Chelyabinsk school converted into secure facilities Entrance through the turnstile, lunch on the cards


Chelyabinsk, September 07 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — The beginning of the school year for students turned Chelyabinsk some schools and parents next unpleasant innovations.

As the correspondent of "New Region", this year changed the order of admission to educational institutions. Status institutions, which previously operated the principle of city set, first-graders are now required to take the place of residence. As a result, in some high schools and high schools scored more first class than usual for 4-5 instead of 3. In this case, with the explicit enumeration: in the first grade of a high school there are

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Maternity capital in 2013 will be more than 408 thousand rubles

Maternity capital for the birth of a second child in 2013 will amount to 408.9 thousand rubles, according to a draft of the federal budget, released Tuesday by the official website of the Ministry of Finance.

"Set the size of the parent (family) capital stipulated by the Federal Law of 29 December 2006 № 256-FZ" On additional measures of state support for families with children "in 2013 was 408,960.5 rubles," — the document says.

Maternity capital in 2012 amounted to 387.6 thousand rubles. Entitled to receive it have a family in which, after January 1, 2007

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The development of tourism in Kamchatka

February 21 in the village of Paratunka (Yelizovsky district) inaugurated the cornerstone of a resort tourism and recreation cluster.

Total area of the resort area 370 hectares. In this area will be carried out specific private projects. The first should be the children's and youth rehabilitation center "Scarlet Sails". According to the investor Alexander Yashkina, this will be a country summer camp year-round residence for children and adolescents: "We will build pools with thermal water, comfortable cottages — 3 buildings, each with a capacity of 100 people, gyms, indoor water park, designed for a

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Snezhinsk hospital to make an appointment online


25.04.12.Detskaya clinic Snezhinsk An electronic registry. Get a coveted voucher to the doctor can now, from the comfort of home. Just go to the site and leave a message.

While the system is in test mode. Within two weeks snezhintsam recommended to recheck your email coupon — just call the reception.

Electronic record to the doctor is part of the modernization of the health system. Snezhinsk until it introduced only in the children's clinic in the future will be, and in the "adult" room.

"Next, we plan to improve the system. We have the opportunity to expand, and

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Five former kindergarten PAC opened in Vladivostok

November 23, all five former kindergarten PF otkrylis.Teper these institutions operate in the status of municipalities. With the transfer of the gardens at their disposal the municipality has received 235 pre-school places — so many children are designed to ex-military gardens.


Three of the five gardens to address the military were closed from the beginning of autumn. Department of Defense agencies did not communicate to the balance of the city. The mechanism of transmission of the defense department was launched only in the beginning of November. Then the on-line began to bring in the order of

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Two close contact in France




Spouses Leboeuf spent Sunday at his grandfather Mrs. Leboeuf in Chabeuil (Drôme). At noon on September 26, 1954, Mrs. Leboeuf the dog into the woods near the cemetery to collect mushrooms. At the cemetery, there were a few people.

Mr. Leboeuf was at a distance of about

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About the indigo children




The main symptom of "Indigo" — is that deep down inside they are aware of their special mission, can not stand when they are trying to control or put them in a queue. Each of them knows that he is — is special, and not in the

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Bulgaria. 80 children became infected with an unidentified illness


8.08.11.Kak passes, a summer camp for children in holiday Kavatsite of 83 children from Stara Zagora 80 contracted unknown illness.

Symptoms include fever, nausea, and fatigue. First, doctors have sinned for food, but the taking of samples of products and analysis of children show that is not the case. Does not determine a viral infection or other cause. One child was taken in serious condition in Burgas hospital.

Source: Bulgaria news on-line

Heavy rains in the Czech Republic


WARSAW, July 21 — RIA Novosti, Leonid Sviridov. Heavy rains that hit the Czech Republic, led to a sharp rise in the water level in the rivers in the north, the south-western and central parts of the country, in three regions of the republic declared the threat of flooding, according to the Czech news agency CTK Thursday.

The first (highest) level of threat of floods declared on 11 rivers in the Pilsen, Liberec and Usti edges.

Because of the threat of disaster rescue workers have been evacuated to a safe area for 30 children from a school holiday camp

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15 children got heat stroke in the camp


Photo from:

13.07.11.Vospitanniki military training camps "Yeisk" urgently admitted to a local hospital.

Campers in Kuban children aged 7 to 15 years complained of feeling unwell. Camp director called an ambulance. Medics transported the victims to a local hospital, where all 15 students was diagnosed with heat udar.ChP provoked debilitating heat, hit the Krasnodar region since the beginning of this week.

Several children undergoing paramilitary training camp "Yeisk," complained of headaches, nausea and dizziness.

— We immediately called paramedics — told Life News camp director "Yeisk" Sergei Vyshemirsky. — All the children were hospitalized in the Central

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