After a 15-year hiatus in paragraph Kuvykta Tyndinskogo Amur region reopened kindergarten

After a 15-year hiatus in the village Kuvykta Tyndinskogo Amur region reopened kindergarten. The village now has a place where you can bring your child, where it will engage educators, where he will be able to communicate with their peers.


Nursery school for kids in the village Kuvykta was the finale in 2011. Group care and sanitation while open for 16 children. Such groups have appeared in the townships of Anosov, Chilchi and Larba. Of all children to receive an additional 70 sites throughout the area.


"For all the time in the

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Strengthening of the aura of the child

November 21, 2011 12:03

Gentle aura child can penetrate astral beats that only adult feels like a light touch. Magical protection for the baby is important, not less, than preventive vaccination against diphtheria. The most characteristic symptom of damage to the aura of casually said to the child or his mother a bad word — nightmares that are often plagued by a child under the age of 3 to 7.8 years. Waking up in the middle of the night, he was either crying hysterically or horror pops out of bed and ran instinctively seek the protection of their parents, not

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Death cup killed twenty Russians. Video


5.10.11.Srazu in several Russian regions have been cases of mass poisoning mushroom poisoning and is increasingly becoming a death. Thus, in the Saratov Oblast Clinical Hospital died immediately, three local residents — a husband and wife, and their friend. Survived only two year old daughter of the victims, which, fortunately, ate very little mushrooms.

Told reporters in the regional office "Rospotrebnadzor" victims gathered mushrooms right in the city park. Overall, in the Saratov region in June of mushroom poisoning 8 people died, all of them were poisoned by death cup, which this year is very similar to russules.

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Dozens of children were frozen to death in Afghanistan

February 21. Last Month unprecedented frosts in Afghanistan killed more than 40 children, mostly in refugee camps near Kabul. Previously reported 28 victims, said

This winter was the coldest for the country over the past 15 years. Representative of the international organization Save the Children in Afghanistan Grabmen Bob noted that in the coming days is expected to gain frost that threatens to increase in the infant mortality rate, especially in the refugee camps, home to the most affected by the war the citizens of Afghanistan.

According to

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Signs of the Day X for the U.S.

When the U.S. economy collapses, the thin layer of civilization that we take for granted, will fade. In fact, it is already an increasing number of signs that the process of the destruction of our society is accelerating. In cities such as Chicago loitering young people, gathering in small groups, make a "group loot" of local businesses, attacking random tourists and shoppers and even throw people out of vehicles. And this is happening not only in "bad neighborhoods." Over the last couple of months this type of crime has become commonplace in some considered the richest areas of Chicago. Now

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In American theater depicting a flying ghost

October 20, 2012 4:45

The American Theatre Rialto Square Theatre Joliet City (Ill.) captured the ghost.

Day.Az reports with reference to the Huffington Post, «Ghostbusters" depicting contours flying ghosts. In any case, as they say.

"Ghostbusters" were in the theater, as its employees at night regularly hear the "voice from nowhere", and some even saw the "spirit of a woman in white."

According to the myth, popular theater, children's voices publishes ghost little boy who died in the theater after it was hit by a car on the road in front of their building. Workers theater ghost

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Positive trends in the industrial sector of the Tyumen region

In January the index of industrial production reached more than 123% to the corresponding period in 2010. Developing steadily, particularly mining and processing industry. More than 160 thousand square meters. meters of housing introduced in January Tyumen builders. New housing is in accordance with the planned targets.

The registered unemployment rate remains the lowest in the Ural Federal District and is 0.82%. The number of vacancies is close to 16 thousand. Of these, 13,000 — are permanent jobs. In 2011, the program to promote employment includes a number of new areas that focus on employment assistance and

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Russian police have released the manga for Kids

The Ministry of Interior issued a memo "The police — to children", painted in the style of Japanese manga comics.

The authors have collected comics rules that, in their opinion, will help children get away with. Memo is divided into three sections: how to conduct themselves on the street, in transport and at home without parents. At the site of the MIA said, that the comic will be distributed among children, although not specified how.

If strangers are a phone call or knock on the door, then, as advised by the Interior Ministry, it is impossible to say that the

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The flight to immortality

On the eve of the lightest and holy to all of us of the holiday — the Day of the Victory of the Soviet people over Nazi Germany, we want to pay tribute and memory to one of the millions who died in that terrible war. All the dead soldiers and officers, and all those whom fate has been predetermined to survive its horrors — the real heroes. But among them there are such people, a feat that shakes to the core. One of them — Alexander P. Mamkin.

Partizan Mommy's baby passes for boarding

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Kharkiv covered chickenpox


24.07.11.V 13 groups 13 kindergartens Dzerzhinsky and Ordzhonikidze district of Kharkiv quarantined due to illness of children with chickenpox. This was reported by the chief medical officer of Kharkov Irina Zubkov.

As the press service of the Kharkiv city council, she said, from January to June 2011 the first among viral diseases is chickenpox (that 47.1% of all infectious diseases in Kharkov excluding influenza and ARI). Number of cases of chickenpox in Kharkov, compared to the same period in 2010, increased by 68.3%, the LIGABusinessInform.

Zubkov said that in several kindergartens Dzerzhinsky and Ordzhonikidze district virus lives for five

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