapidly the number of "gay" in the United States: according to the service of Gallup, in the age group over 65 years of homosexuals claim 1.9% of Americans in the group from 30 to 49 — 3 , 2%, and among youth 18 to 29 — is 6.4%.

The Gay

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