Russia at Airshow China 2012

Despite the fact that the airshow Airshow China 2012 is already over, in the next few days it will remain one of the main topics of discussions about the fate of world aviation. Naturally, quantitative and quality characteristics of Chinese exhibition still can not compare with those of the leading salons of the world, but China is doing everything in order to intrigue and aircraft manufacturers, and its future buyers. And yet until Airshow China is undertaking, so to speak, of the second class. In the midst of the rest of this is reflected in the composition of the

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From showers in northern China suffered 95,000 people

June 9, 2013. As a result of heavy rains that caused flooding and hail in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China, affected 98,717 people. This was reported by Xinhua news agency. From Tuesday rains hit the northern and western regions of the autonomous region. From the disaster hit the city of Aksu and Tacheng.

The disaster damaged or destroyed more than 300 residential buildings, damaged 12,300 agricultural crops. Direct economic losses from floods amounted to 104 million yuan (17 million dollars), according to ITAR-TASS.

Torrential rains and in the southern and eastern provinces of China. In these regions

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Air pollution in China can be seen from space

Air pollution in China can be seen from space Danger Zone

On satellite imagery revealed haze over eastern China, which confirms reports of severe air pollution in Beijing.

At the time of taking pictures haze enveloped the sky for more than a month. In early November, the Beijing center observations of air reported that the detected particles ranging in size from 10 microns, classifying the level of pollution as the average or small. In this case, the U.S. Agency for Environmental Protection has expressed a strong level of pollution particles 2.5 microns.

South-west China suffers from floods

June 10, 2013. The continuing several days of heavy rain caused flooding in the south-west of China. Flooded villages and partially — the city in provinces such as Guizhou and Gaunsi, as well as the municipality of Chongqing. Damaged farmland.

In the tourist center of Guangxi — Guilin — came out of the local river banks, exceeding the width of 100 meters. Shipping on it closed.

The county Zhunshuy the same province received almost 110 mm of rain. Firefighters rescued from the roofs of flooded homes of several people.

In the city of Guizhou Province Junyi 208 mm of

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The most bizarre bans of different governments


Every child knows that the surest way to arouse public interest in what else — a ban. Moreover, the more severe, the more interesting. Hardly remember this government, which at the time imposed a ban those strange, which will be discussed below.

1. China: The Reincarnation

Without the permission of the government any attempt to reincarnation in the Land of the Rising Sun are considered illegal. To most Chinese, the big problem is not the ban, but the Buddhist monks gives a lot of inconvenience. Quite a complicated procedure for

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Major disasters in China.

Major disasters in China. It is interesting

Many of the most numerous disasters of modern times occurred in China.

China's great earthquake in China January 23, 1556. Underground talk paralyzed almost all of China, killing 830 thousand people, most of whom were killed by landslides of loess caves or under the mudslide. Some areas of China were depopulated by 60%. The number of victims who died from deprivation, disease and the effects of this earthquake is unknown, but it holds the leadership of the earthquake on the number of known victims. His power show surviving ancient walls, sometimes deposited in

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Glaciers in southwest China have a strong influence of climate change

Glaciers in southwest China have a strong influence of climate change weather and climate

Glaciers, as part of thousands of ecosystems, act out an important role in maintaining the population. Significant annual increase in temperature has a devastating impact on mountain glaciers in south-west China. The study, published October 25, 2011 in Environmental Research Letters, the temperature change of the data from 111 weather stations for the period 1961-2008. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences found three characteristic phenomena caused by rising temperature: glacier retreat, reduced their weight, an increase of glacial lakes. To identify more precisely the relationship

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Another collapse the Earths surface in China filmed on video



This giant hole formed in the ground in a street in the city of Shenzhen (China) and led to the death of the guard, who, unfortunately, was crossing the road just in this place. The tragedy was removed one of the CCTV cameras. Everything happened in a flash — the man had no chance to escape.

According to Chinese media, the size of the hole — about five to eight meters and the depth — a four-story house. The reason

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U.S.: China in two years will receive a submarine with nuclear weapons

Two years later, China will have its own strategic nuclear arsenal of ballistic missiles on submarines, according to the report of the special commission on economic and security issues, which is prepared on the instructions of the U.S. Congress. According to the Commission, at the moment China is «on the verge of creation robust nuclear triad consisting of intercontinental ballistic missiles, land-based ballistic missiles, submarines and nuclear bombs,» reports Reuters. Latin American experts remind us that China is party to many international agreements in principle, the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, but, unlike the U.S. and Russia did not sign

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Rumba was held in China

July 4, 2013. Tropical storm "Rumba" reached the coast of China and is moving from the south to the north-west. This is the sixth tropical storm in China this year, with his victims over the weekend were already 39 people, at least 13 people in the nine most affected areas so far unaccounted for.

Among the affected regions, where torrential rains caused landslides, flooding of rivers and as a result, large-scale flooding, were the south-western province of Sichuan and Inner Mongolia in the north, as well as the coastal provinces of Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

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