In China, more than a hundred children fell ill with viral encephalitis


BEIJING, June 1. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Kirillov /. More than a hundred children were ill in East China in May viral encephalitis.

As reported by the Chinese media, only in Fujian Province were found about two hundred suspected cases of this disease, of which viral encephalitis so far diagnosed in 115 patients. Doctors found that the infectious agent — intestinal virus type ECHO30. Now all children are treated in the infectious diseases hospital. Their stable state.

The local health department states that all children aged under 12. Approximately half of the patients are there in a village Hutou. AMI-TASS

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Fire in the SEC Krasny Yar in Lesosibirsk. Video


21.02.12.Sotrudnikam MOE been localized fire in a shopping center in Lesosibirsk Krasnoyarsk, fire area exceeds 3.3 thousand square meters, said a spokeswoman at the edge GUMCHS Elena Yastrebkova.

The fire started in the annexe to the building of the shopping center "Krasny Yar". Additional building consists of three floors and the attic. After the flames spread to the main building of the three-story store. From a burning building were rescued 50 people.

"At 20.34 (16.34 MSK) fire localized to the area of 3.36 thousand square meters. At the moment, along with fire extinguishing examined store. Extinguishing are

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The project Health of rural children from socially maladjusted families of TB patients’

Objectives of the project: interdisciplinary management of a child living in the outbreak of tuberculosis infection, including socio-educational and psychological support and promote the maintenance of health. Objectives of the project: social and psychological rehabilitation of children from foci of tuberculosis infection, including the conditions of their stay in the Orthodox camp; the formation and development of healthy lifestyles in order to prevent children from becoming ill with tuberculosis; work with the family to enhance its protective functions in relation to the child; processing of information for the family, in which the child is brought up, caught in a situation

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Mites have bitten more than a hundred thousand Russians


MOSCOW, May 23. / Itar-Tass Anna Bazhenov /. In Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk and Irkutsk regions increased by 4.6 times the number of people bitten by ticks. This was announced today at a press conference, the chief state sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko.

"Right now, we are concerned about 64 of the 82 subjects of the Russian Federation in terms of prevalence of ticks," — he said. So far this year more than 100 thousand Russians bitten by ticks. Fortunately, not every insect is carrying the infection: encephalitis and borreliosis. In connection with the beginning of the season, children's health, Gennady

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In China, protesting against emissions. Video


17.10.11. At 9:00 pm on October 14 residents of the Fenghuang in Suzhou in eastern China blocked the entrance to the technology company Keshen. They are protesting against the emission of gaseous wastes at two plants operated by the company.

Residents say that these emissions pollute the environment in their area and negatively affect the health of children and the elderly.

[Jan, a resident of Fenghuang]

"These gas emissions enter the body through the nose, particularly affects children and the elderly. They begin to cough. "

To suppress the protest city government sent armed police. The demonstrators were

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In California pertussis epidemic


Parents are required to make children vaccinated

22.09.11.Nachalo school in some secondary schools in California was marked by long queues of students lined up for a mandatory vaccination … pertussis.

This is the new rule of the Joint Department of school education in Los Angeles (LA Unified School District), entered this school year in schools. Parents should accept these terms not so much out of fear of possible infection, how much of the need to comply with the conditions of LAUSD, if they want their children to go to a new campus.

Many of them even before the

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Measles in Ecuador: 107 cases


22.10.11.Chislo contracted measles in Ecuador as of October 22 was 107, the last two days there were 5 new cases in the province of Tungurahua, in the mountainous part of the country, where the disease has appeared in July.

Last Thursday, the country began a mass vaccination of children against measles. Of the total, 66 diagnoses were made on the basis of epidemiological confirmation of contact with sick, 39 laboratory confirmed. Most people are sick all in the same province of Tungurahua: 100, five people diagnosed with measles were hospitalized in the province of Pichincha, Cotopaxi in Guayas and

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In Angola, hundreds of children in the schools were poisoned unknown poison



PRETORIA, July 30. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Paul Myltsev /. In Angola, hundreds of children in the schools were poisoned unknown poison. As reported today, the agency SAPA, the causes of poisoning and its source is not identified.

According to the director of the state hospital in the capital, Luanda — Renata Paulata, about 300 students from public and private schools are experiencing nausea, headaches, sore throat, and sometimes suffocation. Two children were in critical condition, he said. Others in the country were about 600 cases with similar symptoms.


In Afghanistan, brutal to cholera


17.06.11.Epidemiya cholera is spreading rapidly in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, is now noted for several thousand cases. Said the head of the local health department Ahmadullah Faizi.

According to him, in the last two months of registered deaths from this disease a few dozen children, RIA Novosti reported.

According to doctors, 80% of cholera cases from the total number of cases are children under the age of about five years.

The main cause of the epidemic, said Faizi is a blatant lack of sanitation in Afghan families using nursing dirty teats, inadequate access to clean drinking water,

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In Moldova, the lightning struck four people


Chisinau, June 01 (New Region, Eugene Markin) — In Moldova tonight lightning killed a father and daughter. Two other children suffered burns.

As the "New Region" with reference to the Moldovan emergency services, the tragedy in the village of Sherpas Novoanenskogo district. A man with three children — two girls and a boy — grazed cows in a field. When the storm began, the four hid under a tree.

Lightning struck the tree, struck fatally injured 39-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl he was holding his hand. She died on the spot. The boy and the other girl miraculously

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