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In the camps for the summer 600 children poisoned

Authorized the Presidential Council for Children's RightsPavel Astakhovsummed up the summer recreation campaign — 2011. During the three summer months in the summer camps, there were 13 fatal PE. In 10 cases, the children were drowned by an oversight adults — in the Republic of Tyva, Krasnodar Krai, Kemerovo, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Amur regions. And was also the case of suicide: in the Sverdlovsk region, in a children's camp "Red Hill" hanged a 16-year-old. They find out the cause.

But the main scourge of the summer in mass poisoning of children. Their total was 15, and the total number of

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Seven children died from rabies after biting bats in Peru

Seven children died from rabies after biting bats in Peru, according to local media.

According to the Ministry of Health, we are talking about cases of bites children from Indian villages. Attacks were reported in April and May of this year in the south-east of the South American country.

All victims of bites children lived in one of the villages in the region of Cusco. Victims were from 11 months to 13 years. Now working in the medical teams that conduct vaccination Indian population.

This is not the first time that the attack bat rabies in Peru lead to tragic

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Africa: The Obesity Epidemic against hunger

While in the Horn of Africa lyutuet strongest in the last 60 years of drought and starvation still threatens 11 million people in rural and / or war-ravaged areas in large cities the nutrition-tends to the opposite extreme. Kenyan doctors say that almost half of the women affected by the food crisis this country are overweight and it is time to treat obese.

While starving on the periphery wander from place to place in search of heads gnawed corn, urban Africans, rejecting traditional food, daily spending money on a Western-style fast food — eating fatty, fried, salty. On these

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Famine in Somalia: UN warns of 750,000 deaths in the coming months

As many as 750,000 people could die in Somalia due to the worsening drought in the coming months, the UN has warned that the famine broke out in the new area. The UN says that tens of thousands of people died after the most severe drought in East Africa in 60 years. Bay is the sixth region and was officially declared a famine zone — mostly in the southern part of Somalia controlled by the Islamists' Al-Shabab. Around 12 million people in the region need food aid. Situation in the Bay Area has become worse than it was before, said

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In Amuria children poisoned chlorine vapor

Belogorsky Interdistrict Investigation Department of the Amur region opened a criminal investigation into the poisoning of 11 children aged from two and a half to 13 years of chlorine vapor, said Tuesday the Senior Assistant to the RF IC region Alexei Lubinskii.

As investigation established that on October 22 ambulance station received a call from the sauna in Belogorsk where rested 11 children with adult supervision.

"The children had symptoms of chlorine vapor poisoning — vomiting, cramps, and pain in the eyes, and cough. They immediately hospitalized. On the same day in the presence of experts Rospotrebnadzor investigators made in

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The school with the damage




Parents accused teachers of witchcraft

No, strangely enough, this time the book of the Harry Potter series has nothing to do with it. Location — the high school in the south of Tanzania. An ordinary school in the heart of the Dark Continent — 800 pupils,

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In China, the starving children

In poor mountain villages of China has a serious problem nutrition and physiological development of children. Many wonder, did the government has no money?

Children mountain Guizhou Province every day get up at 5:00 and no breakfast for 1-2 hours on the mountain trails to get to school. Some almost no dinner, from weakness, they do not attend physical education classes, and just lie on the benches. In 15 hours of lessons are over and the children again 1-2 hours walk along mountain trails home. Only in the evening at home they are able to eat a hot meal, according

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Because facial hair girl named witch, and expelled from the country


The girl from Nepal, who was born with a very rare disease, was forced to hide from the people and be an outcast, all nine years of his life, because the neighbors called her a monster and a witch.

My father talked about how his daughter avoided the society of other children, because she was born with a rare disease, because of which the left half of her face was covered with thick black hair. Superstitious villagers called Bhavana Tami, who is now nine years old, "a monster."

The reason was

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United Nations: a cholera epidemic in Somalia

Officials say cases of acute watery diarrhea — an important indicator of risk of cholera — are now at 4.272 in Somalia — 11 per cent (an increase last week, said the figure of 3.839. WHO public health adviser Dr. Michel Yao told reporters in Geneva on Friday that the number of cholera cases also rose sharply this year, with officials confirming 18 cases in the 30 lab samples taken in the last few days from people living in the capital, Mogadishu. Yao said that 60 percent of confirmed infections is "high risk" disease is spreading rapidly — "so we

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Australia: born a clone




Some time ago, an international company "ClonAid" again reported the birth of a cloned baby.

Australia has become home to a clone. Company president Dr. Boisselle said the child, or rather boy, perfect health, as well as five other children born as a result of cloning in

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