In China, due to heavy rains affected more than 690,000 people

In the central, eastern and south-western regions of China by heavy rains killed 5 people, injured more than 690 thousand, and two missing. These data are presented today, local media reported.

The application control Flood Control and Drought China says that heavy rains hit the Hunan province in central China, the eastern province of Jiangxi Province and the south-western province of Guizhou last weekend.

Farmland damaged or completely destroyed a total area of about 48 thousand hectares. According to the authorities, the direct economic loss of 537 million yuan / U.S. $ 82,240,000 /.

As a result, the level of

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In China, the 100-meter frozen waterfall

Residents of the province of Zhe-jiang in China witnessed a rare natural phenomenon. Waterfall, a height of about 100 meters, completely frozen.

According, amazing scenery attracts many tourists who enjoy taking pictures on the background of an ice waterfall.

Specifies that, in the region cold snap in early January — the norm. It was at this period is the coldest days of the year. Usually decrease in temperature is accompanied by heavy rains and winds.

The RD-93 has confirmed the high reliability

Russian RD-93 engines to Pakistan's JF-17 fighter jets have demonstrated high reliability. In an interview with the weekly "Jane's Defense Weekly," said the deputy director of the program.


JF-17 in Pakistan's air force Khalid Mehmood (Khalid Mehmood).

As Khalid Mehmood said, "we have a plaque on the JF-17 fighter aircraft in the amount of 7,000 flight hours and did not have any problems with the RD-93."

Currently, the Pakistan Air Force are composed of 40 JF-17 fighter jets. Fighter JF-17 "Thunder" has a length of 14 m and a wingspan

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The engine for the Niva: India, China, Spain and France

The next generation of Chevrolet Niva will receive new engines, which will collect a joint venture of Togliatti "Mill precision parts" and AVTEC Ltd., A member of the multidisciplinary Indian Birla Group.

Details about the new machine yet. Rather, it is a French motor development … PSA Peugeot Citroen volume of 1.8 liters, which will be produced under license. So get a very unusual mix: US-Russian car will put the French engine, assembled on the Indian-Russian venture using components from India, China and Spain … Here's a globalization work.

Most likely, the premiere of the

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Country wise. Part 2

Log in Mandala

So, I will come along with dedicated inside the "body" mandala, where there is divinity and where they receive initiation into the highest wisdom of the world.

We are in a dark labyrinth, whose walls are decorated with images of deities tantristskih — Buddhas, saints, spirits of the underworld, female deities shakti embodying inseminated energy world. Here the cool and quiet, even the sounds of gongs were outside behind the thick walls of the palace-mandala.

Mandala has four double doors, each of which serves as the gateway to one of the

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Death from hail in China

According to Chinese news services in the eastern and south-western China, three people were killed and many were injured in the storm, which was accompanied by hail.

On Tuesday and Wednesday in the eastern province of Jiangxi continued hail, which caused not only damage to buildings, and the death of several people.

In the south-western province of Guizhou, about twenty-five people were injured by hail 3.5 inches in diameter and weighing 18 grams, were also damaged buildings and destroyed crops in an area of 2,700 hectares. As a result of this storm had evacuated

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Over China in danger of severe water

Due to the increase the pace of industrialization and urbanization, China may face a serious shortage of water, which would threaten the country's development, said Thursday at a press conference in Beijing, Deputy Minister of Water Resources Hu Syi.

Water shortage, serious pollution of rivers, worsening ecology of seas, rivers and lakes have reached "quite visible" degrees and could threaten the sustainable development of the country, said the official, ITAR-TASS reported.

"With a population of 1.3 billion people, China now consumes more than 600 billion cubic meters of water per year, or about three-quarters of all water resources, suitable for

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Danes choose NSR for dry bulk shipping

Danish bulk carrier company «Nordic Bulk Carriers» this year plans for the Northern Sea Route from Murmansk to China to 6-8 bulkers (deadweight of 70 tons each) of ore, the director of Christian Bonfils.

Bonfils also said that the use of SMP eliminates the need to pay a fee to pass through the Suez Canal, and also helps to avoid the area at risk of piracy and therefore reduce the amount of insurance.

If the route is on the Northern Sea Route will take 23 days, through the Suez Canal — 43. This difference company will save 1,000 tonnes

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Environmentalists say Russia and China to improve water quality in the Amur

Ecology of Russia and China, who are monitoring the conditions of transboundary rivers and lakes, noted an improvement in 2012, the water quality in the Amur River, reported Wednesday on the website of the regional government.

It is clarified that the Russian and Chinese sides discussed in Khabarovsk results of joint observations this year for water quality management of transboundary water bodies, namely the rivers Amur, Argun, Ussuri, and Razdolnaya Khanka. Additional study of water quality and sediment was conducted at the border area of the transboundary river muddy. Discussion took place during a meeting of the Joint Coordinating Committee

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ChTPZ fulfilled an order for the project Central Asia — China, branch C

ChTPZ completed shipment of large-diameter pipes for the construction of the third stage of the pipeline "Central Asia — China", the press service of the CTRP.

Total deliveries CHEP for this project amounted to more than 130,000 tons of pipes with diameter 1219 mm, with wall thickness of 17.5 and 20.6 mm of steel grade X80 with internal and external three-layer anticorrosion coating production plant "Height 239". All products are made under the supervision of an independent inspection MOODY International. 

— Our participation in international projects suggests that the pipes CTRP meet the highest standards of

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