Our homeland — India — China: the era of re-

If you analyze the trends re armies in the world and the dynamics of the configuration of the global structure of military spending, we can come to a very general, but on a more equitable conclusion that a modernization of the armies of the BRIC countries has good prospects of success. In the coming years, these countries are planning to increase their own unprecedented military spending. Military India budget increases every year by an average of 10%, and China and our homeland and most plan to double its defense spending by 2015.

Our homelandAs you know, in 2020, in

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Fog suspended the activities of international airports in China

Because of reduced visibility caused by dense fog and smog in the city of Urumqi, the capital of the autonomous region of Xinjiang Yugur in northwest China, was suspended the activities of the international airport. Denied boarding 25 aircraft arriving from Beijing Airport, Dalian and Chengdu. As a result, the pilots had to make a forced landing at the airports of the neighboring towns.

62 flights, which were to leave the airport in Urumqi, had not been allowed to take off on schedule, they canceled due to fog and low visibility is dangerous. Fog and smog brought confusion to

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TMP Voronezh plant has received an order for the biggest news in the world

April 1st delegation Shanxi (China) visited the three-day visit Voronezh region. As part of the visit was to finalize the formal procedure of signing a contract with the JSC "Tjazhmekhpress" for delivery to China four presses of 16,500 ton, 8000 ton, 1600 ton and 2100 ton. Until now, the biggest in the world press was "a 14-ton crane." In Shanxi, China has established the largest press-forging manufacturing, where JSC "Tjazhmekhpress" will be the main supplier of equipment. Company Shanxi Forging Plant considered several options when choosing a manufacturer of presses, including in Germany, but his choice to stay at the

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China launched a woman into space (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

China launched into space, "Shenzhou-9" with the first female taikonaut

China launched on Saturday a manned spacecraft "Shenzhou-9" with three astronauts on board. Rocket "Changzheng-2F", which should bring it into orbit, was launched from the Jiuquan space center in Gansu province in the northwest of the country.

Among the members of the crew — the first Chinese female taikonaut 33-year-old Major Air Force PLA Liu Yang, ITAR-TASS reported.

The purpose of the flight, "Shenzhou-9" — development of the technology approach, docking and undocking from the orbiting laboratory module "Tiangong-1". After docking Chinese astronauts will spend

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Russian-Chinese border in the eyes of the German

German journalist Matthias Schepp drove along the Russian-Chinese border from Transbaikalia to the Amur region. Most of his story shocked the peaceful village in the Chita region, located near the border with China. Here in reality embodied literary post-apocalyptic scenario.

Interpreter blog offers readers Shepp memories, which he published in the magazine Spiegel.

To achieve the Peace to have a lot of time and patience. Four day or train goes to Lake Baikal, then another 1,000 km from the district town of Chita in the hinterland, and then another 300 km away to the south-east — in the direction

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The Sino-Russian axis can not be sustained (Le Monde, France)

Robert: By the end of the second World War, the Soviet Union and America have cooperated in the fight against the Nazis, but in 1947 started a cool war. Now the Chinese are collaborating with the Yankees, but, as you say, we are moving towards a new type of war cool?

Alain Frachon: One thing is for sure: the growing financial and financial interdependence of China and the United States does not cancel their growing strategic rivalry.

Main area of this rivalry — the western part of the Pacific. China seeks to affirm here its political, military and

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In the rivers of China appeared strange creatures

The Chinese online community discusses the emergence of one of the local rivers mysterious monsters in the freshwater rivers of China — never anything like this before did not appear. Being made up of many things, but behaves like a single organism.

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Russian regions presented opportunities in China

In the city of Sanya on Hainan Island are planning to build a theme park "East Sochi", which will have to comply with town planning style of Sochi, in particular, is mandatory to have sports facilities. This was announced Deputy Head of the Federal Tourism Agency Dmitry Amunts, ending in Beijing Russian Tourism Road Show 2013. Also in Beijing held a tourism exhibition BITE 2013. Russian regions presented their capabilities at the stand of the country, also worked the joint stand of Siberia and the Far East.


Dmitry Amunts explained that within three months

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Subsidence and karst holes in China

As reported on Monday, China Central Television for more than 50 cities in China are in a zone of extensive land subsidence.

Plot of land of about 79 thousand square kilometers fell by more than 200 millimeters, said Zhang Zuozen, Vice President of the China Geological Institute for environmental monitoring.

He also added that, mainly subsidence occurs in the Yangtze River Delta in the north and the plains, covering the north Chinese province of Shaanxi and northwestern Shaanxi province.

According to the report, damage to buildings, bridges, underground utilities and drainage urban system dysfunction caused by settling of

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In China, another weather anomaly

IA "Meteonovosti" / 13:05 Thursday, June 23

For the first half of this year, China has repeatedly distinguished weather anomalies. For example, throughout the spring north of the country groaning under the worst drought, while the southern provinces poured torrential rains caused severe flooding.

Now in heaven, there is another weather phenomenon. One of the most arid areas of the country, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, known as the "land of fire", is suffering from heavy rains. And since in this area there are no drains, rain caused severe flooding. Only in the last day in the eastern provinces of

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