Ball horror can arrive at any time




The curd is heated plasma is able to think, some researchers

Natalia Leskov

Olga from Moscow Ponizova Fryazevo never in the newspapers did not address: felt his modest lady does not particularly notable. A change of heart after the third time in his life faced with a

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The number of children in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia are at death from hunger, jumped sharply

Africa: The number of hungry people has exceeded 10 million

The number of African children in situations of high risk of death from exhaustion, jumped sharply this year due to the severe drought that afflicted the zone inside the Horn of Africa to the north-east of the continent.As reported here today to journalists at a press briefing press secretary UNICEF / UNICEF / Marx Mercado, in Ethiopia since 2009, the number of children at risk of death in the near future, has increased by 45 percent to 312.7 thousand people. "In Somalia, it increased by a third over the same

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Intestinal infection walks in kindergartens Nizhny Tagil

Intestinal infections in Nizhny Tagil began to hurt more often Photo: Igor Birman

Health malyshni in kindergartens Nizhny Tagil health officers have taken under special control. Painfully often Urals became sick with intestinal diseases. Since early November, 268 people became ill. The figure of 26 per cent over the average annual level. Ill adults and children, but children are more likely, and those who walk in the gardens.

— During the inspection found that in the gardens often violate the sanitary-epidemiological rules — say in Rospotrebnadzor.

So while the infection is not won, health officers have decided to

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An eerie magic tribe Yekuana


Yekuana — a tribe, vlachaschih their miserable existence in the forests of the Amazon. Driven whites in the most remote corners of the rain forest, where dominate hordes of mosquitoes and crocodiles, these people are living in the stone age, engaged in hunting and gathering. In rare holidays, coming together, they perform strange rituals without music, reminiscent of dance. At the end of the festival they eat the powdered bones of dead relatives, allowing the release of their souls.

Tribe makiritare or Yekuana as they call themselves, rather large and incorporates

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The U.S. hurricane lifted into the air lock with children

A strong gust of wind tore off the ground on Sunday in New York City children's inflatable castle in the air, which in turn began landing and injured 13 people. "Inside the ride at the time of the incident there were children — told police Eric Evans. — After landing, air lock rolled, several people were injured."According to police, the perpetrators may incur administrative liability. Involved in the incident escaped with minor injuries and were taken to a local clinic, told Itar-Tass.


In Crimea, a growing number of mental illnesses

Crimean doctors are sounding the alarm: the peninsula is growing rate of mental illness, but the government does not care about the global problem of society. Money for mental health care offer little, and problems accumulated with interest. Various diseases and disorders associated with mental health, today one in five people suffers autonomy. Causes of neurosis, psychosis, enuresis, or more severe as schizophrenia or epilepsy, alas, abound. To adversely affect the human psyche alcoholism, drug addiction, man-made disasters, unemployment, computer addiction and poor environmental conditions. But the main reason that people are gradually going crazy, derives from social disadvantage, for

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Halkidiki — the perfect place for a family holiday

Halkidiki — one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Greece. The wonderful climate and clean clear sea, flora Peninsula made it a favorite destination of both the Greeks and tourists from around the world. Contributed to this pristine beauty of the peninsula, rich in history and hospitality of the local population.

Ideal Peninsula and for families. Those who decide to come to rest in Halkidiki with children, will be something to entertain their kids. On the Peninsula Hotel fairly strong base, and each hotel made sure to relax in Halkidiki kids had something to do in your free sea

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Landslide in Malaysia covered the orphanage: 16 people died + Video

Landslide covered orphanage

In the Malaysian state of Selangor landslide, resulting in under tons of mud was an orphanage.


According to recent information, the victims of disaster were 16 people, including 14 children and two teacher.

Injuries also have 9 people, the state of the three doctors estimate to be critical. They urgently hospitalized from the blast site.   The rescue operation lasted for almost a day. Dead boys — from 8 to 18 years. Killed at least 16 children Photo: AP        


The latest victim of the landslide was removed 12

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The first center in the Russian Youth Innovation Creativity opened in Kazan

In Kazan, the innovation technology park "The idea of" opening the 1st century Russian Youth Innovation Centre creativity. The event was attended one of the shareholders of Technopark "Idea", General Director of JSC "Tatneftekhiminvest holding" raffinate Yarullin. It was he who set in motion the robot, which carried out the symbolic opening of the center. The robot was created by the guys working in the center of Lego-engineering and robotics.

In Kazan, will operate three such centers, the opening of one of them — at school number 19 — is scheduled for mid-March. Only in Tatarstan will work

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Toys and not only

Toys — the foundation of the development of children. They help children learn about the world. There are a number of consumer properties that should have every toy. These include: security, clarity for the child, a beautiful appearance. All these qualities have toy brand "1 TOY". On the Web site offers a wide range of products for children. By the way, is also something that adults will like. For example, bicycles, sports & tourism, and more. As for children, the pages of the electronic catalog you will find just about anything you might need child. If your child asks for

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