Whether to implant a microchip children?. Video


4.08.11.Peterburgskie parents come out with an unexpected initiative — is implanted in the body's own microchip children to always know where their child. At least, according to the online survey, the majority spoke in favor of such a radical measure.

Particularly after high-profile cases of missing children in St. Petersburg and the region. Ardent opponents — people with imagination — say it's a full-scale attack on the rights and freedoms. But experts and authors of the idea at all disappointing. Report Elena Gorshenin:

Once she mastered the months of the TV remote, now comes the good with the

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In China, millions of starving children. Photo


School children in poor areas of China. 2011. Photo from epochtimes.com

9.10.11.V poor mountain villages of China has a serious problem nutrition and physiological development of children. Many wonder, did the government has no money?

Children mountain Guizhou Province every day get up at 5:00 and no breakfast for 1-2 hours on the mountain trails to get to school. Some almost no dinner, from weakness, they do not attend physical education classes, and just lie on the benches. In 15 hours of lessons are over and the children again 1-2 hours walk along mountain trails home. Only in

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Shi Ying-Song. Unsafe toys in a series of Na Zha

Chinese designer, obviously having intense cravings for the robots and weapons, Shi Ying-Song, can even make out of the pram fighting machine. Maniac? Perhaps, but their work on Unsafe Children's Accessories he puts the soul …

Through sometimes provocative installations and something that can be called household items, designer initiates a dialogue between the Chinese traditional culture, largely based on mythology and contemporary reality, with its rapid processes of globalization.

A special surprise (and someone, for sure, and delight) produce works from the series «Na Zha» — line "unsafe children's

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Ball horror




"Evening Moscow", 16.03.2004, Moscow, n48, p.4

Author: Natalia Leskov

_ * He suffered from Moscow Olga Ponizova Fryazevo * _

Pensioner Olga Ponizova from Moscow Fryazevo never in the newspapers did not address: felt his modest lady does not particularly notable. A change of heart after the

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08.08.12.Gibel pigeons in Kostroma



08.08.12.Vchera residents witnessed the eerie paintings in the city center.

At about 18.00 near the fire tower on the area fell to the pavement Susaninskaya six pigeons, the correspondent of the portal K1NEWS.RU. According to witnesses — the birds are literally died on the fly.

Walking area Kostroma not understand what was happening, some impressionable women even cried. "Eerie sight — go to the area, and right before you fall down dead birds" — said one of the women — eyewitnesses.

Parents are frightened children rushed to withdraw their children rather to the main square.

As commented

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Very strange kids




They are called the children of light, God's blessing, the new messiah. However, the parents of the "Kinder" is not very fond of their children unusual …

In the late 70's — early 80's born children were born, it is not like the other girls and boys.

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Landslide covered an orphanage in Malaysia


22.05.11.V result of two landslides in the west of Malaysia 16 people died. In addition, nine people were seriously travmy.Proisshestvie happened at the orphanage, which is located in the state of Selangor, says RBC. Cause of natural disaster is not yet clear. Apparently, it is due to the fact that the soil near the shelter was washed out by rain, which took place in the area the day before.

The victims were 15 boys and one adult, said "Fontanka.ru". Three other employees and six children were hospitalized. They are in a serious condition. To retrieve the dead and injured

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Why in the Kuban in 8 years to close half of children’s homes?

The problem of orphans again recently stirred up our society since the enactment of Dima Yakovlev and new cases of death of adopted children from Russia to the United States. In this regard, I would like to tell the readers of the portal "Made us" on the Kuban experience solutions to this complex problem.


Kuban for this problem psychologically difficult, as I think, in general, and Russia. Kuban society has always been conservative and patriarchal. Orphanhood perceived as something wrong and if the child is an orphan, that the education of his relatives

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A new medical building Ivanovo Oblast Children’s Hospital

Regional Children's Hospital — a specialized children's health care facility providing inpatient medical care and counseling to children of the Ivanovo region. Construction of the medical building regional children's hospital with 103 beds started in 2007. Was allocated 547.8 million, including the construction and installation work — 337.8 million rubles for the purchase of medical equipment — 210 million rubles.

The new building is planned to place the receiving-ray department, operating theater, intensive care unit and intensive care, surgical, orthopedic and traumatology department, a children's emergency station.


In the framework of the modernization of health

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In Tula destroyed Israeli party porridge for children



8.06.12.Opasnuyu child health boiled rice production Israeli company Remedia killed June 8 at the site and disposal of solid waste in Thule.

I recall that in three batches intended for baby food product Tula Rospotrebnadzor were found pathogenic bacteria, and then all samples were contaminated meals were withdrawn from trading networks.

As reported head bacteriological laboratory Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Tula region Antonina Sypchenko, "… this rice porridge could cause substantial harm to children under 1 year. In particular they can develop diseases such as septic infection and enterocolitis, which in some cases lead to

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