Pragmatic China gets involved in the Libyan conflict (Space War, USA)

After China for months called for dialogue in Libya, he joined the struggle diplomatically, but for all that finds the location of both parties more in order to save their own interests than to end the conflict, they say analysts.

A warm welcome in Beijing foreign affairs minister of Libya this week, the opposition and the invitation to visit China as there are times when the West has provided a more diplomatic and financial support to the rebels seeking to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Hong Lei said Beijing "is working

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Tibetan cemetery aliens


The story began in the summer of 1962, when the pages of the German magazine «Das Vegetarishe Universum» («Vegetarian Universe") appeared an anonymous note about the discovery in 1937-1938 — the years in the mountains on the border of Tibet and China strange tablets with inscriptions. Plates were 716 and they resembled gramophone discs with a diameter of about 30 cm and a thickness of 8 mm (hole in the center and a double spiral groove with small characters going to the outer edge), carved out of solid granite. Note passed relatively unnoticed,

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Conflict with China: how it looks and how to avoid it

With the disappearance of the Russian Union of China has become South American opponent of the "default" force against which the U.S. is preparing his army (at least, when there were more pressing opponents). When the war in Iraq is over, and Afghanistan is close to the end, President Obama announced again in Asia as the center of American interests, with a particular focus on China. This raises the question, how can look conflict with China, and how to really avoid.

Over the next 20 years Chinese GDP and defense budget can grow so that surpass similar in the U.S.,

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Constantine Syroezhkin: China will support the illusion of, without changing their concepts

"China Policy: 5th generation. What to expect Kazakhstan and the region" — on the topic in Alma-Ata on November 20, a meeting of experts was held in the Club Institute of Political Solutions (Cyprus, Kazakhstan). Chief Scientist at KISR President of the Republic, the sinologist Syroezhkin Constantine gave a detailed analysis of the 18 Congress of the Communist Party of China, outlined the main prepyadstviya development China, determine the prognosis follow the latest generation of Chinese managers. A REGNUM on the Rights of the Information Institute of Political Solutions partner offers you a transcript of the speech spec.

Constantine SYROEZHKIN,

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Fog in China has become a major hindrance to the transport

In China, several provinces was shrouded in dense fog. In the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region traffic police hourly logs dozens of car accidents. On some routes visibility dropped to almost zero, and therefore they had to be shut off. Thousands of drivers are in the many kilometers of traffic jams.

It is worth noting that, in the port city of Chongqing because of the fog can not go a few dozen ships. Ships have to drift down the river Yangtze, TV channel "Russia 24".

The aliens have attacked China?


Author: Li Ming (Jinan), Oleg Mikhalin (Moscow) 2009-08-24 9:24:39

The alarming news came from China. At the end of last week, over five cities East China's Shandong Province for a few hours circling the unidentified flying objects. The fact that the aliens are looking for in China, from Jinan special correspondent The Moscow Post. A few days ago over the administrative center of Shandong Province, Jinan City and four other major cities and towns for several hours circled many UFOs.

Last aliens visited China a year ago — in September 2008. Then

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Kings Abode of Peace

Legends of the inhabitants of the underworld, there is almost every nation of the world. But until recently, they believed only mystically minded people.

"On the surface of the Earth and within the real space Agartty resisted oppression and coercion comes from violence and abuse. Library of the previous cycle were either under the seas that swallowed up the ancient southern continent, or in the underground structures of the ancient antediluvian America "- so wrote the famous esoteric Saint Yves d'Alveydr the mysterious subterranean land Agartte and its main stronghold known Shambhala. Shambhala

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Thailand after the typhoon and floods threaten China

As the official Thai sources, 10 out of 77 provinces are affected by flooding. To date, the excess water from affecting more than 157,000 people in the country of more than 63 thousand families. Water damaged the 1333 villages of 31 Thai district, located mainly in the central and eastern Thailand.

By Flooding prepared and China. This time the threat comes from a typhoon Dzhelavat that comes close to a. Taiwan. Chinese national meteorological centers already declared "orange" Danger code that precedes the highest "red" code. This decision had to accept the fact that the wind is in the

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China increases defense spending

The authorities of the PRC in 2011 increment military spending by 12.7 percent in comparison with 2010. On this, as reported by Associated Press, said a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Li Zhaoxing. In the current year China izderzhat wants to develop the armed forces of 601 billion yuan (91.5 billion dollars). For comparison, in 2010, the country's defense spending increased in comparison with 2009 by 7.5 percent — up to 532.1 billion yuan. Some military analysts believe that this is only the visible part of the "iceberg", Beijing's military spending is actually twice

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China forbade adding comments on the Web

Administration of China increased censorship in the Global Network after how its Chinese sector has information on the deployment of troops to Beijing. According to the Chinese news agency, police in Beijing detained six people and closed sixteen websites for "fabricating or spreading rumors." Besides conducted "explanatory conversations" with online users.

From March 31 to April 3, holders of the largest in China microblogging "Veybo» (Sina Weibo) and "Tensent cue-cue '(Tencent QQ) stopped work to add new comments to the posts of their own internet users. The report, which appeared on the website of Tencent, said that "rumors and

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