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Toys and not only

Toys — the foundation of the development of children. They help children learn about the world. There are a number of consumer properties that should have every toy. These include: security, clarity for the child, a beautiful appearance. All these qualities have toy brand "1 TOY". On the Web site offers a wide range of products for children. By the way, is also something that adults will like. For example, bicycles, sports & tourism, and more. As for children, the pages of the electronic catalog you will find just about anything you might need child. If your child asks for

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Russia’s first kindergarten opened in a new generation of Sverdlovsk region

Unique kindergarten opened today in the city of Sverdlovsk Region Sredneuralsk. This is the first kindergarten in the Russian Federation reconstructed under the project "a new type of kindergarten."

Kindergarten number 20 in Sredneuralsk today one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective in our country.

Implemented in Sredneuralsk project showed that old kindergarten built in 1969 through the use of innovation can not only take the children twice, but to be energy efficient (cost of maintaining the building will be reduced in the operation of more than 2-fold).

In May 2012, the company "GEN StroyUral", completing

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Barabashkina children




What to do if your child has exhibited unusual ability Marina Brovkina, Rostov-on-Don Date of publication 28 May 2004

If your child suddenly has learned to be anchored to the substrate itself or Firestarter school diary, resigned to fate — she appointed him a psychic. Word of

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Demons have invaded the village school




On the whole village Novokremlevskoe looks ordinary: a pond, vegetable gardens and school.

Nightmare in Novokremlevskoy school: a mass psychosis, or harbingers of a collapse?

Yesterday, the teacher waited for arrival of military experts who were

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The first children’s TV channel without advertising is 4 years old

"My joy" — Children's educational TV channel family, whose main task — to promote the formation of the audience of moral guidelines on the basis of family, cultural and historical values. As the name of channel taken greetings one of the most revered Russian Saints — St. Seraphim of Sarov. "My joy" — One of the few Russian channels, providing a 24-hour presence in the air at the expense of original programming of its own production. The grid is not broadcast advertising.

The TV channel "My joy" can rightly be called channel dobroveschaniya as all its programs and

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The first pediatric intensive care unit was opened in the Magadan region

The first regional pediatric intensive care unit was opened at the Magadan regional children's hospital.

The department is equipped with the most advanced equipment, such as the latest incubators for premature babies, ventilation systems, monitors to monitor the health of patients.

The need for a children's intensive care unit on the Kolyma appeared long ago, before children were engaged in intensive care in the hospital or the regional hospital for adults.

In the Khabarovsk region overflowing rivers. Video


27.06.11.Po to MOE River Chorus has begun lowering the water level. However, the population of the district Lazo distress. Flooded yards and gardens, dying the next harvest and household goods, and children's camps were evacuated. Local residents put forward their version of what has gone wrong.

Source: Province TV

27.06.11.Iz banks already operating Cours Tunguska Kyi. Evakuatsiya.Segodnya is taken 150 children and 25 staff cottage camp "Militia Bonivur."

Water is still far away, but the local authorities have decided to err on holiday transferred to another camp, closer to the city … Flood was caused heavy

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250 children were poisoned in Turkey


18.02.11.Poryadka 250 children enrolled in junior secondary schools four Turkish city of Diyarbakir, was hospitalized on February 17 with a preliminary diagnosis of "food poisoning." As the agency Anadolu, the first complaints of feeling unwell from the children appeared after lunch in the school cafeteria.

"The state of hospitalized satisfactory. School directors being instructed to find the children who did not seek medical attention, "- said the governor Mustafa Toprak Diyarbekir.

Poisoning outbreak was so extensive that the law enforcement authorities have ordered an investigation into the activities of a company engaged in supplying school meals. A total of

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Landslides in Colombia. Two children were killed

June 6, 2011. Two small children were buried under an avalanche of earth on Monday night in the northern department of Bolivar in Colombia, while their mother and several others remain missing.

Several landslides were caused by heavy rains. Search for survivors continues, reports

Park children’s railway in the Voronezh region g.Liski joins modern locomotive

South-East children's railway entered a new modern locomotive.

TU-10 narrow-gauge locomotive, designed Kambarka machinery plant Children's Railways JSC "Russian Railways". Beginning in 2010, these locomotives were received by 20 children's railways. 

Renewal of rolling stock Southeast children's railway, which is located in the city of Voronezh region LISKI, held as part of the investment program of OAO "Russian Railways" to equip the small arteries of modern technology.

The locomotive is equipped with two driver's cabs, which allows for movement in both directions, as well as the latest technological innovations, radio, security system, automated

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