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Earthquake in Lake Baikal were no casualties or damage

October 31.The earthquake occurred at 00.56 (IGC) on 29 October, 50 km south of the village Khuzhir, Olkhon district, Irkutsk region.

It clarifies the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region, the epicenter was located in the Irkutsk region in the waters of Lake Baikal. The exact coordinates — 53.0 north latitude, 107.2 VD, with the intensity of the formula — 5.4 points, magnitude — 3.3, energy class — 11.1 .

Also, the Office noted that Elantsy village located at a distance of 55 km from the epicenter in the village of Khuzhir (50

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Ball horror




CLOT hot plasma "behaving" mystery, which gives rise ASSUMPTIONS FOR Unthinkable

Olga from Moscow Ponizova Friazino never in the newspapers did not address: the modest lady thought unremarkable. A change of heart after the third time in his life "faced" with a fireball. The first two "meeting"

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Two children were killed by the hurricane in Mexico

Two children were killed by the hurricane, "Carlotta", hit the Mexican coast, reports on Saturday channel CNN.

According to local authorities, two minors were killed on Saturday night when the hurricane destroyed their home in Plum Hidalgo in the state of Oaxaca in the south. Killed two girls 13 and 7 years old, mother of the children was injured.

Oaxaca government announced on Friday the highest degree of danger due to the hurricane approached the coast.

At the moment, "Carlotta" loses strength — speed wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour. As expected, the storm suddenly turned into

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As a result of landslides in the Philippines, killing six people, including 5 children

As a result of landslides and floods in the Philippines, starting from January 2 this year, killing five children and one adult. Three more children are reported missing. With such grim statistics were made today, the Philippine authorities. Among the dead was one year old boy and his five year old sister, who were buried under a landslide in the town of St Bernard in the central part of the country, reports Associated Press.

Overall, from January 2, have been forced to seek refuge 1,3 thousand people whose homes were flooded or destroyed.

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In Uganda, a growing number of victims of landslides

In the district of Kasese in Uganda landslide people continue to die. Over the past seven months, the number of deaths was 11. A landslide in the mountains Ruenzori caused another lengthy overnight rain for three young villagers Butalimulu was fatal. The children were not able to save time, as all members of the family while they were asleep in a room adjacent to the one wall that collapsed under the pressure of earth masses.

It is reported that in the three surrounding areas killed three others. The area Mahango destroyed 23 houses, all tenants miraculously unharmed. All local residents

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Landslide in Chinas Yunnan province

In the south-western region of China landslide occurred, cover one of the primary schools in the village Geniez province of Yunnan. As a result of the disaster killed 18 students of the school. By landslides remained as a classroom in which children were engaged, and two commercial buildings, next to him.

In addition to students among the dead was a resident of the village. Victims could be three people more, but one of the families living in the village, managed to escape on their own. All the surviving villagers urgently evacuated to safety. As it turned out, the children

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Outbreak of rabies in the jungles of Ecuador


5.12.11.Pravitelstvo Ecuador set to eradicate the country's bat that caused an outbreak of rabies among residents of the Amazon jungle, which led to the death of eight children and is a young woman in the province of Morona Santiago from November 17.

President Rafael Correa during his Saturday speech, pre-recorded due to visit the head of state on Saturday in Caracas, said that this is a complex problem because of the difficulty of struggle with the bats that transmit the rabies virus, as well as the remoteness and isolation of forest communities in the interior jungle.

Health Minister David

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In Tbilisi, the floods killed three people

In the Georgian capital of Tbilisi by the withdrawal of the banks of the Kura River after heavy rains on the night of May 13, killed a woman and two children, reports the BBC BBC.

"Killing a woman and two children in the destruction of a residential building in Ortachala," — said the head of emergency services Temur Giorgadze Tbilisi City Hall reporters.

Flooding led to several substations that tens of thousands of people in the capital remained without electricity.

MOE Georgia reported the isolation of at least eight villages as a result of flooding road

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Quotes Indian Chiefs


"Love the earth. It is not inherited from your parents to you, she lent you at your children. " "In the first year of marriage, the couple looked at each other and thought, if they can be happy. — If not, they said goodbye and look for new spouses. If they were forced to live together in opposition, we would be so stupid as the white man. " "Strive for wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge — is the past. Wisdom — is the future. " "We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God." "A"

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Ryazan region podtopil flooding over 540 homes

"The result is flooded 543 houses in 27 streets, which are home to 1,179 people, including 120 children," — said the representative of the regional Emergencies Ministry.

For evacuation, if necessary, prepared four temporary accommodation for 730 people — is Kadomsky house of children's art, child care, CRH Kadoma, Kadoma hostel Technology College.

"While evacuated five people, all of them located in Kadoma Central Regional Hospital," — said in a regional MOE.

In flood events involved more than 100 people.

From the management of operational staff is working to control

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